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Stop Deaths From Air Pollution: Part 1.

Thousands of people in London and throughout the UK are dying from Air Pollution confirmed by a recent World Health Organisation report.

The Government and Local Authorities have failed to implement effective Air Quality Strategies and the EU are taking action to fine the UK.

In May 2013 The Supreme Court declared that the Government is failing in its legal duty to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution.

In London, improper and unlawful Air Quality transport policies from the Mayor and TfL have failed to reduce harmful emissions and these ineffective policies are replicated nationwide.

The Particulate Matter in toxic air pollution is so small it can not be seen but can be absorbed through the skin and lung tissue.

Nitrogen Dioxide is also invisible and odourless

We can not see or smell the pollution but it is there and it is causing damage to peoples health and thousands of deaths each year throughout the UK.

Please sign the ePetition to force the Government to take urgent action. Click link:

The Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry has been to set up to enable the many campaign groups across the UK who are concerned about Air Quality and Pollution to take united action.

Many campaign groups are frustrated by the failed Political and Judicial Processes which are allowing improper decisions to be made which are resulting in failed air quality and pollution which causes thousands of deaths each year in the UK.

Many cities in the UK have been designated as Air Quality Management Areas.
What is an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)?
All local authorities are required to assess air quality in their areas. An Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) must be declared if pollutant concentrations are likely to exceed health based standards in any outdoor location where members of the public are likely to be present. Where an AQMA is declared an air quality action plan (AQAP) must be drawn up detailing how the local authority intends to improve air quality.

In most cases the required healthy Air Quality standards have not been met because of failures to reduce pollution from transport.

Any decisions made by a Public Body have a legal requirement to;
Follow correct procedure 
Be rational and evidence based
To have proper Purpose
To be ECHR Compliant
To be proportionate and to be properly reasoned.

These are not obligations they are LEGAL REQUIREMENTS.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Carlyle Group Puts Brakes On £800m Addison Lee Sale

The owner of Addison Lee has put the brakes on an £800m sale of London's biggest minicab operation in order to pursue acquisitions that would take it onto the streets of New York for the first time.

Carlyle, the private equity investor which bought Addison Lee last year, informed prospective buyers this week that it was shelving an auction of the business.

Sources said that despite interest from other buyout firms, Carlyle had decided instead to focus on several takeover opportunities in the UK and the US, including at least one New York-based cab firm.

Addison Lee is also said to have identified a number of potential acquisitions of software businesses that would help to facilitate the company's international expansion.

SMRT, a Singaporean transport group, did consider making an offer for Addison Lee but decided against it.

Addison Lee, which was founded by former minicab driver John Griffin with a single car in 1975, now handles 10 million passenger journeys annually, with more than 4,000 drivers on its books.

Carlyle bought the business in a deal valuing it at around £300m, since when both revenues and profits have grown significantly.

In the year to August, Addison Lee recorded earnings of £64m on turnover of £240m, with a number of significant contract wins from multinational companies contributing to top-line growth.

The business has also been refinanced, enabling Carlyle to take out a multimillion pound dividend.

People close to the situation played down the suggestion that Addison Lee's business had been impacted by the emergence of technology-driven rivals such as Uber.

"Uber is focused on consumers while Addison Lee is principally about the business-to-business market," said one source.

There is only an 8% overlap between the two companies' customer bases, they added.

The company's boss enraged rivals when he suggested that its drivers should use bus lanes, and accused cyclists of causing many of the road accidents in London which have prompted concern among safety groups.

Addison Lee is a large player in the London market but has a share of only about 10%, underlining the extent to which its bosses believe there are further growth  opportunities.

Its rapid ascent has not been without controversy.
Addison Lee's drivers continue to annouy the Licensed Taxi trade in London by continually using licensed Taxi ranks they have no right to use.

Their vehicles can often be found on Taxi ranks in Grosvenor Cressent, Regenget street, Vigo street, Shepherds Bush Green and the set down points at Rail Stations. 

Carlyle declined to comment today, Friday.


      Source: Sky News

Uber Driver In Holborn Hit And Run...TfL not to deal with complaint, as usual.

A cyclist has criticised the safety of the Uber app after her bike was left crushed by a driver and claims there is a “hole in the system”.

Ines Nadal, 30, was cycling home from work in Holborn when she was struck from behind while waiting at a red light at the junction of Theobald’s Road and Gray’s Inn Road on Monday.

The back wheel of her bike went under the car as Miss Nadal fell onto the bonnet, leaving it in a crumpled heap.

As soon as she was back on her feet she prised the crushed bike from underneath the car and attempted to get insurance details from the driver, but to her surprise she says he drove off.

