Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Results of our FOI requests about TfLs revenue from Uber and PH advertising.

Our top researcher has made an FOI request, to find out how much money TfL made by advertising Uber in the short time their advert ran on TfL websites.

We have been informed that the Uber campaign started on 8th August 2014. After complaints, the ads were removed from all Taxi and Private Hire sections of the TfL network Web pages, on the 25th November 2014. In that time, TfL received £340.44 in income from Uber.

The next part of our FOI request was jaw dropping stuff. 

We asked how much TfL were paid in advertising revenue in the last financial year by other Private Hire Companies. 
We have been informed TfL received  78,044 from a total of 11 advertisers. 

We were also informed that the majority of the money came from advertising on bus shelters and round-about small boards. 

TfL say they received a total of £2044 from Billboards advertising Private Hire companies on the red rout network.

                       UBER FRAUD! 


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Anonymous said...

It is a shame we cannot find out about the freebies they get and promises of new jobs they will get when they have destroyed the licensed Taxi Trade.Scumbag liars.