Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taxi For Garrett Emmerson ! More Spin From TfL's Chief Operating Officer, Surface Jim Thomas

How seriously do you think, TfL are taking the damning GLA report that branded them as Woefully inadequate?
Yesterday at City Hall, the Mayor admitted he hadn't even read it.

Later in the afternoon, Garrett Emmerson, TfL's Surface Transport Chief Operating Officer, appeared on the Eddie Nestor BBC London show and said, they are seriously looking at two of the nineteen recommendations. 
Yes, it's not a misprint, just two!

  1. The signage on Minicabs.
  2. Making the acceptance of credit cards by Taxi drivers mandatory. 

He then repeated his amazing claim that TfL were the Gold Standard of Licensing Authorities which others aspire to. It's an old PR trick that if you tell a big enough lie often enough, people start to believe its the truth. Garrett's belligerent attitude seems to suggest TfL are going to put their heads down and hope this all just goes away.

He also made some amazing contradictory comments about enforcement:

In his London Live TV interview with Caroline Pidgeon, 
Emmerson claimed TfL had 400 officers in total dealing with touting. This suddenly dropped to 170 when explaining to Eddie Nestor. 

Yet LCDC chairman Grant Davis was told, on a Saturday night before Christmas, only 4 enforcement officers were out working.

He also claimed that touting was down from 66% of PH journeys to just 16% and that in "the last few years" there had been 8000 arrests for touting. 
Funny then that TfL should publish figures that show that last year, they managed just 34 convictions

Is their legal team really that bad?

Below are two of the question put to Garrett Emmerson. 



alfie cane said...

I'm speechless totally Speechless .......

Anonymous said...

The brass neck of Emmerson shows what they have in store for us,He is not fit to do his job as he is letting his hatred for the Taxi trade get in the way of common sense.In any other industry he would resign but this man has no honour.

Anonymous said...

What planet is this bloke on a total lier and the tax payer is paying to hear total bullshit this man should be sacked ASAP great post Jim

Tony Casey said...

if we accept that there were over 100 cab enforcement officers on duty and not the 4 claimed by Kalil Sarr after a request from Grant Davis of the LCDC regarding a touting HOTSPOT.Garret Emmerson needs to provide us with the total amount of arrests conducted by his invisible tout squad teams.

Tom Pepper said...

This makes a complete mockery of the standards we as TfL's paymasters should expect.

Is there no way to hold to TfL to account for this misinformation or to have the barrage of quasi statistics independently verified?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if a 50 of us could be in the same train carriage to ask him some questions on the way home,or does he get a free Uber car????

Anonymous said...

the 34 prosecutions quoted are in fact direct tfl compliance teams prosecutions which has nothing to do with the police. the police team who is responsible for touting choose to deal with 90% of their touting related cases by way of a caution to boost their stats which result in no prosecution. the cab enforcement team of the met has been going through officer changes in the last 3 years on a regular basis due to internal misconducts. the met police are not bothered because their cautions cover their stats to tfl. and the tfl compliance teams efforts are also hindered by senior managers within tfl who are anti-enforcement/prosecutions added to the fact that the compliance team at night who are the only team that deal with any touts only have a head count of 11 staff to cover the whole of the m25 region.

Diggery said...

The only saving grace here is The Public know you can't walk 100yards without being Touted, If they care is another matter.