Friday, May 29, 2015

'Cheaper than who?' By I'm Spartacus

After an eventful week in the trade, it's been unfortunately concluded by yet again a trade organisation suggesting that abolishing Rate 3 will revive our fortunes.

I have previous written on this 
>Click Here<but obliviously need to restate the case so that YOU the working driver are fully informed.

1. Price wars can only be won by those with the lowest cost base, that ain't us is it?

2. The unlawful predatory competitor that this hare brained initiative aims at has a yield pricing (surge) model that results in fares more than Rate 3 at demand times.

3. The average Rate 3 journey is under the minimum fare charged by large PH firms.

4. Once this is 'given away' without any compensating factor such as a realistic flag fall we won't ever get in back, have not the lessons of this organisation conceding an age limit rather that condition based system been learnt?

5. Our rate of pay is known, it's on the fare chart, in the interests of transparency, it's absolutely required that those proposing the grand idea publish detail of exactly what they get from the cab trade such as stand down pay, expenses and reduced or free rental cabs.

6. Can we assume that they have negotiated lower cab rentals, insurance and servicing across the entire city for the whole trade to take account of this price drop?

Here's a suggestion: why don't the committee members of this organisation have their cabs emblazoned in big letters '20% off your fare in this cab', work nights for 6 months and through an independent verifier let us know how busy, busy, busy they are?

They could even have their own special rank and call themselves Lidl Cabs.

In comparison to this, Cecil Selwyn's idea to concrete over the Thames to increase road space seems very sensible and achievable.

Let us hear no more of it!

I'm Spartacus.

Editorial Comment:
If my memory serves me well, it was in fact Monty Schiemann who said the Thames should be diverted at Chiswick, concreted over and a 6 lane motorway put down, so industrial and continental traffic could bypass London's busy streets and connect through to the A40 with exits at both intersections with the North and South Circular.

This was many years before the conception of the M25. 

Looking back now...was it really such a crazy idea?




Anonymous said...

it wasn't Cecil's, it was Monty Shiman's idea

incidentally, Monty would go up the wall if anyone referred to our vehicle as anything other than:


and to us, other than:


never, never, never: a black cab

Anonymous said...

Hard hitting Sparty, another stupid idea demolished.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely believe that Liddle cabs will be the victim of a successful injunction for attempting to cause confusion and procure work by deliberately attempting to deceive the public into believing that they are legitimate Mini cabs.

Tfl would of course be behind them all the way with their circus of lawyers desperate for a fat paycheck and a few more nails for the taxi trades coffin!!

Who knows, they may even suspend the age limit on the off chance of someone setting up Ye Aldi cabbes, and then they could do them aswell, when they do introduce it, for wrongful advertising!!

Bet they wouldn't afford us the same 'Uber Privalege' of advertising space without prejudice!!

We should use our best voodoo to get Sid James back!!

He could show em a thing or too about the Buisness!!

Carry on!
( and be lucky )

Anonymous said...

As a night man and the sole income to my household - disabled wife and teenage child - abolition of rate 3 will finish me. I'm on the edge as it is. I have a 12 yr old cab and currently I can't afford to buy another cab. I'm looking for another job. Men have killed me.

Anonymous said...

This just shows that the so called trade orgs Just don't have a clue there's 2 problems here 1 TFL not enforcing the law. And 2 when did PH get the right to E hail ..?????? The so called 3000 yellow badges working in town was a load of bull ok there was a few who crossed the line and the trade orgs went all out to give us identifiers yet when there are PH drivers E hailing illegal. Ranking and also drivers coming in to town that are not even licenced to work in London And grant & Steve just don't have the balls to take on PH or TFL yet there are still people paying there subs to theses people one thing i have noticed is each time there's a demo more & more people are coming it just goes to show that the working cab driver is pissed of with TFL and the orgs

Anonymous said...

And will abolishing rate 3 reduce the waiting time at the Heathrow feeder park ?

Al Dee said...

Lido by lidl the game is going.

Anonymous said...

That last comment re heathrow ,we have to look at ourselves ,I reckon tens of thousands of potential customers have been lost by the attitude up there.The war stories I have to listen to and also my own experiences as being a customer( I get the tube in now) Hard but fair

Anonymous said...

Technology, and the melevolent agenda of an incompetent overpaid bustard is something that isn't going to go away. Johnsons agenda is embuggerment of ordinary people. If he could replace each and every blue collar worker with a machine, he would do it tomorrow. Johnson and Hendys lives ate enriched by the daily destruction of the London Taxi Trade. It's a great shame that the clueless morons did nothing to stop the rot and collaborated with the enemy, and still do!

Anonymous said...

To compete with uber you would have to do away with rate 2 and 3. Uber are covering £160 jobs for as little as £68. Trafalgar Sq to Oxford for example £78 white knucle class!!!

Anonymous said...

The abolition of rate three is a ridiculous idea. Uber will take over the London Taxi trade if allowed to, if they are not allowed to they will not, that is the key issue here, its a simple as that. The PH ehailing they are doing at the moment will continue unhindered, but its our trade they really want, PBV,s driven by their drivers,Taxi lights, meters, all cards, no cash, all on the uber system, its not hard to understand how the government, HMRC, ect, love the idea. We must oppose this on safety grounds, all Taxis and PHV,s must be fitted with tachographs now, it is unsafe to work 16+ hours driving the public around. Tachographs will stop the growth of uber, its our only hope...

Anonymous said...

Ano 4.46 You dont need to compete with uber, but you have to stop their growth, companies like uber need growth or they die.

Anonymous said...

Rate 3 was introduced to encourage drivers out at night , no longer an issue , scrap rate 3 , rate 1eight til eight , rate 2 eight til eight and all weekend and bank holidays . Re introduce extras for additional passengers , sounds sensible , we will never win a price war with PHV but dropping our rate would be great PR for the London trade !

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:05 pm you make it sound so simple. Enlighten me and tell me your strategy to stop the growth of Uber when the people running TFL are corrupt and rolling out their strategy to kill off the London taxi trade ?

Anonymous said...

Great PR would be £55 compulsory fixed prices to and from ALL terminals into central London from LAP !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10.34

A real honest post, a total spinner for the mob that shout 'moaning black cabbies, they earn a fortune'

A true bloodied honest man who gave up a portion of his & his family's life to pursue a supposedly comfortable happy career, in order to support his family....

Now to be faced with this..........


Anonymous said...

We need to simplify our tariffs. Not because of e-hailing apps but because they are outdated. We should have 2 tariffs, a day tariff (7am-7pm) and a night/weekend/bank holiday tariff (7pm-7am for weekdays, all day on weekends and bank hols). There also needs to be an additional £1 charge for extra passengers, and a decent flag fall, say £4/£5.
I'm not interested in having a race to the bottom, I am a professional driver that has done the KOL, equivalent to any degree. You don't see lawyers reducing their charges do you and neither should we.
What must happen is that TFL stop the illegal ASAP e-hailing by ALL PH operators that have their own App. This includes the likes of AddiLee. PHv's must be pre booked. Why is this still going on or why was it allowed in the first place!?
Unfortunately, until TFL enforce the 1997 Private Hire Act correctly, I can only see matters getting worse.
As for Heathrow, that is just a joke. The majority of the drivers out there are rogues. The out of area prices are ridiculous. LAP must be reformed asap or it'll die.
We have many mountains to climb to secure our future, we have no time to waste.