Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Shame Of TfL: Has Taxi Trade been Sold Out, Olympic Style? ... By Jim Thomas

Winter Wonderland officially opened in London's Hyde Park, with no ranking facilities in place for Taxis.

South Carriage Drive, No Rank Facillity.

In the past a Taxi rank has always been situated by the main exit on South Carriage Drive (SCD). But on the opening day, Taxi drivers found no rank or facility to rank. Embarrass trade representatives from the United Trade Group (UTG) Ranks Committee (LTRC), hurriedly made inquiries and were told that the event company wants to move the Taxi Rank to the north side of Hyde Park on North Carriage Drive (NCD). 

But drivers decided this would be inappropriate as people leaving the venue wouldn't have a clue where the rank was and would have to walk through the darken park, almost the length of Park Lane, and so they formed a flash demo and ranked outside the main exit. 

A message was put out by the LTDA that Taxis should use both SCD and NCD, but last night curious drivers found no access to NCD as the gates were shut. 
So what's going on?

North Carriage Drive, Gates Closed

Yesterday evening, the United Cabbies Group put out this message on social media:
"Unconfirmed reports that a satellite office licence has been issued for Winter Wonderland, we are trying to confirm".

Customer services manager, Paul Ellis of PWR events, has already issued a statement saying that THEY personally will not be offering private hire booking services, but TfL can't be trusted not to have given a satellite operation licence to a PH company. 

In the past, we have seen satellite offices operating outside many venues in London ranging from roped off sections on the pavement (unlawful), an old Phone Box, even an archway next to a locked door on More Lane. 

We have to remember TfL have no shame and don't stick to the rules when issuing licence variations. 

We have now been informed that TPH general manager Helen Chapman, has asked the three representative groups making up the UTG, to encourage their members to use the rank in North Carriage Drive.

This definitely stinks of a sell out, similar to the Olympic rank sell out, where Taxi ranks were hidden away from venue exits and PH were allowed to wait outside picking off the punters. 

But how has it come to this? 
Surely that's why we have a London Taxi Ranks Committee, chaired by The LTDA's Richard Masset, hosted by Unite the union. 
Why was this situation, not sorted out weeks or even months ago?

We will have to wait and see what's to happen at WinterWonderland. We have been informed that there is an emergency meeting scheduled for Monday morning.

The trade must not lose this rank. 
Drivers have shown they are willing to fight, all the way if need be, to keep the right to pick up the public leaving a major events such as this. If necessary, we will bang the place up with Taxis and bring Park Lane to a complete standstill.


Join the Mob:
It is now imperative that if you are a "Taxi Driver" on Twitter you should follow both
@Flash_Demo and  @TAG_HIT_SQUAD 

Also follow @UCGup. This account will put out constant information about all work related aspects plus traffic updates and what's going on at certain venues.

We have seen in the past under the directorship of John Mason, TfL imposed a temporary Private Hire rank for a PH company using a bus stop in Cavendish Square. More recently TfL authorised the Hilton, Dorchester, Churchill and Cumberland ranks to be closed and used by an events company on some of the busiest night of the year. 

Victoria Park.
It will be interesting to see what will happen at the Winterville festival, which opens in Victoria Park on 2nd December. We have been informed that although a rank request has been placed at this venue, so far nothing has been confirmed by TfL.

In Conclusion:
This is definitely a toe in the water type case scenario. 
With the Law Commision and deregulation on the horizon, TfL will be looking to sell off major ranks to the highest bidder, especially if they find the trade has no appetite to fight back.

I can see the headlines in the trade press now: 
UTG and interested parties fight to keep station ranks. 
PH wanted the lot, but we negotiated on your behalf to keep Paddington and Victoria....what a victory 

Today 1:30 pm receiving reports that Queen Mothers Gate is closed. No access to South Carriage Road.
Who's wonderful decision was that?

Friday, November 21, 2014

LTDA's Private Prosecution Sent To The High Court.

The High Court is the ‘most appropriate venue’ to resolve a dispute between black taxi drivers and Mini-cab operator Uber, a judge ruled today (FRI). 

       Three of the drivers accused, Patrick Akinloni, Mansur Durrani and Bashir Kulmiye.
Four minicab drivers are accused of breaking the rules governing vehicles-for-hire in London in a rare private prosecution, Westminster Magistrates Court heard. 

