Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Bad Day For London Taxi Leaks Travel Correspondent Glenn Alutto.

of North London have been gridlocked this afternoon and this evening following accidents in Finsbury Park and on Forest Road Walthamstow. 

A woman with severe back injuries, had to be cut out of her car after it was rammed from behind by the bus. We have been informed that two passengers on the bus were also taken to hospital 

Walthamstow, Forest Road 2pm:
A man is in hospital with critical injuries after he was hit by a bus. Traffic around the North Circular was badly affected with parts gridlocked for most of the afternoon. 

On Friday, a woman was treated for serious leg injuries in hospital today after a night bus ran over her foot on London Bridge, police said.

The 31-year-old victim was walking along the bridge close to Tooley Street when an N47 bus hit her just before 2.30am today. 

She was taken to hospital by paramedics with serious injuries to her right leg, ankle and foot, a spokesman for City Police said.

Her injuries were later found to be "potentially life-changing", he added. 

The road was closed southbound while officers investigated but has since been reopened.

Police today appealed for witnesses to the collision to speak to them after the bus driver failed to stop at the scene.

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Third Party Fire and Theft said...

If you had an accident record like the bus companies you would not get insured.

Poorly trained, poorly trained and poorly leld.

We can all remember the Chiswick skid pan etc. when London bus drivers were the envy of the world.

Still it's what the public wants.

'Corporate profit before public safety'.