Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Reason Why All PH Drivers Should Have To Pass An Advanced Driving Standard Test.

Every job matters, according to TfL and apparently, this is what the public want.

Uber hope to have 20,000 drivers on the streets of London by the middle of this year. 

By end of July next year, they aim to have 42,000 drivers, outnumbering Licensed Taxi, 2 to1.

Below is a video of the offices in Caledonian Road, where day after day, they sign up new divers to their controversial app.



NCD said...

No wonder they don't carry insurance!

The premium would be 10 grand.

Anonymous said...

Had a chat with an uber driver last year who told me he had been at a training camp in Pakistan and was working for a few months to get some money so he could go and fight Isis, at the time I thought he was winding me up , but I wish now I had taken his name and number. There is south wrong with this company, how, can Tfl still do nothing. Boris before you go BAN UBER FROM LONDON. Let's hope MI5 have a few people in this firm.

I'm Spartacus said...

Stone Tories are thinking of running Bllomberg for Mayor!

Yes the same anti cab billionaire from NYC.

If we are in the coffin already, this man will screw down the lid.

Don't book any holidays or building work.