Thursday, January 01, 2015

Final chance for feedback on London's proposed ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ).

Transport for London is making its final call for feedback on proposals to introduce the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the capital on 7 September 2020, as the public consultation enters its final weeks.

The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) have been seeking the views of everyone who lives, works or travels in the capital on the proposed scheme which would significantly improve air quality and in turn the health of Londoners.

The ULEZ consultation runs until Friday 9 January 2015 and is available online. Click link below

The groundbreaking proposals would require all vehicles travelling within the Congestion Charge zone to meet new emission standards and would be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many vehicles would already meet these standards in 2020, however by introducing this requirement next year the Mayor and TfL aim to accelerate the take up of low emission vehicles and stimulate the low emission vehicle market. The ULEZ will also ensure London’s air quality improves more quickly, making the capital a more pleasant place to live and work, and encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport.

The ULEZ is projected to halve emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM10) from vehicle exhausts.  This means more than 80 per cent of central London is expected to meet the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) annual legal limits in 2020. The ULEZ would also lead to a significant reduction in the number of people living in areas of poor air quality (where levels of NO2 exceed legal limits) – by 74 per cent in central London, 51 per cent in inner London and 43 per cent in outer London. 

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, said: “Introducing the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone is an essential measure to improve London’s air quality and reduce NO2 . Safeguarding Londoners’ health and well-being is a top priority for my administration. I understand that people need adequate time to switch to greener vehicles and help is at hand for those who will be hardest hit, but let’s be clear, we need to make these important changes ASAP to continue to improve Londoners’ quality of life and give everyone who lives in or visits the city the cleanest possible air to breathe.”

The ULEZ proposals would require vehicles travelling in central London to meet the following emissions standards, or pay a daily charge:

·         Cars and small vans – Euro 6 for diesel engines (registered from 1 September 2015 so 5 years old or less in 2020) and Euro 4 for petrol engines (registered from 1 January 2006 so 14 years old or less in 2020).  Non-compliant vehicles could still drive in the zone but they would be required to pay a daily charge of £12.50;

·         Large vans and minibuses – Euro 6 for diesel engines (registered from 1 September 2016 so 4 years old or less in 2020) and Euro 4 for petrol engines (registered from 1 January 2007 so 13 years old or less in 2020). Non-compliant vehicles would be required to pay a daily charge of £12.50;

·         Heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches – Euro VI (registered from 1 January 2014 so 6 years old or less in 2020).  Non- compliant vehicles would be required to pay a daily charge of £100;

·         Motorcycles and similar vehicles – Euro 3 (registered from 1 July 2007 so 13 years old or less in 2020).  Non-compliant vehicles would be required to pay a daily charge of £12.50.

As part of the ULEZ proposal, TfL is working to reduce emissions from its buses alongside taxis and private hire vehicles and to increase the number of zero emission capable vehicles. This will create demonstrator fleets in London, boost industry sales and lead the transition towards this technology.

From 2018, it is proposed there will be a new requirement for all taxis and new private hire vehicles presented for licensing in the capital for the first time to be zero emission capable.  Private hire vehicles would also be subject to the ULEZ standards in central London just like other cars and vans (and therefore liable for the charge if they don’t meet the emissions standards).

Taxis will be the second largest contributor to NOx and the largest contributor to PM10 emissions from road transport in central London in 2020. The ULEZ proposes to reduce the London-wide age limit for non zero emission capable taxis from 15 years to 10 years. This would substantially reduce emissions from these vehicles across London (by 45 per cent for NOx and 71 per cent for PM10) and help accelerate the take up of new zero emission capable taxis.

In considering the impact of the reduced taxi age limit, the Mayor and TfL are proposing a specific fund to assist taxi drivers to replace their vehicles. In addition, TfL has been in regular dialogue with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to ensure their new £500m funding allocation specifically supports taxi and PHV drivers to purchase zero emission capable vehicles, as well as supporting a fund for on-street rapid charging infrastructure.

Editorial Comment:
The Mayor still spouting lies about removing older Taxis to bring down the emmissions when we have had two major reports give evidence that new euro 5 taxis are more polluting than older TX1s and TX2s.

Although this report talks of £500m funding, the actual amount available to the Taxi trade for upgrading support, is in the region of £40m.

While Boris is set to reduce the age limit on our present stock of vehicles to 10 years, the Buses will have two 7 year contracts giving them a 14 year age limit. 
Of course Hendy and Daniels favourite RoutMasters will be exempt.

Instead of standing up to the mayor over the unlawful age limit implementation of 2012, our trade representative bodies in the firm of the United Trade Group, collaborated along with manufacturers and those with financial conflicts of interest in removing as many vehicles as possible. 

Poor leadership and inaction over the past 5 years has led the Mayor and TfL to believe that Taxi trade representation, is a spent force and they can virtually do whatever they like to us.

Now we all have to pay for their sell out with a 10 year limit. This will affect the price of new taxis and will see second hand values drop dramatically. 

