Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter To Editor : Should trade issue a statement that we no longer recognise Peter Hendy as regulator of the licensed taxi trade.

If Uber are circumventing the law, and if TFL have failed - with intent- in their duty to enforce laws parliament have deemed fit to keep in place, then why are we doing things by the book. 

I believe we are afforded a unique opportunity, albeit finite, to organise ourselves outside of the usual prescribed parameters of doing things. 

The eternal wait for a High Court decision to determine the meaning of a taxi meter is a stalling tactic of which will be of little consequence. 

• If the judge rules in our favour, Uber (and others) will make a couple of minor alterations, allowing them to continue.

• If The decision goes against us it will be disastrous, not least because we have allowed the High Court to determine our destiny. 

In the first instance, The trade should issue a statement that we no longer recognise Peter Hendy as regulator or arbiter of the licensed taxi trade.

He is an appointed official therefore is operating without advocacy, and we cannot align ourselves with a regulator that does not work in the interests of the trade. He has overseen the utter decimation to the potential earnings of sole traders who are forced to meet the inflated running costs of a TFL authorised vehicle. 

The well-being of the licensed taxi industry is synonymous with the well-being and safety of the travelling public, he has therefore, unequivocally, failed on both accounts. 

But most of all, the tried and tested formulas of dealing with Trade disputes, or changes to prevailing standards, no longer apply. 
Silicone Valley has changed the rules entirely. 

Effectively, an off shore company has walked in to Britain and been allowed to run roughshod through UK legislation. By allowing them to operate, TfL has set a precedent that big dollar corporations can dictate UK policy. No one, no matter what industry you are in, should welcome that, and it's crucial to convey the magnitude of that to the public. 

The only way I can see it working is if we are a bigger disrupter than the disruptors. I believe if we could galvanise support from 5000 members and bring London's economy to a grinding halt, every day for a week, or even more, we will then call the shots and Uber's operation will be shut down or tailored to our terms. 

Furthermore, it will also deem us as a mighty force to be reckoned with and will discourage future 'viral' infiltrations into the trade. 
But we need the numbers, and we need the impetus! 

Sean Day.


w14taxi said...

A mighty vote of no confidence is required. I applaud these sentiments and believe that the London Taxi Trade must be masters of their own destiny.
We haven't had meaningful dialogue with TfL,albeit under their own terms. This is not dialogue, this is dictatorship, we are more than capable of running our own house.
Municipal budgets can be redirected under the auspices of the Metropolitan Police,as part of the GLA. Reassign and revert current spending to the Police and let them do the job that TfL never ever truly understood or executed to any degree of effectiveness or efficiency.

Anonymous said...

He will take some shifting, he has a slick PR department and very little sticks.

Anonymous said...

You've got it spot on. I've been saying for eternity, the only way to get results, is to cause major disruption. Not just to the London traffic but to Parliament too. Future demos need to last at least 24hrs, not a paltry 2hrs, only then will we see some action. We can determine our own future, if we show solidarity now. After all, we receive no subsidies, so why are we allowing unelected people dictate to us?

london boy said...

it would not worry TFL what you say or do about Hendy as they have got there brown nose chums from the UTG and as long as they have them in their pocket we have got an uphill struggle . More flash demos is the way to go shut down london this is the only way you will get a voice at any meetings outside of you being allowed to join the UTG and if that ever happened they would vote you down every time . we must just get on and bring TFL to the Table

Anonymous said...

we need to get others involved.1 insurance companies, it is a criminal offence to tout therefore the passenger in such a transaction is aiding and abbetting a criminal act therefore their insurance cover is null and void also if victim has private health cover this should be null and void as well perhaps if a few trade organisations could get together and get in touch with relevant insurance companies informing them of these facts.same again with the rickshaws the ltda had them independantly examined and were discribed as death traps i take it the ltda hold copyrite to these reports why don,t they issue copies to all insurance companies so when a tragic accident occurs[i do say when not if ]the insurance companies will not have to pay out,the victim should then sue tfl.