Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#Enough3 United Taxi Trade Demo at Palestra

Today's protest at Palestra was a complete success. 
Amazing support from all Taxi trade orgs, Mayoral candidate David Lamie, the GMB and even representatives from our French colleagues in Paris. 

Together, drivers formed a united front against TfL's refusal to fully enforce private hire regulations in regards to certain company's abusing the regulations and statutory legislation.

A big "Merci Beaucoup" to Milan who came over from Paris this morning to support his London brothers. A true case of 
entente cordial at its best.

The Police tried to cut off access to Blackfriars Road, therefore taking the string out of the demo by cutting off a constant supply of Taxis. 

But their tactics were outflanked by the Cabbies who realised what was happening.

Engines were turned off and the protest took the form of an impromptu sit in (if it's good enough for cyclists, it's good enough for cabbies)

Drivers sat under the railway arch out of the scorching direct sunlight, singing songs, while organisers spoke to traffic police, demanding to exercise their right to peacefully demonstrate. To our amazement, the police agreed not to employ heavy handed tactics and the tow away truck was removed.

Most of the officers in attendance were good humoured with words of support here and there. The officer I spoke with who was diverting traffic from Blackfriars Bridge said he fully understood our protest and if it were up to him personally, he would let the Taxis through. But unfortunately, he was carrying out orders.

It was also pointed out, that the white tape used to partition the carriageway was not put there by the police and we were told by a traffic sergeant that it could be removed to facilitate U-turns.

Conspicuous by their absence, were the usual posse of bus inspectors and as far as we know, no one was seen taking ID or plate numbers covertly.

TfL will no doubt employ the services of their propaganda department and state that a few hundred cabs turned up. But we know different. Using Google live, you could see that large parts of the surrounding area were bought to complete standstill with traffic in some streets not moving an inch for over an hour. 

Well done everyone who turned up. Let's keep this momentum going forward to #Enough4 Windsor house 14th July including the march to Parliament to lobby MPs.  



Anonymous said...

The police threatened to nick me for willful obstruction and tow my cab away if I didnt move on, well done to the mob who sat down in front of my cab to stop me moving. Also well done to the fella who "stole" my keys when I wasnt looking, preventing me from moving. Strangely, as soon as the demo ended I found them again. Its a funny old game sometimes. Anyway, a great turn out, and I was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you all.

Anonymous said...

I am totally appalled at the attire of people that purport to represent London Taxi Drivers in your article. It does appear that they have no idea professional appearance !

Collectively the UTG and their newly aquired associates pose for a picture that appears to support David Lammy as a candidate for Mayor for London... There are numerous publications within the trade, unfortunately none are asking prospective candidates for a comprehensive mandate. WHY ?

So, Just who are these confused people supporting. Caroline Pidgeon - Or David Lammy ?

Anonymous said...

We have to all stike on the same day uk citys eu and world just think want that would do no stoping that with red tape

Anonymous said...

why confused anon. 12.01

Anyone who supports us is welcome.

Maybe it's time for all the Mayoral candidates to state their position on the cab trade.

Did Kelly and Oddy show up?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic turn out, again
Unfortunately I was stuck in a side street most of the time.
Police block off access so really, they were refusing as our right to protest.
We need to now up our game and change tactics
Multiple targets
Don't inform the police
Flash Demi's
Causing as much disruption as possible

Anonymous said...

The communal singing went down very well
This is something we are going to hath to elaborate on

Anonymous said...

Any response from TFL?

Anonymous said...

TfL have responded in their usual manner, they do F**k All