We have been told that present non compliant Taxis will be exempt from a ULEZ charge, but everything could change in the next 5 years. New Year's Eve fireworks were going to be free, the cable car wasn't going to cost Londoners a penny, be commuter driven and the toll on the QE2 bridge was going to be dropped when it had paid for

    Source: Fleet News


Anonymous said...

does this ultra low zone also include old police cars that cant make the grade also fire engines and ambulances
what about all the tipper trucks working in the center what about all the private ambulances that collect the dead .This man call Boris is a fucking fat fool and the sooner he fucks of the better ??? cabbies friend my arse .

Anonymous said...

Does this ultra low zone also include old police cars that cant make the grade? also fire engines and ambulances?

What about all the tipper trucks working in the center What about Road work vehicles?
What about all the private ambulances that collect the dead?
This man called Boris is a corrupt and biased fool
The sooner he goes the better ???
cabbies friend my arse .

Anonymous said...

A very good editorial response that challenges the Mayor on his corrupt policy...

As has been said on this blog earlier this month:

The GLA should be forced to challenge the Mayors ULEZ strategy with the technical evidence that exists...

Also as Taxi Leaks rightly points out:

The Mayors Cleaner Air Strategy:


You cant rely on the UTG to support the trade and challenge Boris Johnson over the issues...

The GLA, and in particular Caroline Pidgeon as Chair person of the transport committee...


Anonymous said...

Will we see a repeat of the infamous 'last supper' meeting when those well,paid by their member to represent them and others who were representing no one but the living they make FROM cab drivers decided at an unminuted meeting to sell you down the river.

They won't tnis time!

Anonymous said...

All the talk of blowing out windows, kicking down doors and demanding the termination of employment of senior TfL employees makes interesting reading; but in reality the ventilation of anger is a waste of energy - a solid leverage based strategy is what is required:

The Mayors Cleaner Air Strategy and the workshops that were run by John Mason were corrupt, inproper and downright illegal.

The consultation organised and overseen by JOHN MASON was improper, totally outside of government required standards, as was pointed
out by the UCG at the time.

The Kings report published by DEFRA is damning evidence that catagorically proves Boris Johnson is both a fraud and liar.

The total failure of the Environmental Audit Committee enquiry to hold Boris Johnson accountable for his total failure to reduce emissions.

The GLA, regardless of their findings that TfL are totally inadequate and incompetent of running of LTPH has never challenged the highriacy at TfL on ANY of the evdence based issues listed above.

We have a prominent idiot interviwing ex TfL employees and individuals from our own trade organisations asking only questions and content that the interviewee dictates...

then to my dismay the average cab driver applauds the total propaganda based interview like it is a work of political cab trade art!

Myself, I am sick to the back teeth of people that porport to represent and support the trade who are incompetent, devoid of any idea how to deal with Boris Johnson and TfL and at best self promotional egotists.

Norman said...

Indeed. Johnson and his spinmeisters are adroit at ensuring anything negative is laid at the door of TfL management (that's why they are grossly overpaid), yet anything positive and there's his self satisfied mugshot everywhere.

People need to wise up, HE IS CHAIIR of the TfL Board and everything his run pats him and Dedring prior to annoucement, he can stop all this dead and move forward to an eveidence based solution.

No group is more in favour than cleaner air than us and of course TfL etc. will try and portray us as dinosaurs, we just have to keep restating the FACTS and ensuring as many as possible hear them.

Forget anyone like the LCDC doing much, they lost their soul to TfL a long while back for the sake of a photocall in the Badge.

Anonymous said...

A good post by Anon 1123, but once again, a futile execution to the problem.
Although biased towards militancy by my nature, in my mind the ONLY viable alternative is indeed, a venting of anger and "blowing windows out".
The Mayor's cleaner air strategy may very well be illegal, but no charges of breaking the law have been issued have they?
Mason's consultation probably was improper and probably was pointed out by the UCG to be just that, but the charges or legal challenge ? None.
The Kings report by DEFRA that shows the Mayor to be fraudulent and a liar, has as far as I know, not been responsible as yet to launching any investigations appertaining to illegal or unlawful behaviour in either his future role or indeed current one has it?

Do you honestly believe a challenge to the hierarchy of TFL by GLA would result in all the above being resolved ? Don't even give it another second of thought! Of course it wouldn't !

In your opinion, a solid leverage based strategy may very well be the answer, but how about if the targets of the leverage arm refuse to budge ?

Exactly ! And at that stage David McNee hands over operational control to another department. The windows are blown out, and 6 days of negotiating and talking are resolved in less than 12 minutes, and the job is done ! That's not "venting anger" that's using a hard hitting last resort strategy, after being faced with no viable alternative, after banging our heads against the wall attempting to use the solid leverage strategy.

In our trade, 15000 cabs in the centre of London may sadly very well be a rose coloured glasses dream. But if it were to happen, trade, industry, commerce and the entire infrastructure of the capital would grind to stop. I promise you that sort of threat is action that could not possibly be ignored for longer than a day !
My analogy therefore of "blowing the windows out" would reach the same conclusion as B Squadron did way back in 1980.
Reports, Consultations, indictments, criticisms and meetings and suggestions of solid leverage stategy are all very well if its a two sided playing field.......and ours isn't, is it ?

So do we take back our trade from the terrorists of TFL, or spend 2015 negotiating and begging for it back again?

What's B Squadron's number ?

Be lucky my friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm with blowing the doors out. Best to do it in mid kipper.

Anonymous said...

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