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association launched the litigation, a test case, alleging Uber drivers breach Section 11 of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998. 

The association claims Uber illegally rely on a meter to calculate the cost of customers’ journeys. Uber say that as the "meter" is not fixed to the vehicle, it doesn't come under the terms and conditions of the conditions of fitness.

Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director for Surface Transport, had previously stressed that TfL had undertaken “very careful investigation” into the structure of Uber’s procedures, and concluded that there were no grounds to prosecute Uber drivers. 

Surprisingly, just prior to the court hearing, it was revealed that TfL did not even possess a copy of the Uber drivers’ instruction manual, which outlined the procedure for charging passengers.

Again, this is more proof (if any were needed) that TfL are incompetent as a licensing authority. 

Boris Johnson has stated that he thinks it's a meter but his legal team were not quite sure and want to refer the matter to the high court. 

Former mayor Ken Livingston said that as mayor, Boris can obtain a legal opinion to back up any decision he wishes to make and as such he said Boris was talking bol@@xs
(Quote taken from trade publication)

The case has now been sent to the High Court. 


Breaking News...Nissan New Taxi Shelved Over Confusion With ULEZ Consultation.

Nissan today suspended plans to launch a new London taxi before Christmas amid doubts triggered by proposals for an Ultra Low Emission Zone.

The car giant said the idea had also cast doubt over its development of an advanced green electric model.

Nissan had been poised to launch its petrol-powered cab in the capital in December — with a zero-emission, electric version to follow next year.

But it said finalisation of launch plans for the two cabs was impossible until it knew the outcome of the consultation, which closes in January.

The final ULEZ scheme order will not go before the Mayor for approval until spring. The zone would not come into effect until 2020 but rules governing the sale of new cabs would come in two years earlier.

Nissan fears regulations outlined in the consultation, requiring all new taxis registered in London to be zero-emission by 2018, mean its new petrol cab would be obsolete in three years. The NV200 has cost millions to develop.

It also said that until it knew the requirements for new cabs under the ULEZ, such as the range needed for an electric taxi and guidance on charging points, it would have to suspend development of its greener London cab.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, said: “I suspect the main reason Nissan are not proceeding with the project is that there is no proper infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in London. There’s not one rapid charger within six miles of Charing Cross, leaving London falling behind the rest of the world.”

A Nissan spokesman said: “Nissan is a strong supporter of air quality and CO2 reduction measures and is encouraged to see the recent consultation launched by the Mayor’s office.

 “However if this were implemented then our planned petrol taxi, designed to meet the challenging London taxi standards, would be obsolete a few years after introduction”

Garrett Emmerson, Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport at TfL, said: “Nissan are one of a number of manufacturers we’ve been working closely with to develop a zero emission capable taxi. We welcome their support for our proposals to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London from 2020 and their continuing commitment to develop zero emission capable electric vehicles. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.”

     Source Evening Standard

Winter Wonderland, Or Winter Of Discontent? ... By Jim Thomas

              Winter Wonderland Hyde Park.

With all the problems currently facing the Taxi trade, London has become a tinder box, just waiting for a small spark. 

Yesterday afternoon, a member of the joint ranks committee posted a statement that the organisers of the Winter Wonderland festival held annually in Hyde Park, have decided they no longer require a Taxi rank in South Carriage Drive and have requested that the rank be moved to North Carriage Drive.

This is completely unacceptable and even TfL's Taxi Rank & Interchange Manager, Nicole Harris is in agreement that the rank should remain in South Carriage Drive in front of Apsley House where it has always traditionally been sited. 

In an emale sent out today, Ms Harris said:

We would like to have the taxi rank for Winter Wonderland at the gate by Apsley House as it has been for the past few years. However, the organisers of Winter Wonderland have informed us that they have changed the ingress and egress plans and the taxi rank needs to be moved to North Carriage drive.

We are not supportive of this decision as a location for the taxi rank and are therefore in ongoing dialogue with them in order to ask them to put the taxi rank back at Apsley House. If a positive decision is made about this then we will let drivers know.

Kind regards,

Nicole Harris I Taxi Rank & Interchange Manager
London Taxi and Private Hire
Transport for London.

But, why has this information been kept quiet till now?
Surely members if the UTG's joint ranks committee knew about this?
Why have they failed to mention?

