Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Large Rises In Knowledge Fees, Will Make The Knowledge Look Even More Unattractive.

In the wake of the brutal GLA inquiry which found our licensing authority woefully inadequate, TfL now appear to be making the knowledge as expensive and unpopular as they possibly can. 

At the same time, they seem to be guiding applicants towards a more easier to achieve private hire career. Sour Grapes???

In a recent "Evening Standard" interview, Sir Peter Hendy, TfL's Transport Commissioner inferred the reason behind the influx of minicabs, was the fact that there are not enough licensed Taxis. 

Yet here is TfL's Finance and Policy committee seeking to put bigger hurdles in front of anyone thinking if a career driving a licensed Taxi.
There is to be a TfL board meeting on Wednesday 4th of February 2015, to ratify increases in Knowledge expenses, while other licensing costs will have a small decrease.

As someone once said....you couldn't make it up.

See details below: 

1 Summary
  1. 1.1  The purpose of this paper is to ask the Board to approve the proposed changes to taxi driver and vehicle application and licence fees and note the proposed changes to the Knowledge of London appearance and examination fees, from 1 April 2015

  2. 1.2  At its meeting on 22 January 2015, the Finance and Policy Committee endorsed the recommendations in this paper.

2 Recommendations
2.1 The Board is also asked to

(a) approve the proposed changes to taxi licence fees effective from 1April 2015:

  1. (i)  60 per cent increase of £30 to the Taxi Driver application fee;

  2. (ii)  3.5 per cent decrease of £7 to the Taxi Driver licence fee;

  3. (iii)  1.5 per cent decrease of £1 to the Taxi Vehicle application fee;

  4. (iv)  8.3 per cent decrease of £3 to the Taxi Vehicle licence fee;

  5. (v)  0.8 per cent decrease of £1 to the Digital Taxi Top advertising application fee; and

  6. (vi)  8.3 per cent decrease of £3 to the Digital Taxi Top licence fee.

(b) note the proposed changes to the Knowledge of London appearance and examination fees effective from 1 April 2015:

  1. (i)  14 per cent increase of £50 to the Knowledge of London appearance fee; and

  2. (ii)  14 per cent increase of £25 to the Knowledge of London written examination fee. 

    For full details, please see these PDF files:

    For full details, please see these PDF files:

    >tfl.gov.uk part-1<

    >tfl.gov.uk part-2<


Anonymous said...

They've probably had to put the knowledge prices up, because the examiners want a pay rise now they can't take bungs anymore

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is unattractive full stop. Examiners taking the wee wee out of people and deliberately stopping people getting through because thier mates on the day shift say - 'stop letting em out there's too many drivers. Meanwhile londons population increases to 8.5 million and green badge numbers stay static for 10 years. Green badges are also an ageing population - no new Young drivers getting through. On Friday and Saturday not enough licensed taxis on the streets. So the backs doors been left open and 90,000 scabs turn up and fill the vacuum. We urgently need more drivers - sort the KOL examiners out and issue night time licences only. After 6 years you get a full licence - problem sorted - but me thinks even if it is done now it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

Will not the Taxi Driver on the TfL board speak out?

Anonymous said...

Do you work nights ??? I do and forget there being not enough taxis...most nights its like a ghost town..even struggling to find work on fri and sat nights at the mo and i work until 3/4 am ...

Please do not try and justify night licences... THERE IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH WORK.

Anonymous said...

As a gb I'm totally fed up with Toyota,s roaming around doing what they like,we must kill them off by

1 covering all radio jobs
2 taking the good and crap jobs
3 directional ranks covered by yellows badges
4 stop living in the past and move forward because cross rail is coming to take our money. We must attack mini cabs work or we will end up with no work at all
5 push TFL now for a new cab at good price.

This messing around by TFL and boris is deliberate to destroy our trade.

Anonymous said...

