Tuesday, April 28, 2015

'We are all in this together' by I'm Spartacus

Apparently one taxi trade organisation and possibly others are pushing the idea that we should be amending out fare structure, it's rumoured that proposals include:

The abolition of Rate 2, Rate 3 after midnight only and low fixed fares to LAP.

So instead of campaigning to rid the streets of pirates whose cost base we could never compete with and whose business models are propped up by Tax Credits and Housing Benefit and non domiciled operators.

It has been decided without consulting any of the subscription paying membership that the race to the bottom is the way to go. 

TfL will soon be expecting us to find somewhere North of 50K for a ULEZ compliant cab that will no doubt be advertised in their trade rag!

Well in the sprit of the headline, transparency and yes good old fair play, these people need to declare their interests as follows:

1. How much they are paid either in salary or stand down pay from their involvement in cab trade matters?

2. If they enjoy free or favourable rates for cab rental, insurance or service work?

3. Any other benefits such as health care, income protection etc?

Anyone who decides on my behalf to volunteer to reduce me and my families pay rate had better be squeaky clean on each and every item and be prepared to publicly publish audited figures.

After all that's what my Taximeter does, not a penny more or less, no doubt these 'Chuck away Charlie's' will be reducing their organisations subs, stand down pay and of course getting us reduced insurance, road tax, cab rental to soften the blow they are advocating.

After all Fares Fair!

Don't hold your breath. 

I'm Spartacus 

Editorial Comment:
Reducing our rate will not bring back the work.
It will just mean drivers will be working the same hours, doing the same jobs, for less money.

Our trades return to a more stable working environment can only be achieved through TfL carrying out their statutory enforcement obligations as laid down by parliamentary. 
At present TfL have been found by a GLA inquiry to be woefully inadequate and have reduced the Taxi and Private Hire industries to a free for all, by operating a blind eye policy towards the licensing and enforcement of new incumbents.

Mayor Boris Johnson said we need to up our game....really?

We are the gold standard world renowned Taxi service, voted the best Taxi Service in the world fir the past seven years. 

Drivers have to go through the most gruelling entrance process ever devised for a day to day job. 

We drive purpose built fully disabled compatible vehicles—wheelchair ramps, integrated hearing loops, brightly coloured handles etc—which prove to be the safest passenger vehicles on London's roads.

Every driver is accountable in person to the licensing authority and identifiable through vehicle registration, TfL vehicle licence plate, driver identification badges, clearly displayed in both front and rear windows and the driver wears a uniquely numbered metal badge. 

Our prices are approved and controlled by parliament and every drivers carries full hire and reward lability insurance. Also, every driver speaks English, has been cleared by DBS criminal records check, plus every driver has satisfied the licensing authority that he/she are a fit and proper person to hold a Hackney Carriage Licence.

Our technology includes radio vehicle identifiable dispatch, and we have a number of smart phone apps. One particular smart phone app is currently years ahead of any competitor.

The Mayor rides a bike!


Anonymous said...

Would the organisation that Sparticus is talking about be that same organisation that didn't officially support the recent UCG demo - then encouraged their members to attend and give free rides along the demo route to win back the work ? Clueless, absolutely clueless !

Anonymous said...

who comes up with these ideas , try getting a plumber out at 1 in the morning for day rate ,fucking rediculous

Anonymous said...

anon 3.21
Not sure about that, why is that relevant anyhow?
I know of only one trade group that discussed the matter with their membership and it ain't them who's suggesting this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

First of all it was ad Lee then YB's then quiet rightly the touts and uber but now interfering with the fares,what a fling joke' How about stop putting your arm around Boris for a start and focus on the real issues, you and baldy make me sick,be lucky

Anonymous said...

No rate 2 ? So i would be working sat sun on rate 1
No fare increase this year and now this BS
How many hours a day do they want me to work 20 22 ?

Fixed prices to the airports as they do in NYC yes but slashing our earnings and keeping our costs is probsbly one of the worst most insane ideas ever.

Anonymous said...

For as little as 50p a day you can be represented by an imbecile. Someone's left the cage door open again. FFS.

Anonymous said...

it would appear that the people who want to to give us night paycuts are DAYMEN. This stupid policy without consulting members is OUTRAGEOS,changing the night tariff till midnight will do nothing to generate work,but will send a lot of cab drivers families finances over the edge (BANKRUPTCY)Do we want to go back to the days before the days of Ken Livingstone of a single tariff with 40 pence extra between 8pm and 10pm,and 60pence extra between 10pm and 6 am.In those days we were the only Licensing authority in the uk out of 368 coumcils who were operating on a single tariff without an improved rate (Shift allowance) for working Nights.In the recent 0 per cent non fare increase, we should have had superside adds and tip seat adds telling Londoners that we have held our fares as we understand how difficult 90 per cent of Londoners are finding life hard like ourselves.We are missing a massive PR opportunity

Anonymous said...

