Sunday, March 29, 2015

TfL Finally Launch Consultation On Private Hire Vehicles.

Transport for London

London Taxi and Private Hire

Private Hire Vehicles – have your say

Help us to shape the future of the private hire industry in London by having your say in our comprehensive regulations review of private hire services.

In recent years there have been a number of developments within the private hire industry, including advances in technology and changes to how people engage and share private hire services. We want to ensure the regulations that provide for the licensing of private hire operators, drivers and vehicles keep pace with these changes.

We have today launched a public consultation, seeking your views on the regulations. This consultation covers a range of topics and questions including:
• Should we have an English language requirement for drivers?
• Is it beneficial to introduce new training requirements for applicants?
• Should we review the current arrangements for vehicle insurance?
• Do you have views on what information should be captured by an operator as part of a customer booking record?

The consultation opens today and runs until 19 June 2015.

You can find it on our website:
where you will also find details of how to respond.

Helen Chapman
27 March 2015 General Manager,
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Editorial Comment: from I'm Sparatcus:

Be careful not to endorse any topographical test that PH and TfL will use to say "well PH drivers are almost real taxi drivers so let them ply for hire".

Concentrate on insisting on watertight insurance requirements, real pre booking requirements, abolition of scaballite offices and its vital that a PH vehicle can ONLY be driven by a PH driver.

Above all RESPOND!


Anonymous said...

Do all these wankers do is just have consultations all the time but with no outcome. This is the worst licensing authority in the world.

Tonto said...

What is the process used by TFL to establish that a vehicle is a private hire and not just someone avoiding paying the Congestion Charge. Who administers this function and who audits it ??

Anonymous said...

There is no audit process for the congestion charge and there never has been. no part of tfl checks phv licences against the congestion charge list. even when people have been identified as using a phv badge for congestion charge avoidance no one in tph or congestion charge would revoke that vehicles licence.

Anonymous said...

The only consultation i would like to have is every taxi driver come to trafalgar square with there taxi lock them up and walk away and leave them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who gets on this cab has a horror story about an uber driver falling asleep ,. How many hours are these guys working, then again to make a living at half price minicab fares must take a long time, Tfl have created a third world phv industry for london, shame on you all