Private Hire companies are continuing to over step the mark and last night saw Flash Demo and TAG hit Squad, hit Novikov's. More discord kicked off, as it did at the Shard, which became over run by PH drivers chancing their arm and touting guests leaving the establishment.

The reason for this insurgence of touts is the complete lack of enforcement from TfL who seemed to be more worried about if Taxi drivers have changed their old IDs for the new issue. 

TfL, by their non action, are putting public safety at risk and it seems they have absolutely no intention of changing their operational stance on illegal plying for hire.

              Taking the proverbial, minicabs using Taxi ranks as pick up locations

Many in the a Taxi trade are of the opinion that corruption is now wide spread through out TfL. 

You only have to look at the support top TfL officers have given to the licensing of PH companies not strickly adhering to TfL licensing policy. 

Also many in the trade are concerned by the non action of certain trade representative bodies who have the ear of TfL through an unfair engagement policy which excludes more militant groups.

If you are on twitter, please make sure you follow
@Flash_Demo and  @TAG_HIT_SQUAD 

Other hot spots where PH companies are operating outside of the PH act and are fully supported by TfL by non enforcement are poping up daily. 

This can't continue.

Because of TfL's failure to manage the situation, there will be more action to come as the situation on the street warms up. 

                  TOTALLY FAILING LONDON 


                !!!!!!!  Latest news flash:  !!!!!

Around 4pm tonight, Friday, the LTDA announced in there Twitter Time line that drivers should rank at both North Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive.

Drivers are reporting that there is no access at North Carriage Drive.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Uber Drivers Under More Pressure: Catalonia, immobilisation of Uber cars by Decree

All the Catalan parliamentary groups agreed yesterday, to promote a joint resolution to push the Government to approve a decree law, allowing root intrusiveness from Uber to be tackled, in the taxi sector.

The intention is that the Catalan Executive, modify taxi law so that it includes the immobilisation of Uber vehicles operating in Barcelona in unfair competition with taxis. 

It has been confirmed by the taxi drivers Elite Association, that after months of negotiations and protests, they have managed to convince the Catalan parliamentarians to propose an effective tool against this implementation of public transport that has sparked anger in the industry.

If the Decree is approved, the legislation would freeze Uber vehicles and force their drivers to pay, up to 6,000 euros to recover them.

But Taxi drivers are suspicious of the Government

The Government already announced last week its intention to promote these changes through the 2015 budget accompaniment Act. 

But this route does not meet the wishes of taxi drivers, who do not trust that the Catalan political instability which could prevent the accounts being approved and therefore, the legislative measures to stop Uber. 

For that reason, the active Elite Group continues its pressure to achieve the commitment of forces represented in the Parliament. 

Yesterday they received notification that this unanimous agreement exists and there is a string possibility of Government stopping Uber by decree.

It would be the second victory of the Elite drivers, after having pushed to the Barcelona City Council to approve sanctions of up to 5,000 euros on Uber drivers, in July.

US Senator Writes To Uber, Over Threats To Journalists And Fears About Personal Security GPS Data Misuse.

The U.S. Senate has written to Travis Kalanick over grave certain relating to the company's behaviour. Uber have made widespread threats to all journalists who have criticised the App and Uber have said they will be looking into dishing the dirt and exposing the said journalists. 

Senator Al Franken, also brings up the matter of personal security after it has been widely publicised that  In November, Josh Mohrer, the head of the firm’s New York office, had arranged an interview with Johana Bhuiyan, a reporter for BuzzFeed News. Bhuiyan arrived in an Uber car to find Mohrer waiting for her, holding an iPhone. “I was tracking you,” he told her.

Below is the Letter addressed to Travis Kalanick dated the 19th November 2014.


  Images Taken from Twitter. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Please remember to service the marshalled Taxi ranks around London in the run up to Christmas.

Taxi marshals have been doing a fantastic job at Terminus place Victoria. In spite of the limited space, late arrivals at the old rank now get a first class service, instead of being picked up and ripped off by local minicab touts. 

Dalston has two new marshalled ranks which move well. One outside Boots Kingsland High Street and the other outside Birthdays on Stoke Newington Road.

It's about to get busy, but please don't forget to keep the marshalled ranks serviced. They provide us with work 52 weeks of the year. Charing Cross Road, Swallow Street, Liverpool Street, Old Street Shoreditch, Clapham High Street and not forgetting the O2.

