Monday, April 06, 2015

Criminal record checks BANNED on foreign asylum seeking murderers and rapists who want to be minicab drivers.

What the papers are saying: Mail and Express.

Criminal record checks are BANNED on foreign murderers and rapists who want to be minicab drivers if they have applied for asylum or refugees status

  • Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be cab drivers are not checked 
  • Those from outside the EU must provide reference from their home nation 
  • But refugees and asylum seekers are exempt and may be serious criminals

Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be minicab drivers are exempt from criminal records checks, potentially allowing murderers and rapists to get behind the wheel.

Rules laid down by Transport for London (TfL) mean refugees and those applying for asylum do not have to reveal whether they have a criminal history when trying to become a cab driver.

The legal loophole in an official application document on 'private hire driver licensing' says people coming to Britain will not be required to have their criminal convictions checked.

The TfL form states: 'With regards to overseas criminal records checks, no such checks will be made in respect of those applicants who declare that they are in possession of or who have applied for refugee or asylum status.'

Everyone else who applies for a cab licence must undergo criminal records checks. Those from outside the EU who have spent more than three months abroad over the last three years have to provide a 'letter of good conduct' from their home country.

This usually requires their country of origin to give a reference to the Home Office, revealing whether the applicant has a criminal history. 

But asylum seekers and refugees are exempt from this too, according to a second document.

A TfL guide on taxi and private hire applications states: 'Any applicant who has been granted or is awaiting a decision to be granted asylum/refugee status will not be required to produce a Certificate of Good Conduct from the country he is claiming asylum from.'

Applicants from outside the EU must provide a letter of 'good conduct' from their home country - but asylum seekers do not have to

Rules laid down by Transport for London (TfL) mean refugees and those applying for asylum do not have to reveal whether their criminal history when trying to become a minicab driver.

Campaigners called for a change in the guidelines, calling on all minicab drivers to undergo thorough criminal checks. 

What Polititians are saying:

Lawrence Webb, Ukip candidate in Hornchurch and Upminster in Essex, said: 

“No one should be issued with a minicab licence unless they have first undergone a criminal records check. If that prevents foreign nationals from driving a cab so be it.”

Tory MP Nick de Bois said: 

"They should not be offering licences to those they can't check on. 

They could be putting vulnerable members of the public in the hands of thieves, murderers and rapists. It beggars belief."

What TfL are saying:

Helen Chapman, manager of London taxi and private hire at TfL, said: 

"All applicants for a Taxi or Private Hire drivers licence are required to undertake an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check which is carried out by the Home Office. 

"Any applicant that has lived in a country other than the UK for more than three months within the last three years is also required to produce a Certificate of Good Conduct from the relevant country.

"We recognise this may not be possible if an applicant is granted asylum or refugee status and, where applicable, these applicants will be required to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct from any other country of residence within the last three years. They will also be required to provide evidence of their Certificate of Registration or a letter from the Border and Immigration Agency."

What Taxi Drivers are saying on Twitter:

Editorial Comment:

Asylum seekers who come straight to the UK, obviously cannot fulfil the requirement. Therefore under these circumstances, murderers, rapists or in extreme cases such as minicab driver Modeste K Hakizimana (wanted for war crimes and his part in a million person genocided in Rwanda) can easily obtain a PHV licensed without their past being checked.

We now need to know what prospective mayoral candidates feel about this important issue. 

Taxi leaks is willing to give space to any candidate mayoral or governmental, who wishes to put their feelings to the Licence Taxi trade.

TfL's discrimination against British Nationals: 

And yet, as we've previously seen in Claire's case, British nationals, of exemplary character, while waiting for licence renewals, are being refused the right to work and are being refused the right to work for unacceptable periods, because of incompetence in the subcontractors handling DBS checks for TfL.







Anonymous said...

Makes a farce of the DBS checks we have to go through... OUR human rights are being violated by TfL and the Mayor Boris Johnson that's allowing it to happen. This is a case for the European Courts backed up with a class action against TfL.
What a corrupt, incompetent shower this scum running TfL are!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely TFL have stepped over the line with this one !!??
If we can't get support from the public and our members of parliament with this issue, then we are truly dead in the water !
Are MI5 aware of this ? A terrorists dream has come true !
I am truly flabbergasted by this decision, it is utter lunacy and will seriously hinder and undermine the work of our National Security Officers who work hard to keep us safe.
We can't let this one jog along folks. Its too important. Here's our chance to kick off now !

Anonymous said...

It is paramount that we all give the UCG's Demo Call 100% back up for this folks.
It is a demonstration that most of the public will support us with too.
This crazy decision has not only gone too far, but has and will prove to be dangerous and precarious to the UK's safety.
How preposterous can these half wits in that nut house really be ?
The UCG should get 100% of our backing, and hats off to them for a pro-active decision.

Anonymous said...

wow im totally lost for words.... even more so than my own story with the DBS.... you couldn't make this up james,,,,
after claires story you posted....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure when david lammy takes over from boris he will sort it all out

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people are getting it now...
There are many issues that need to addressed it's not all about Uber - its about the systematic failure of the regulator TfL/TPH.


Joe said...

You could not make this up really is remarkable

Anonymous said...

What about the IRA ' on the runs' ?

Hendy must go now surely?

Anonymous said...

Time for another major demo !!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny the P C O. Was run by a few retired policemen earning peanuts and it run like clock work , all these university graduates and MPs couldn't change a light bulb .

Anonymous said...

May 7th our time has come U K I P.

Anonymous said...

This is past the tipping point, and the British people will put the blame where it belongs right at the door of NO, 10.
there will be a high price to pay for this political madness,and it will be innocent lives that pay the price.
I put a report on the scandal on my face book, only yesterday, about people in the U.K. having to have criminal record certificates,and having to wait weeks for clearance, while the U.K. was allowing into the U.K. illegal immigrants without any identification, history, documents, or any way to find out if they are i.s.i.s terrorists who are going to be flooded into Europe, according to i.s. terrorists.
How can our government have parallel laws, one for their own people, and another for foreign strangers?

Day sailinginskiathos said...

It seems crazy? To book an uber cab I need to enter lots of traceable info about myself, then a driver turns up who could potentially cause me harm? Something needs to change quickly and this loophole should be closed... All licences issued without clearance should be immediately suspended..