Monday, July 27, 2015

An Appeal For Witnesses Of Vicious On Taxi Driver, From The Met Kensington And Chelsea.

Detectives from Kensington and Chelsea are appealing for help to identify two witnesses six months after a black cab driver was seriously assaulted.

On Monday, 26 January, at approximately 02:20 hrs, a 62-year-old black cab driver was working when he was hailed by a man and a woman in their early 20s in the vicinity of Brompton Square near Harrods.

The cab driver, who does not wish to be named, stopped and agreed to take the couple to Addison Gardens in Kensington.

Following the journey of three or four miles, the man paid the fare of £20 and the pair then left the cab in Lower Addison Gardens. As they left the cab, the driver noticed that the woman had been sick in the back of his cab at some stage during the journey. He suggested to the man that they should clear up the mess or give him an extra £45 to pay for the cleaning of the cab.

The cab driver has no recollection of what happened next but when he regained consciousness he was badly injured and his clothing was covered in blood. He managed to drive home where his son took him to hospital for treatment. He had sustained multiple fractures around his eye socket.

Officers were called to the hospital where they began an investigation.

Detective Constable Simon Jewell, from Kensington and Chelsea CID, said: "The victim's injuries are consistent with having been repeatedly kicked or punched in the head. This would appear to be a vicious attack on a 62-year-old man who has only recently been able to return to work.

"We have released a photo of the cab driver in hospital taken from a Body Worn Camera in the hope that this will encourage people to come forward with information to help the investigation.

"We are appealing for anyone who can help us to identify the couple, a white man and woman in their early 20s, who caught the cab in the early hours on Monday, 26 January from the vicinity of Brompton Square to Lower Addison Gardens.

"We'd particularly like to speak to the residents of Lower Addison Gardens and Addison Gardens who may have heard noise at approximately 02:30 hrs on Monday, 26 January or may even have witnessed the assault."

If you have any information about this incident please call police on 020 8246 0217 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a very popular man in small circles. I don't personally know him, but friends of mine do!
There are people out here who appreciate the kind of person you are. I wish you a speedy recovery and want you to know there are people you have never met care x

Anonymous said...

Catch these bastards before they kill someone!

Anonymous said...

I echo our colleague's thoughts too. There for the grace of God, eh?
You never know who is jumping in the back of the cab, and the way society is at the moment, our job faces more perils each and every day.
As this cowardly attack was some time ago now, I sincerely hope that our colleague has made a reasonable physical recovery. Mentally, he will still be suffering. I wish him all the very best and God willing, he is back up and running by now.

Anonymous said...

Every driver needs to invest in a forward facing camera with a large SD card. This will record everyone you pick up for a couple of weeks or more!