If your on Twitter, please follow @LDNTaxiMarshall and look out for regular updates. 

 Also don't forget the fantastic service provided for us at the  Hurlingham club

Thursday 20 Nov 600 guests 1am finish

Friday 21 Nov 400 guests 2am finish

Saturday 22 Nov 300 guests midnight finish. 


For Immediate Release

Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry 
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today ruled that the UK government must take urgent action over its failure to tackle air pollution. Around 29,000 people die early in the UK each year as a result of air pollution – more than traffic accidents and passive smoking combined. The action was bought against the UK Government by Client Earth.

This landmark ruling, the ECJ’s first ever on the effect of the Air Quality Directive, will determine what action the UK courts take against the government. It will also set a groundbreaking legal precedent in EU law which could pave the way for a series of legal challenges across Europe where governments are failing to protect people from air pollution.

The directive requires member states which have failed to meet air quality limits to draw up plans to achieve them in the "shortest time possible". However, UK government plans will not meet nitrogen dioxide limits until after 2030 - 20 years after the original deadline. 

Diesel fumes are the main source of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - a harmful gas linked with heart attacks and asthma

The Ruling can be seen here and states that the UK Supreme Court must take action to enforce air quality limits

Where a Member State has not complied with the limit values and has not applied for a
postponement of the deadline in accordance with the prescribed conditions, it is for the competent
national court, should a case be brought before it, to take, with regard to the national authority, any
necessary measure, such as an order in the appropriate terms, so that the authority establishes
the plan required by the directive to ensure, in particular, that the period during which the limit
values are exceeded is as short as possible.
Members of both Houses of Parliament call for an urgent public inquiry into air pollution in the UK
Last week John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington sent a letter to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee calling for an Public Inquiry into air pollution in the UK.
The letter, signed by 25 MP’s and Peers, was drafted by the Campaign for an Air Pollution Public Inquiry expressing growing concern at the insufficient action from Government and other agencies on this issue and calls for meaningful action to be taken to stop the thousands of deaths from air pollution each year.
The Government has failed to implement many of the recommendations of the Environmental Audit Committee's previous report of 2011 which urged government to take immediate action. Numerous expert studies including a recent World Health Organisation Report have confirmed thousands of people throughout the UK are dying from Air Pollution.
The letter expresses concern that Government and Local Authorities have failed to implement effective Air Quality Strategies and that the EU will be forced to consider what action is to be taken for breaches of air pollution standards by the UK.
John McDonnell MP has today said:
‘In support of the Campaign for an air pollution public inquiry we are calling for urgent action from the Government in tackling the horrendous levels of air pollution in the UK. As is consistently shown from expert reports and campaigning groups, the dangerous levels of pollution in this country is having disastrous consequences for our communities.  Despite the UK having one of the worst records of any European country for exceeding EU air pollution limits our Government has failed to take meaningful action. I support petitioners in calling for an inquiry in order to expose and overcome the obstacles which have been preventing action on this critical issue and to outline what needs to be done. ‘
Dave Davies of the Campaign for an Air Pollution Public Inquiry said:
’The Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry is extremely pleased with the significant number of  MPs and Members of the House of Lords who are supporting the call for an urgent Public Inquiry into the thousands of deaths from air pollution so that the cause can be established and proper action taken to reduce pollution. It is of serious concern that the Government and some leading politicians , including the Mayor of London have chosen to ignore the situation or worse still make claims that they have taken steps to reduce pollution , when in fact the air quality measurements clearly show that there has been no improvement in air quality and in fact the emissions per vehicle has actually got worse. It was recently confirmed by leading scientists that Oxford street is one of the most polluted streets in the world. Thousands of deaths continue each year because of the current and previous failed air quality strategies.

Supporters are signing an  ePetition -


Are TfL Putting Private Hire Drivers Personal Safety At Risk With Notice 13/14.

Far be it for me to come to the aid of the private hire industry, but I believe TfL may just of over stepped the mark with their latest notice.

With regards to Helen Chapman's TfL notice 13/14, I would beg to differ that TfL would be able to force a Private hire driver, driving a saloon car, to accept unrestrained pets. 

Helen, you haven't thought this through, this is just a quick knee jerk reaction after the recent bad publicity from the TV exposé.

