Monday, July 27, 2015

The Simple Solution by Dave Davies –continued


At a set time EVERY day  (perhaps 3pm?) taxi drivers who want to protest could drive to their nearest preselected roundabout. It may be at Waterloo, Vauxhall, Aldwych, Parliament Sq, Old St, Hogarth ,Uxbridge  or anywhere else in London.

Protesters would then stay on the roundabout driving slowly for 15-20 minutes. 


No Police Notice is required as this is not a formal protest on foot.


No Trade org has to put their name to it as its just a viral protest organised by word of mouth/twitter etc.


The protest is controlled by the individuals who protest and not by any Trade Orgs who may have been  influenced to stop it.


The protests will continue every day until the media clearly reports the message and the objective is achieved. 


There is no requirement for anyone to engage in negotiation; the protests stop when the message of corruption is properly reported by the media and the objectives met.



The message to the media is that the protest is about the corruption of Boris Johnson and TFL and their failure to comply with Public Law on ALL issues.



1/ That the Government intervenes and stops all improper practices IMMEDIATELY.

That includes an immediate suspension of uncontrolled issuance of new Private Hire Licenses, and immediate suspension of Ubers Operators License (until its proven that they meet the existing legal and regulatory requirements) and an immediate suspension of the Taxi Age Limit  (until its proven that it meets with the requirements of Public Law)


2/ An urgent and fully Independent Inquiry is set up to investigate the improper and unlawful conduct of TFL and Boris Johnson with the objective of setting up a proper and fair system of management for London Taxis which complies fully with Public Law.


The protest is controlled by the individuals who protest and is not by any Trade Org who may have been influenced to stop it !

There is no requirement for anyone to engage in negotiation !

The protests stop when the message is properly reported by the media and the objectives met !


In the next few weeks many taxi drivers will be sitting around for most of their day anyway, so it would be a good use of their time to spend 15-20 minutes protesting every day. 

See the Video below: 

It shows how much chaos was created in a 30 minute hit on the St Johns Wood roundabout in 2011. Traffic congestion was reported as far back as Hyde Park Corner, within 20 minutes. By 30 minutes the congestion was so bad, police were order to back up the protest.


These carefully organised hits will not use up much fuel or time by protesting close. Just go to the nearest one, wherever they happen to be at that time.


It shouldn't take much for the Taxi Protests to get noticed, given the current mess that Johnson and TFL have made of London’s roads. The media could be fully briefed.


Just as we posted this article, we received a report from Twitter that the UCG have requested an all org meeting to discuss an action plan, after TfL admitted to processing nearly 2,000 New PH licenses in just 3 weeks.

TfL are currently adding £750,000 a month from new PH licence fees to their coffers.



Anonymous said...

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick............

Anonymous said...

The figure of 1914 new PH drivers from the 22nd June to 10th July which is 15 working days equates to 127.6 new PH drivers EVERY SINGLE DAY .

It has not yet be stated if all of these are Uber drivers but is seems likely that they are.

Today there will be another 127.6 new drivers and tomorrow another 127.6.
By the end of this week there will be another 638 drivers taking your work.


Anonymous said...

The true figure of Private Hire Numbers is NOT 1914 in 15 working days.

Many many Uber customers have said that the vehicle and driver that arrives to pick them up is NOT the vehicle and driver on the APP.
What that means is that when an Uber account is set up and a PH license issued many drivers share one car and one PH licence ; they just hand the phone and car over at the end of their shift.
This is not a new concept.
I knew of certain asian PH drivers where a family member would get a license and a car and the car would be shared between 4 or 5 family members (all unlicensed) so the wheels were turning 24/7.

This could mean that with 638 licenses being issued every week there are 2 or 3 times that number of new drivers every week.
TFL are not regulating or enforcing so this will continue unchecked

Anonymous said...

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick.....

Anonymous said...

There is a go slow planned by individual drivers tomorrow at 7 am Heathrow spur roundabout. All welcome. No union banners no beeping horn just slow drive around. Follow @taxitel1 on twitter for updates.

Anonymous said...

Let's show the powers that be we have had enough. Drive slow Heathrow 7am. Spur rd roundabout tell drivers to put up or shut up!!! Time 4 action is NOW

Anonymous said...

A good way of letting other Taxi drivers know is to call /email some radio traffic reports and let them know 20 minutes before that there seems to be traffic building at a certain location and that it seems to be London Taxis driving around a roundabout!

BBC LONDON TRAVEL REPORTS Report an incident 0330 123 0184

If you have come across a problem on the roads, give the LBC Jam Line a call: 08000 68 60 80

Heart Radio
If you’ve spotted an incident and it’s safe to contact us, let us know by contacting our Traveldesk direct on 08000 68 60 80