Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GLA, Mayors Question Time : Not A Demo, More A Show Of Support!

Main thing about today's meeting was getting on the map & showing support to the London Assembly.

We now need to get the message out to the whole trade for wider support on the 25th Feb, when the GLA Transport Committee will be confronting  Hendy!

Looking at the webcast, what stood out most today was the level of disdain and almost contempt Boris has for accountability. He made it patently clear that he had not read the GLA report and had only been briefed on the recommendations made within. But promised Caroline Pidgeon a written response. 


Boris heckled by drivers as he told the GLA:"this Mayoralty sticks up for the Taxi trade".

Not a protest, more a show of support for the GLA report.


Anonymous said...

Well done Mark come across really well

Is the LTDA some sort of Fith column?

Old Ranker said...

And to think we had so called 'trade leaders' putting their arm around this toad!

Another fraud exposed.

Next up our old friend Peter Hendy, now that's worth a trip south of the river!

Confused of Essex said...

Confusing day
First we are told its a demo
Then it's a protest with cabs driving slow over tower bridge
Then it's not a demo or protest but a presence
Then it's a protest with cabs driving by in Tooley Street.
Then it's an attendance.
Badly attended by less then 0.5% of the trade many if whom knew nothing about it.

Think it gave out the wrong message that the trade is week from infighting and badly led.
One Twitter account giving out info, another account giving out different.

Hendy and Boris must have thought they got off lightly and will now be completely briefed for the 25hFeb

Louis said...

Mark White kept saying WE, who EXACTLY is WE?

Don't remember him ever being elected by anyone at anytime.

Let's seem him there with us all to confront HENDY.

Anonymous said...

Confused of Essex
This is what happens when drivers decide to go it alone. There is a shuffle from those who want to be up front.

Although I think the message got over and I was please to see the way the drivers conducted themselves, this type if event needs to be planned and led properly.

The low attendance was sad but as Marc said, in the summer he was the only one there, this time there was 100 drivers.
What next time, 500, 1000?

Heather said...

Louis. WE means the taxi drivers that attended yesterday.

Why do you have to be elected to fight for your trade? I'm sure the man who writes this blog will tell you that's not the case.

Yes WE will be there on 25th February. Hope you can join us!

Anonymous said...

Mark is alright, he goes on a bit, actually quite a bit, but his heart is in the right place. Trouble is with these things we do need someone who can speak with a mandate. Grant has a few hundred members so can do it, McNamara 10,000 so he works, possibly RMT a few of their blokes are good. But Mark, unfortunately can only claim to represent himself

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1252

That's why the all trade meet at Woodfield Road was so vital, so that we can move forward with an agreed stance.

We wont defeat the challenges tha face us unl as we do, TfL know this and try and keep us at each other instead of them

Anonymous said...

Gee whizz ,unbelieveable some of these comments...someone like mark gets hammered on here ,no wander Swee FA gets done