This is for all of you who have commented so far and the authors of the articles. Uber have decimated the night trade, and are now moving in on day work, the wait at LAP is 5/6 hours, something has to be done, the public are deserting us, good drivers are leaving the trade. meanwhile hundreds of minicab drivers are signing up for uber every day. And most importantly no one is signing up for the KOL. If things stay as they are you will all be gone by Christmas. Things must change, tariff reform, COF reform, CC acceptance. The electric cabs metrocab are testing and LTC are talking about will never come about, it will not be viable for mushers and it will not be viable for renters. If you dont talk to TFL about these issues the cab trade is finished. The yank firm will take over, lock stock, and barrell.

Anonymous said...

Like Spartacus said those who want to talk about these 'issues' need to come clean with what they get.

What's so dramatic about that?

Unless of course both us on here and their memberships will be astounded by the revalations!

If you think cutting fares is the answer your mad, the answer is stopping the plying for hire by PH apps.

colin fairfield said...

Something needs to be done. Private Hire companies can't recruit drivers and they all leavng and joining uber. Ubers prices are much lower than ours particularly in the daytime but nobody wants to look at fares. How else is it being proposed to challenge them. Keep barking on about the inowledge is not going to help and it doesn't seem to matter we are the best in the world if the public are using a cheaper alternative.
Why can't any organisation realise that we cannot keep pandering to the authorities by having soft demos we need to bring the place to a halt properly like the trafalgar square one. If our arguments make sense then bringing them properly to the public's attention is vital
The firemen strike bonfire night, the train drivers do it week days so we should do it when and where it hurts most

Anonymous said...

At last someone is talking sense the trade needs to look at itself with regards to the meter fare , firstly rate three needs to go,it was originally brought in to encorouge drivers out at night , that is no longer an issue . It has been suggested that rate one would run from 8 til 8 and rate 2 to run from 8 til 8 and all weekend and bank holidays but with the re introduction of the extras for extra passengers , now before you all start screaming think about it your hourly rate would normally be 15 -20 pound an hour ( not at the moment ) so what's the difference if your on rate 3or not if your still getting your hourly rate and you never know you might getting a bit more !

Anonymous said...

So here it comes.....

Finally Tfl have worked their way up to doing something that will impact on the earnings of the Mighty Green Badge and you don't like it? Do you?

This has been coming for the last 15 years but all warnings have been ignored because the density and wealth of a world leading City has meant no impact has been felt till now.....just the vague threat of what might happen.

When they extended the 6 mile radius it made no practical difference to the green badge driver, a hypothetical dentist appointment covered it and the next job is only a heartbeat away

When they cut extras and introduced rate three the impact was negligible since the demand and wealth of a vibrant city left the public unaffected.

Slowly the impact of PH licensing has been noticed, but mainly from an observational position: drivers illegally taking work the available supply of taxis cannot cover. It's the principle that stings not the non existent impact of the financial status of the individual driver.

As a veteran YB I can only shrug at these proposals.

It's more of the same for us. We've been systematically decimated for the last 15 years as these changes have financially crippled suburban drivers without the constant supply of tourism and high finance that our capital provides.

You've earned the right to work there, and good luck to you!!

.....but the cockyness and bravado that the achievement of an All London Licence inspires is what has blinded you to the rot Tfl have set in the trade and the precedents they have established on the back of the I'm alright Jack attitude of more than 80% of the trade.

When Sparticus says 'they're coming to kill us' he is referring to green badges....I can name three yellow badges they have already literally killed!!...and twenty they have financially ruined.

This is what will happen eventually.....but now even the most blind can see it coming; and all those individuals and organisations who have stood by and watched it happen as the Yellows screamed to be heard but were dismissed as bitter and lazy whingers, will now get what they have always claimed they wanted.

A truly united trade!!

None of us will be able to sustain our desired lifestyle through the job we created it with.

No one tells you when you start this job that you start at the top and work your way down!!

Ah, what the hell!! Bet ya won't approve this one anyway!! Still, I feel better for venting even if I don't get heard!!

Be lucky!!

Flabbycabbie said...

Any reduction in fares would be a massive own goal.It is the misgivings at TFL and illegal PH that we should be addressing. Unfortunately ' Tooty Fruity ' keeps banging on about the meter and how it will bring back long jobs! Poppycock!!! We have the same tariff system for many years... all of a sudden it needs to change!!! Sorry don't get it. If I get a roader all well and good but I dont NEED one every night! We have a huge problem with touts and The Rats, but also the present climate has the strong feel of recession about it... don't be surprised that in 6 to 12 months time the economists tell us we have fallen into recession.

Anonymous said...


Hats off to you Ed!!

Genuinely thought my post (8:04) would be omitted!!

Credit where credit is due; despite the tone of my comment, it was printed without prejudice. A claim most blogs boast, but few actually practice!!

It has previously been stated that if the content of a comment is relevant to the article then every voice will be heard, but in all honesty I was dubious of this claim to the point of being doubtful!!

Turns out I was wrong!!

Much respect!!

Be lucky