Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another day at the job centre by I'm Spartacus

'Hello, I saw an advert in the window for Chair of Network Rail'

'OK, what do you know about running trains?'

'Nothing at all but I can cause congestion by running half empty buses and umpteen private hire cars on the streets'

'Could be the kind of person they are looking for, what about looking after public money?'

'No problem there, I can offer up the cable car and the hydrogen bus as examples of wise spending'

'Ok, Start Monday.


Anonymous said...

Well, Well Sir Peter, could have done better comes to mind...

Remember David Brown?
He was only at TfL for just over a year, the predecessor to Leon Daniels.

He left to go back to the Go Ahead Group for an alleged £1.25m still working with your beloved busses
Bit better than your £650.000 and stuck with trains!

But then he did managed to stay well clear of controversy
Or as some would put it
Managed to keep it in his trousers

Anonymous said...

Gis a job