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• All-new Metrocab for the UK to enter series production in Coventry in 2016
• First production vehicles to be sold in London
• Existing Multimatic Facility in Coventry undergoing expansion to accommodate Metrocab production
• New jobs being created in the Midlands
• £50 million to be invested in taking all-new Metrocab to production


Mytchett, Surrey, 28 May 2015 – Frazer-Nash Research Ltd and Ecotive Ltd, the makers of the all-new Metrocab – the only zero-emissions capable black cab currently operating in London, are pleased to announce that the Metrocab for the UK will enter volume production in Coventry next year, as part of a new partnership with manufacturing specialist, Multimatic. 


Multimatic is a privately held global corporation supplying components, systems and services to the automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and has operating divisions in North America, Europe and Asia, with manufacturing partners in South America and Australia. Multimatic’s core competencies lie in the high volume manufacture of automotive mechanisms, structures and suspension components, as well as the design and development of automotive body and chassis systems.  


Multimatic Niche Vehicles (MNV) manufactures complete cars as well as body/chassis assemblies for low volume programs such as Aston Martin’s One-77, Zagato and GT12, the Lagonda Taraf and Ford GT.  Multimatic Engineering supplies customers as diverse as Red Bull Formula One, Tesla and Mercedes AMG.  Multimatic has a well-established manufacturing facility in Coventry, which is now undergoing a programme of expansion to accommodate the start of Metrocab production next year.


Metrocab chairman, Sir Charles Masefield, said: “This announcement marks another important step in bringing the all-new electric powered Metrocab to volume production.  Our prototype fleet is already operating very successfully in London, proving that our Range Extended Electric taxis are the solution to delivering on the City’s Ultra Low Emission Zones promises from 2018.  Next year we will enter volume production with the hugely respected and experienced Multimatic.  We are delighted to be working with such an established partner to fulfil our ambitions following our significant investment in developing this product and to bring further skilled jobs to the UK.”


Multimatic Vice President, Larry Holt added: “We have been following closely the development of zero-emissions capable taxis in the UK, and have worked with Metrocab for a number of years to bring their prototype fleet to the market.  We are all delighted with the performance and operational results of this first fleet, and it is very satisfying to now commit to enter series production of the all-new Metrocab.  The taxi has clearly been designed and engineered from the ground up with the global market in mind, and Multimatic has the facilities and capabilities to make this a truly international product – a prospect which really excites us.”


The Metrocab is available now on the streets of London as a small trial fleet operated by Comcab, and is the first zero-emission-capable taxi to be licensed by Transport for London to operate on a trial basis as a London Hackney Carriage.

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About the all-new Metrocab:

The purpose-built all-new Range-Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi represents the cutting edge of green transportation technology. The vehicle incorporates the latest technology for comfort, performance and safety, providing unrivalled efficiency and economy with significantly reduced daily operation and maintenance costs together with customer benefits including full disabled accessibility, panoramic roof for views of the city, increased luggage space and unrivalled comfort for up to seven passengers. 


The taxi is driven by two electric motors, with a 1-litre petrol engine range extender coupled with an optimisedgenerator to recharge the battery pack (which takes as little as 10 minutes while driving).  Charging is also available via any mains electric outlet providing even lower fuel consumption.  


Developed by Surrey-based Frazer-Nash Research, this unique powertrain system offers ultra-low emissions and a zero emissions mode, improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and economic benefits including tax incentives and grants.



Metrocab key features:

• 98 MPG on the ECE101 Cycle and over three times more fuel efficient than comparable current London taxi
• 75% less CO2 than comparable current London taxi
• New Metrocab <65g/km CO2
• >560km combined range
• Significantly lower running costs, typically saving a London cabbie £20 – 40 per day
• Zero-emissions mode and home charging via standard mains outlet
• >10 years in development and over a million powertrain test kilometres
• Six passenger seats (plus optional seventh passenger seat in the front)
• Designed to comply with London Taxi Private Hire (LTPH)regulations


Metrocab Technical Specification:


• Range extended electric vehicle 
• Designed to comply with London Taxi Private Hire (LTPH)regulations 
• Capable of zero emission operation
• Vehicle health diagnostics and status telemetry system 



• Overall length:................................ 4,905mm 
• Overall width:................................. 1,800mm 
• Overall height:................................ 1,925mm 
• Wheel base:.....................................3,181mm 



• Gross:................................................ 2,515kg 



• Top speed:........................................ 80mph (Restricted) 
• Max gradient:................................... 1:3
• Emissions:......................................... <65g/km CO2
• Turning circle: ................................. 7.62m (designed to meet LTPHrequirement)
• Regenerative braking 



• Peak motor power:........................ 2 x 50kW
• Peak wheel torque:........................ 2 x 1,400Nm 



• 1 litre petrol range-extender engine coupled to generator unit 
• Fuel efficient urban and highway generating modes 
• Meets Euro 5 emission standards 



• Lithium-ion polymer large format cells
• Stored capacity:............................... 12.2kWh 
• 3kW on board charging 




• Driver multi-function touch screen display and instrument cluster with colour display 
• Passenger colour display 
• USB charging socket
• Digital infotainment system 
• Hands free telephone 
• Air conditioning and heating
• Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
• 3-seater rear bench seat - fore/aft adjustable for more luggage space when required
• 3 rear facing flip down seats
• 1 optional front passenger seat
• Full wheelchair access 
• Panoramic glass roof 
• Mood Lighting
• Air suspension 

* Correct at time of going to print, subject to change 



For further information contact: 

James Andrew               +44 (0) 207 287 9610





Anonymous said...

Who is going to buy them in today's climate.

Anonymous said...

YOU are going to buy one, the same as everyone else; Boris Johnson will make sure of this. It will be buy one or look for alternative employment!

Anonymous said...

It will be 40k plus for untried technology,when the warranty runs out trade in or get caught with eye watering bill's like on the TX4 and to top it all it look's like noddy's dad's car!

Anonymous said...

That would look nice on a suburban rank at 50 large with no punters to hire it

Anonymous said...

No one will buy them, we will all go to PH

Anonymous said...

The retail price will no doubt be the deciding factor as to whether you buy rent or leave the trade altogether.

Anonymous said...

Picture the scene ........"oh sorry sir, your just out of warranty i'm afraid, you will need to buy new batteries every 80,000 miles, did no one tell you?.......neh mind we have em in stock, a snip at only £1,800 plus vat, we value your custom".

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile whilst doing up to 5 hours at the flyers?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Looking for alternative employment sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

All well and good but who will be driving them I wonder, us or ubend?

Anonymous said...

Apparently they are doing a sleeper cab version for the flyers.

Enshrine the right to ply for hire in law, it's the only way.

catford minicab said...

nice post....

Anonymous said...

we wont be driving them, this trade is finished

Anonymous said...

How much will it be , reliably informed LTC electric cab is going to be approx 50k . At current work levels who will buy one of these , think we are missing a trick here the plying for hire is the main thing .TFL making us zero emission from 2018 while allowing upwards of 16000 scabs
(And growing daily ) to ply for hire , traffic's a joke . We spend 3-4 yrs on a bike (wind,rain snow punctures ) and these scabs do nothing it's a total disgrace . What happened to one strike and your policy by TFL regarding insurance uber prosecuted for this but no action from TFL , the whole thing stinks . Are they going to have zero emission's from 2018 and be 100% disable friendly I don't think so. Should be a demo every week with every cabbie attending

Anonymous said...

work hackney dalston yb came out at 11pm last night done one job to Cambridge heath rd £12 drove round for two hours couldn't get a job back home in Chingford at 1.30am with £12 on a Friday night. need a new cab in two weeks my Treg is coming off the road. I don't wont to work the apps but this is beyond a joke, Cant afford to rent, no cheap cabs to buy and 50K to drive a crappy electric noddy car is a disgrace

Anonymous said...

I started at 6pm tonight & finished or should i say thrown the towel in at 02.35 my takings are down 45%,too many 3rd world cars,not long now before its totally not worth working the weekends on nights as for the new cabs,i wish---forget it.