On a purely health and safety issue, I would point out;

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Risk assessment
3.—(1) Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of—
(a)the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work; and
(b)the risks to the health and safety of persons not in his employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by him of his undertaking, for the purpose of identifying the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions and by Part II of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.

(2) Every self-employed person shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of—
(a)the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work; and
(b)the risks to the health and safety of persons not in his employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by him of his undertaking, for the purpose of identifying the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions and by Part II of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.

Private Hire Saloon cars are not suitable to carry unrestrained pets who would pose a danger. 
Why are TfL not promoting the use of London's licensed Taxi fleet?
London's licensed Taxis are 100% wheelchair accessable and cater for every need of the disabled.

Unrestrained Pets: 
Unrestrained pets result in more than 30,000 auto accidents per year, as reported on the website of Paws to Click, a movement that promotes safe pet travel. 
That statistic translates to a loose pet causing an accident every 18 minutes.

Holding unrestrained animals in their laps.

"An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 miles per hour will exert roughly 500 pounds of pressure, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert 2,400 pounds of pressure,” Jennifer Huebner-Davidson, Traffic Safety Programs manager, said in a news release.

"Another little-known risk is that front airbags deployed during a crash can kill pets sitting up front. 26 percent of drivers have their dogs on the front seat".

"After a crash, unrestrained pets can attack or otherwise impede emergency medical personnel from reaching critically injured persons trapped inside an automobile. Dogs thrown out of vehicles after a collision are shocked and disoriented. Some attack passersby, while others stumble in a daze on the road, causing other accidents".

We had a seat belt law which told us how many children unsecured in a rear of a car had been catapulted forward killing their own parent in a smash.

Alarming, but was used by the government to bring in rear seat belt legislation.

A male retriever weighs average 29 kilos, a female 27 kilos.

Using a force calculator 28 kilos travelling at 30 mph. will hit the driver at 560 lbs 

enough to kill.

Even accidents at a relatively low speed can be fatal for your pet if it gets flung around the car. And you or any passengers could also be seriously injured if you were to be hit by an unsecured animal in an accident. Unrestrained pets can also distract a driver and be the actual cause of an accident.

So there you have it. There is not a chance in hell of any prosecution standing up in court, on purely Health and Safety issues alone. Any attempt at prosecution would be a waste of public money. 

TfL and disabled groups should direct people with guild dogs, helper/hearing dogs, towards licensed Taxis which are 100% able to cater for the disabled and visually impaired. All Taxis are equipped with wheelchair ramps, swivel seats, hearing loops and brightly coloured grab handles.

TfL have an incredibly bad record when it comes to prosecuting private hire drivers. So good luck with any future prosecutions Helen.

    With thanks to Les.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Notice 13/14 Carriage of Assistance Dogs.

TfL Notice 13/14 from General Manager, Helen Chapman.

Over the past year TfL has been liaising with the London mobility team of the Guide Dogs charity to understand issues faced by passengers with guide dogs or other assistance dogs. It has therefore come to our attention that some private hire drivers are refusing a passenger because the passenger has a guide dog or other assistance dog.

This notice is intended to remind all private hire drivers and operators and taxi drivers that:

• it is an offence to refuse to take a booking or refuse the carriage of a guide dog or other assistance dog

• All taxis and private hire vehicles must carry a guide dog and other assistance dog, they must allow the dog to remain with the passenger during the journey and they cannot charge an additional fee for the dog

• All private hire operators must accept bookings made by or on behalf of a person who is accompanied by a guide dog or other assistance dog and to do so without additional charge

• Any driver that has a valid exemption certificate from TfL on medical grounds must carry this exemption with them at all times while working

Exemption certificates are available from Transport for London and are issued only if the driver has a specific medical condition that has been certified by a medical specialist.

Any complaint received by TfL of refusal to carry a passenger with a guide dog or assistance dog will be investigated. Any driver or private hire operator found to be refusing a fare or trying to charge an additional fee for the carriage of a guide dog or other assistance dog faces prosecution by TfL and the possible revocation of their licence.

In addition, in the coming months TfL will also be working with the Guide Dogs London mobility team to carry out some mystery shopping exercises.

Helen Chapman

18 November 2014 General Manager

For previous TPH Notices visit London Taxi and Private Hire. 

Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Burke, defends his decision over Milton Keynes serial rapist taxi driver

Below is an article that appeared in the Milton Keynes Citizen, also on line. Reading this article has made me sick to my stomach. 

Councillor Stuart Burke, by Amanda Devlin
Published on the 17 November 2014 14:31

A rapist who drove a city taxi for three years had “done his crime, served his time”, according to a Milton Keynes councillor.

Councillor Stuart Burke was chairman of MK Council’s licensing committee which renewed the licence of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani - despite documentation detailing his convictions.

Mr Kiani attacked women by hiding in the back of a car, threatening them with weapons and forcing them to strip.

But in an internal audit released by MK Council today, Mr Burke is quoted as defending his decision to grant the rapist - convicted of four serious sexual assaults - a taxi licence.

Mr Burke said: “If you are just going to look at the paperwork then everyone who ever comes before me is guilty.

“If you merely look at the paperwork and you’re not there listening to what the person has to say you get a different impression.

“You see a very different person to the person you saw; you see someone who understood what he had done wrong and realised.

“I think that it did weigh heavily on our mind that the time that had passed between his offences and now.

“I still look at our current policy and think, well would he fall foul of our current policy and I don’t think he would.”

Mr Kiani forced his victims to remove their clothes before being raped and seriously sexually assaulted in turn over a three-month period in 1994.

Mr Burke’s fellow Lib Dem councillor Subhan Shafiq gave a character reference for Mr Kiani at the committee meeting. In August, Mr Shafiq stepped down as Mayor of Milton Keynes over the scandal.

Mr Burke added: “He was incredibly frank about what had happened.

“In fact he told us more than is on here, which is what had suprised me to be honest. He then proceeded to admit and acknowledge that what he’s done was wrong and that he accepted that.

“He was a 20-year-old and had made mistakes and that he’d served his time; he regretted everything he had done.”

Editorial Comment, by Jim Thomas

Cllr Stuart Burke, after making this ridicules statement about a dangerous serial rapist, who threaten a number of young women with weapons before forcing them to strip and raping should be dragged out of the council chamber by the relations of the unfortunate victims who have had their lives and the lives of their families shattered. 

There can be no time servered that can compensate these four females, who now have to live with the nightmare of rape, for the rest of their lives

You state that this sexual predator understood what he did wrong !!!
That's no excuse for putting him back in a position where he may come into contact with vulnerable lone females. 

You also state that 20-year-old Kiani had made mistakes and that he’d served his time; he regretted everything he had done.
The only regret Kiani had was getting caught. 
Had he not been caught, there is every chance he would have carried on raping young women.

Kiani should be on the sex offenders register for life and never under any circumstances be given a position where he would have the opotunity to reoffend.

Seriously Cllr Burke, would Peter Sutcliffe be given a Taxi drivers licence by Milton Keynes council should he ever be released from Broadmoor? 
After all he would have "done his time"

Cllr Burke, you are a disgrace to every council licensing officer throughout the UK.
You are also an utter disgrace to every law abiding family in Milton Keynes, who have put their faith in you to keep their love-ones safe.

Now Mr Burke it's time for you to do the right thing, follow the Mayor and resign


Taxi Leaks Has Now Recieved An Update On This Case.
Taxi Leaks has been informed that Kiani was/is on the sexual offenders register and was refused a Private Hire Licence in 04/05 by TfL. 

Kiani was refused a Taxi licence with MK council. 

He applied a second time, this time with Stuart Burke as Licensing chairperson. 

Even though the council were provided with addition details about the cases, they decided to issue Kiani with a Taxi Licence, mainly on a personal recommendation from a councillor who has since resigned after the audit report was published.

The full investigation is available:

For elected councillors to talk of such things as "technical rape" is unacceptable. Stuart Burke's continued clinging on to office is sordid. Stuart Burke should know better because he's an educator & should be familiar with protection of vulnerable people.

Fellow Lib Dem member Subhan Shafiq resigned as Mayor of Milton Keynes in August and as a councillor yesterday over the scandal after it emerged he had given Mr Kiani a personal recommendation.

Speaking 24 hours after the internal audit was published, group Leader Councillor Douglas McCall said “Following last night’s group meeting the Lib Dem Group welcomes and accepts the audit report and all its recommendations.

With thanks to Colin.