Friday, September 25, 2015

Bank Junction Bought To A Standstill By Taxi Drivers Protesting Against TFL's Woeful Inadequacies.

Thousands of London's Taxi drivers defied the statement put out by certain trade orgs, that they should not attend any unsanctioned direct action. 

Drivers from ALL TRADE ORGS, fed up with their representative groups inaction, fed up with private hire licenses being dished out like sweets at a rate of 650 a week, turned out in their thousands to support the Bank Junction demonstration.

Many of the drivers who attended yesterday, spoke of their dismay at years of inaction from their respective trade org. 

"Raymond, a Taxi driver of over 30 years said;
I've been in the LTDA, LCDC for most of my time in the trade. I must have paid in thousands of pounds and all I have to show for that is a few diaries".
"Along come the Mayfair Mob, employing tactics known as flash demos, have managed to get new ranks and rank extensions outside major night venues and more recently, they've managed to get TfL to move marshals from places where they were not doing much good to these new ranks. I've been told by a founding member of the Mayfair Mob group that Novikov's and the Forge are to get night time marshals. And they haven't even been going six months yet".

David, who has been in the trade for over 45 years said;
I'm a member of a new group called the Save Our Black Taxis Group. It's only been going since March this year and has attracted over 17,000 members. This proves that there is something seriously wrong with our existing trade groups".

Yesterdays demo, which was called by the United Cabbies Group,  was organised after a ballot of all UCG members. A democratic process not undertaken by any other taxi trade group. With an overwhelming 90.2% vote to resume direct action, 6 demos were organised to take place over the a 6 week period. 

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Anonymous said...

Any org not supporting Bank demo guilty of bad judgement.
Public were extremely supportive.
A missed opportunity for completely united front

Paul said...

Now this is just my observations here and I speak as I find and from experience.I am utterly fuming at the attitude of the other organisations in our trade.They have openly left the best org in my opinion UNITED CABBIES GROUP out to dry.Rmt and Unite with their tiny handful of members have teamed up with LCDC AND LTDA to blank the efforts of UCG in supporting the demos called.This will play into the hands of our corrupted regulator and Mayor.My opinion are that this gang of trade bullies are out to destroy the great work the UCG have done for our selective bunch of Freemasons.You now have a scenero where working cabbies don't know which way to go.LTDA AND ODDY HAVE BEEN THE CAUSE OF ALL OUR PROBLEMS FOR YEARS NOW.I really like Grant at LCDC and I am shocked he has decided to not support the UCG.RMT TAXI SECTION ARE A SHAMBLES.WHEN YOU NEED THEM THEY GO MISSING.UNITE FORMALLY T AND GWU another little bunch who offer zero.My advice is to badger your trades and state what you feel.They and their actions have caused more harm then it's worth.By not supporting UCG they have made our trade a laughing stock.My advice is join UCG today.Len and he's team passionately care about our trade . talking with TFL IS NOT WORKING THEY OPENLY ARE HERE TO DESTROY US.And the other bunch of orgs are wasting their time and your members monies.LTDA AND ODDY ARE ON BIG INCOME FROM MEMBERS FUNDS.THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST HERE.I am fuming at the attitude of these orgs to openly make UCG look bad in media eye.By doing non support you have caused our fight more harm then good.My advice join UCG.The rest just want to talk over a cuppa whilst Uber try and kill us off.WHATS YOUR OPINIONS!

Tony Casey said...

I said to Micky Calvey LTDA in the past, the demo needed is another large one at
Woodfield Road (LTDA TAXI HOUSE)
with a very clear message F... OFF ODDY
and for Steve Mac GROW A PAIR or leave with him.

All the Trade organisations should hang their heads in shame for signing a joint peace declaration.
I am pleased cab drivers who are struggling ignored their unions.
Well Done Len Martin

Damian said...

I'm not a member of any union yet as I'm a month old butterboy and looking to find my feet before committing. For me Bob Crow was a hero. The growth of the RMT despite the overall decline in unions was something amazing. My disappointment at their general lack of support for the taxi trade is immense and suffice to say although I still support their membership in their ongoing struggles I won't be joining. The lack of support for the recent demos by the rest of the taxi orgs bar the UCG is also a big let down in my eyes. There has been plenty of time for talking and debating. The facts are clear. The regulator is not regulating and the trade is being weakened by that. What do we need to talk about anymore? Our position is clear.