She escaped with only a few bruises and did not require hospital treatment.

Witnesses were able to note down the vehicle’s number plate and Uber confirmed it was one of their cars. But she was shocked to find out they would not take full responsibility for the incident as the driver was a ‘partner’ rather than an ‘employee.’

Miss Nadal, of Hackney, said: “If it happened to any other cab the driver would be investigated. In this case because of the sharing system they said he is not an employee of the company – it is a sharing platform.

“It feels like there is a hole in the system, it is a new start up, there is no rules – it could be very dangerous.”

She is now urging Uber to ensure drivers are given full safety training.

Miss Nadal , a digital consultant, added: “I have been cycling to work for a year. I always take the same route, it is not something that has happened before.

“I am not sure if I feel confident to get on another bike. It was my main way of getting into work.”

A spokesman for the Met said police are investigating the incident.

An Uber spokesman disputed Miss Nadal’s claims there was no investigation process.

He said: “We take any incident of this nature incredibly seriously. We have been in touch with the cyclist and offered our support.

“An investigation into this matter is already underway, and we have suspended the driver’s account in the meantime.”

It comes after Uber drivers set up the London Private Hire App-based Drivers Association to protect workers. Members of the union claim drivers are suspended without a thorough investigation when complaints are made.

The Uber ridesharing app works by connecting users with private drivers via a smartphone app. Drivers sign up to use the app and provide their own cars.

Editorial Comment:
Currently there are three major flaws in the way Private Hire (PH) operates in the London area.

1. There is no driver safety training. Unlike the licensed Taxi trade where drivers have to undergo an advanced driving test.

2. Currently, there is no proper complaints procedure in place regarding private hire drivers. In a bid to play down the enormous amount of complaints received, TfL pass customer complaints on to the PH operator to deal with. That way there are no TfL statistics held concerning driver complaints. No problem!

3. At present in the capital, anyone can buy a fully licensed private hire vehicle (PHV), you don't need to have a PHV licence to own one. In London, a PHV owner can legitimately lend the vehicle to anyone they choose, unlike in provincial licensing ares, where a PHV can only be used as a minicab and not for social demestic use. Rachael Griffin of the Suzie Lamplugh trust recently stated on Sky news: 
"We know that posing as legitimate minicabs is the favoured method of quite dangerous sexual predators"

As editor of Taxi Leaks, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alexandra Rucki of the Evening Standard, who has taken the trouble to report the facts correctly. 
It is such a pleasant change to read an article in the standard that doesn't falsely accuse Private Hire drivers or operators as being a " Taxi" driver or "Taxi" company.

Well done Alexandra

    Source: Evening Standard

Thursday, November 13, 2014

VIRGIN Australia has cut short a promotion with Uber after an angryconsumer backlash.

VIRGIN Australia has cut short a promotion with controversial share-ride company Uber after an angry consumer backlash.

The airline was offering $40 off an Uber ride with any tickets sold for flights in 2015 in a deal that had many passengers stumped.

Uber has been the subject of much debate throughout the country with Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales imposing hundreds of fines against “unauthorised” drivers operating illegally, and without valid insurance.

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Uber drivers may be slammed with $110,000 fine.

The company relies on a phone app to connect passengers and drivers who use their private vehicles to pick up “fares” and deliver them to their destination at about half the price of a normal taxi.

Katie Curran from Uber said they had already racked up millions of trips in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, the Gold Coast and Geelong.
“Since our launch in Australia, Uber has grown exponentially in every city we operate in,” said Ms Curran.
“We are becoming the transport option of choice for many people.”

A Virgin Australia spokeswoman said the offer was limited to Uber’s fully regulated UberBlack and UberTAXI service — not its low cost model UberX — even though the online promotional material said otherwise.
“At Virgin Australia we are always looking for ways we can deliver added value to our customers,” she said.
“The Uber campaign offers customers a value add in the form of a voucher when flying.”

But passengers took to Virgin Australia’s Facebook page to register their disappointment in the deal.
“Really Virgin — partnering with a completely illegal service in Australia?” posted Frankie Donelan.

“There are many, many, many legitimate car hire companies — why would you feel the need to use one that is not?”

“At the very least I am surprised at Virgin’s association with such a controversial business,” said Roger Cook.
Jesse Truong said he would not be flying with Virgin until the partnership ceased.
“Virgin promoting Uber is absolutely disgusting,” said Mr Truong.

Late on Monday November 10 Virgin Australia took the decision to end the promotion at midnight on Tuesday November 11 in response to customer concern.

Australian Taxi Industry Association chairman Blair Davies said it was not a good move for Virgin to team up with Uber, which was yet to comply with strict safety regulations.