Boris admitted to my mate the other day that he still has not looked at the London assembly report,coupled with this increase of knowledge fees its plain as daylight to see that Tfl want the hackney trade got rid of,come the 25th Tfl will still keep singing la la until we are gone??

Anonymous said...

The knowledge should take 3 years, not 5-6 years as now does. People are put off by this time , and are put of by the horror stories that come from the power mad examiners. The average guy can't take the risk of getting on the black list with the examiners and having to get abused by the dickheads for the next 6 years, without any garuntee of even greeting the badge.The knowledge needs to be modernised , it's a joke that this exam now takes twice as long as it did 15 years ago. It is I think ileagle and corrupt. An one to one oral exam that is not witnessed or recorded in any way has been ileagle for many years. Back handers , abuse. Corruption , happens every day, tfl quite frankly don't give a fuck. TFL have nearly killed this trade, give it back to the met before it's to late.it would be a good place to start, sort out the knowledge, and we might stand a chance

Anonymous said...

Hmmm anon 11:15 am - your up early for a night man / see my 3:44 am post - just finished did alright - ON A MONDAY - bangs gavel and rests case.....,......

Anonymous said...

Hmmm there's always one mug who wants to glory tweet
I did alright
I know where to work
In the greatest
I did this and I did that

I done three hours two jobs = £18
Gave up and went home
For hire lights and Prius's everywhere.


Anonymous said...

im a yb who aint gotta bad knowledge around town,i would do the green but cant face them two bob examiners again. modernise the kol and pass people out quicker if there any good, instead of playing games with peoples livelyhoods,

Andy said...

If the KOL is taking 5 to 6 years, what does that tell you? I know what it tells me, people are not putting the work in. Anyhow the KOL will cease to exist in 5 years time, Uber are taking over, buy/ lease a prius and go to work, its a race to the bottom. Taxi driving along with many other trades used to be good, but they have been destroyed by big business and a cheap and ever cheaper workforce.

Anonymous said...

We need more young drivers...to work Fri and sat night....what a load of tosh! No twenty something wants to be working driving a cab on a fri\sat night they are the ones out having fun.... The best age to start this job is in your 50s,..then you only got 10 years or so..

Anonymous said...

The knolwedge can be done in just under 3 years you just need to work for it I know of to guys who have done it in just over 2 years there lines where ok but they knew there stuff I feel the only people that mone on here are YB that just want an easy ride on the knolwedge I don't care what you say is you do it propley call you book get your points then you will do it as one excaminer said to me if this was easy it would not be worth a wank and he's right don't get me wrong YB drivers have got it hard but all they do is mone take a look at Clapham boys SW TAXIS there doing ok druming work so it can be done but tfl also need to work with the surburban drivers Put ranks in places that need cabs don't keep saying we want an easy ride the knolwedge is hard it's only as hard as you make it

Anonymous said...

To Andy
Does it really have to take 5 to 6 years. So you think the examiners don't hold you back and let you out when they are ready even though your knowledge and temprement are spot on.
wake up geezer

Anonymous said...

It can take 2-3 years if they like you or your on the square or an ex copper, but most take between4-6 years and that's a fact. It's bent corrupt and ilegal and that's a factas we'll. Tfl hate this trade and want it gone, they earn more money out of phv and don't have any outlay, no knowledge examaniers to pay, Phv do a little test at a phv office, pay the phv office £100 to do the test and the pass rate is 100%. Follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Not talking about 20 year olds. We need 30 and 40 something's people with bills to pay - people who will be out on Friday and Saturdays trying to earn as much as they can. We definitely don't need any more lazy flabby arsed fifty something's - creeping about doing radio jobs - cherry picking work and lolling about on the day shift whinging there isn't enough work. These sorts have paid thier mortgages off , have another income etc etc. It is this lot who do the KOL because they have time, whilst ordinary hard working folk are excluded because the KOL takes too long. I'm bored of picking up green badges wives who proudly say "oooo
My husband never works Saturday night!"