Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dutch prosecutors raids Uber's offices in Amsterdam, in taxi probe

Breaking News from Reuters Amsterdam.

 Dutch prosecutors said his morning, Tuesday 29th September,  they have raided Uber's European headquarters in Amsterdam in a criminal investigation into whether the car-hailing company is offering illegal taxi services.

In a statement, the Netherlands' national financial crimes prosecutor said it believes Uber has continued allowing drivers without taxi licenses to offer paid rides via its UberPOP service, despite previous fines of 450,000 euros.

Agents from the country's Transport Inspectorate have seized administrative records from the company, it said.

In a week where the new Labour leader announced they would crack down on companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Google who do not pay full share of UK tax, the question must be asked, why the government revenue service, haven't invetigated Ubers business model! 

It's widely been alleged on Twitter that Uber have launch UberPool in London this week, a ride sharing service based on Uber Pop. 

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Anonymous said...

TFL will continue to bend over for Ubend as they are either on a promise of a job or they are getting backhander's,simple's.