“Virgin is a reputable company operating in a very strict regulatory environment in order to keep passengers safe, and they’re partnering with a company that has considerable issues,” Mr Davies said.

He said Uber had complied with strict regulations in New York City, and should do the same here.
“If they want to play in Australia, they have to play by our rules,” Mr Davies said.

Plying For Hire, Through The Back Jim Thomas

Earlier last summer (2013), after a chat in a Leeds bar, undergraduates Sam Ryan and Barney Williams had an idea. After seeing how successful ride sharing app Lyft had become in certain cities across the states, could students taking taxis to common destinations be linked up in some way so that journeys could be shared? 

Their aim was to save students money and improve Leeds’ carbon footprint, but it would also need to be safe in order to attract customers.

That initial conversation led to the development of JumpIn, a taxi-booking and sharing mobile application for students.

In March this year, ComCab, partnered with the student taxi app which then expanded into the Birmingham and Liverpool market. 

But this is where the water becomes murky. 
JumpIn's partnership with ComCab was to supply vehicles in Birmingham and Liverpool and at that time, gave sole supply to ComCab’s networks in those locations.

Since starting talks and selling the business to Addison Lee, the partnership with ComCab was ended and at the same time, operations in Birmingham and Liverpool were stopped. 

Taxi Leaks have been reliably informed, JumpIn is now only available in Leeds. 

At present, Addison Lee are the owners of the JumpIn App, with Addison Lee's name clearly shown next to the app copyright notation. Although they are a Private Hire company, they advertise this service as a Taxi sharing App!

As we can see, even without the involvement of Com Cab, Addison Lee is promoting the service as a Taxi/Taxi Sharing service...


Editorial Comment:
The Law Commission have made it crystal clear, they have  no intention to define plying for hire in any new Hackney carriage legislation. They say they will be taking a more modern approach to bookings. 

If the licensed Taxi trades sole right to ply for hire isn't enshrined into the new legislation, then doing the knowledge in London will be a complete waist of time and illegal plying for hire will be unenforceable. The Taxi trade will become no more than a shadow of its former self.

Have no doubt, men are coming to kill us.

By working with/alongside private hire companies, licensed Taxi companies are laying down their arms and surrendering to their own greed. 

    With thanks to and Sam Ryan 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MP’s and Peers support Campaign for Air Pollution PublicInquiry...PRESS RELEASE 12/11/14

For Immediate Release
Members of both Houses of Parliament call for an urgent Public Inquiry into air pollution in the UK
Last night John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington sent a letter to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee calling for an Public Inquiry into air pollution in the UK.
The letter, signed by 25 MP’s and Peers, was drafted by the Campaign for an Air Pollution Public Inquiry expressing growing concern at the insufficient action from Government and other agencies on this issue and calls for meaningful action to be taken to stop the thousands of deaths from air pollution each year.
The Government has failed to implement many of the recommendations of the Environmental Audit Committee’s previous report of 2011 which urged government to take immediate action. Numerous expert studies including a recent World Health Organisation Report have confirmed thousands of people throughout the UK are dying from Air Pollution.
The letter expresses concern that Government and Local Authorities have failed to implement effective Air Quality Strategies and that the EU will be forced to consider what action is to be taken for breaches of air pollution standards by the UK.
John McDonnell MP has today said:
‘In support of the Campaign for an Air Pollution Public Inquiry we are calling for urgent action from the Government in tackling the horrendous levels of air pollution in the UK. As is consistently shown from expert reports and campaigning groups, the dangerous levels of pollution in this country is having disastrous consequences for our communities.

Despite the UK having one of the worst records of any European country for exceeding EU air pollution limits our Government has failed to take meaningful action. I support petitioners in calling for an inquiry in order to expose and overcome the obstacles which have been preventing action on this critical issue and to outline what needs to be done. ‘
Dave Davies of the Campaign for an Air Pollution Public Inquiry said:
’The Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry is extremely pleased with the significant number of  MPs and Members of the House of Lords who are supporting the call for an urgent Public Inquiry into the thousands of deaths from air pollution so that the cause can be established and proper action taken to reduce pollution. 

It is of serious concern that the Government and some leading politicians , including the Mayor of London have chosen to ignore the situation or worse still make claims that they have taken steps to reduce pollution , when in fact the air quality measurements clearly show that there has been no improvement in air quality and in fact the emissions per vehicle has actually got worse. 

It was recently confirmed by leading scientists that Oxford street is one of the most polluted streets in the world. Thousands of deaths continue each year because of the current and previous failed air quality strategies’’
Editorial Comment:

This is extremely good news for the Taxi trade, as a Public Inquiry could also mean an investigation of the taxi age limit which has never been evidence based.

