Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Save Our Black Taxis FaceBook Protest. 
Windsor House, Victoria Street SW1
Friday 21st July 2pm till 4 pm 

Within just a few months they have managed to attract over 12,700 members, making them the biggest group this trade has ever had.

These people have put their hearts and soles into supporting the trade and on Friday 31st July, it will be our turn to show support for all the hard work they've put in on our behalf. 

This is not a formal Taxi vehicle demonstration, it will be a peaceful, on-foot gathering of friends and families members of Taxi Drivers. There should be no police harassment, no numbers taken, no nasty letters from Palestra like with previous demonstrations.

Please don't let all their hard work go unsupported. Come along at 2 pm on Friday to Windsor House and bring your friends and family. There will be free T-shirts for kids (on a first come basis)

Let's make this the biggest protest TfL have ever seen.


In all my years as a licensed Taxi driver, I have never seen a petition raised by the trade with more than just a few hundred signatures.

The Save Our Black Taxi Petition is nearing 10,000 signatures. If you can't make it on Friday, you can still help by getting your friends and family to sign the online petition.

>Click Here To Sign Petition<


AndyCabb said...

The very best of luck with this wonderful demonstration which I am sure will be a comolten success. I hope my furniture delivery due on Friday arrives early so I can lend my support at Windsor house.

Anonymous said...

OK, the comments have disappeared for the greater good of the trade. Now put up the Johnson column from The Sun, and let the bigger boys go to work!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find a link, have you got one