Saturday, January 10, 2015

You just couldn't make this up. Toy town, infested with rickshaws.

My granddaughter recently asked me to put a video of Noddy on telly for her, which I did.

But I just couldn't believe me eyes and big ears, when the show came on.

Apparently, Noddy has joined Uber and is the only scab in toy town so was raking it in.
Then along came the naughty goblins with their rickshaw bike in competition. They were stealing all the work with low cost journeys until Noddy was off the road. Then the serge pricing came in and a fare that normally cost two coins, went up to six!

Also notice how easily Noddy gets off the speeding and dangerous driving charges.
Could it be the bung he gave officer plod at the beginning of the story.
The question that needs answering, is big ears really a naughty spell expert.
All is revealed in this episode of Noddy and the New Taxi

All joking aside, this video was made before Uber were established. Do you think Travis is a big Noddy fan, is this where he got his idea of serge pricing from.

We noted the similarity in toy town's officer plod and TfL enforcement.


Tx1fan said...

I thought you were joking Jim, rickshaws touting in toy town! But did you notice they even arrest rickshaws in toy town..... even PC plod oftoy town has more backbone than London's enforcement agencies and that says it all....

Anonymous said...

No Ids.....indifference to rickshaws.

Doesn't take a genius to work out which camp Noddy resides in!!

.....wait a minute: isn't toy town off sector?