Sunday, May 03, 2015

CCTV Footage Of The Silver Prius - Police Are Keen To Identify After Fatal Hit And Run

CCTV footage of the silver car - Police are keen to identify the... - Metropolitan Police◀️

Detectives investigating a fatal fail to stop collision in Stretham have released CCTV images and video of a vehicle they wish to trace which was captured at the scene.

At around 03:10hrs on Saturday, 2 May, police were called to reports of a car in collision with a pedestrian in Tooting Bec Road at the junction of Dr Johnson Avenue, Streatham. The car did not stop.

Officers and London Ambulance Service attended the scene. The pedestrian, a 33-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe they know the identity of the deceased and have informed next of kin. Formal identification has not taken place.

Officers from the Roads and Transport Policing Command are investigating.

They have issued CCTV images and footage of a silver car seen in Tooting Bec Road a short time after the collision. Detectives are appealing for the driver of this vehicle to come forward. 

They would also like to speak to the driver of a Hackney Carriage who was seen by witnesses near the scene at the time of the collision.

Detective Sergeant Phil Hames of the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Merton said: "I need to hear from anyone who witnessed the collision or has information - including reports of a car which sustained unexplained frontal damage overnight - that may help identify the driver or the vehicle involved."

The witness line for the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Merton is 020 8543 5157. To remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Anonymous said...

Let's get whoever done this

Anonymous said...

We told you this would happen and now someone has died
The blood is on your hands
I only hope the relations sue your arse,

Anonymous said...

How is this on TFL pls explain? A RTC is not anyone but the driver of the car or taxi at fault right?

Anonymous said...

This is down to TFL due to giving these idiots a private hire license! These murdering idiots are doing full time jobs during the day driving their ph vehicles during the night mostly without the correct insurance which would probably explain the hit and run!
Is that a good enough explanation for you?? Or have we got to see more innocent people killed by these idiots!!

Anonymous said...

Explanation is simple, about 80% of the prius's are driven by private hire drivers one company in particular, a lot of those drivers don't have the right insurance and have no road knowledge so blindly stare at satnav's for directions, they have caused a significant amount of accidents in London and it was only a matter of time before someone was killed.

Of Course it is speculation that the car involved is a private hire car but the odds are that it is.

So if this is the case and the driver does not have the correct insurance, who's fault is that, well it is the drivers fault, it is also the private hire companies fault for not verifying that the driver is legal, and it is TFL's fault for giving them a license.

If I was the family involved and the driver is not insured then I would be suing TFL for not regulating as they are meant to be.

There have been many many warnings that this would happen, it is a shame those warnings were not acted upon and we now have a family dealing with the this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Space wasters!

Anonymous said...

tfl issue a licence to a driver if he has the correct paper work according to the PHV act.
but this cctv image is of a car, even if it was a licenced car and driver for arguments sake the driver hit someone as an accident. so how is a licencing authority to blame for an incident. no one leaves their house looking to run someone over. You people need to stop being so judgemental and stereotypical. If a black cab run someone over would tfl be at fault also