Below is a link to the ePetition that also provides a way of challenging the taxi age limit.

If corruption is exposed in the format of a Public Inquiry, the Mayor’s and TFLs house of cards will fall and a proper system of management could be put in place to address ALL taxi related issues.

Regards Dave Davies

Click on link below for ePetition 

A Disinct Lack Of Self Preservation ! ... By Semtex.

I note there will be a protest in Central London this weekend, to highlight the Stop Killing Cyclists cause.
First of all, may I just say, that neither myself or I guess anyone else, would deliberately want to kill or injure a cyclist. Of that I am sure.
As an advanced and professional driver, I witness driving both good and bad in our capital on a daily basis.
As a London Taxi Driver, I would probably have my work cut out trying to convince our cyclists that I am not bias. The fact is, I'm honestly not.
Cyclists have just as much right to share London's roads, as anybody else. However, in all honesty, I am shocked at the abundant lack of self preservation that cyclists show themselves.
I have served in some precarious places in the world as a Guardsman. In every posting, I was thoroughly trained, fully armed and wearing as much protective body armour as I could get on.
Take it from me, the only reason that I am able to be writing this today, is not because I had a machine gun, not because I was professionally trained, and not because I was wearing body armour.
It was due to a bit of luck, but mainly a severe awareness of SELF PRESERVATION !!
The possibility of being blown up or killed was real enough to make me realise that if I didn't take the utmost care in every move and every decision that I made, I could pay the price with my life.
Which takes me back to our London cyclists.
I witness dozens of verbal altercations between cyclists and cab drivers as I navigate my way round London driving a taxi.
It isn't easy driving a London cab. We have two eyes, three mirrors and have been taught to drive to a professional standard.
 In today's London traffic conditions however, two eyes and three mirrors is nowhere near enough.
For those who doubt me, it would be good to see you try driving a London Cab for a day. It's raining. The wipers are on full speed. Your headlights are on. The passenger in the back is irate. He is changing his mind as to where his destination is. You are trying to watch the traffic. Vehicles in front are stopping without warning. The rain gets harder. The geezer in the back gets louder. A police car siren screams from the nearside. You try to move over to allow it to pass. You cant. Theres a motorbike there. You inch forward to help the police patrol. The police get by. Hes left you on the yellow grid. You see the CCTV Enforcement camera tilt towards you. The copper's long gone ! Your excuse as to why you ended up there has melted into the distance! The geezer's still screaming in the back. He's going to miss his train ! The cab's back windows are steaming up !
And here comes the cyclist !!  You saw him a second ago. Perhaps he's gone. No he hasn't ! he's on the offside now ! he's gone again ! Nope ! He's on the nearside and coming up fast ! Watch him ! You can't ! An ambulance is trying to get through on the offside. Move over. You cant, how about the cyclist ? He's not there anyway . You move over to let the ambulance have passage. "Prick !" The cyclist is screaming. He was there after all ! The geezer in the back has moved to the drop seats to tell you how important his train is ......................
You simply cannot have your eyes on everything. As much as one would like to, it is impossible to have a visual field whilst driving through the capital's roads, on everything that is occurring on the highway. But you try your best.
I was always taught in the army, that 75% of the human body is water, and intracellular fluids. So matter how tough or hard you may think you are, that fact is the bottom line.
I doubt that anybody would argue, including cyclists themselves, that the chances seen by the two wheelers by everybody during every day in London, are astonishing.
There are gaps that a cyclist can safely navigate through, and some that are blatantly not big enough ! But day after day, they go for gold !
I am shocked that not ten times more cyclists haven't lost their lives than the current figures show. And in honesty, I can attribute that mainly to cab drivers and other motorists driving in a professional defence standard, and literally saving the lives of so many of these bikers.
Wearing iphone ear phones is commonplace. What on earth would a cyclist be thinking, by disabling the ability to be able to hear everything around him, as he cycles through London ? Why don't they go the whole hog and wear a Lone Ranger mask as well ?
It's absolutely ludicrous ! Yet, we see it all the time.
Cab drivers take liberties, Ive done it myself. But if the gap aint wide enough for us, its the black paint that suffers, not the lungs and spleen.
Time and time and time again, day after day after day, I go to turn left after checking my nearside mirror, and a second before I make the turn have one final check in the mirror.
And there they are !  Head down, focussed, legs going round like a hamster in a cage and you would better your last breath on it, they aint gonna slow down for no sod !!  And sure enough.....they don't !!
Another white bike spared from being chained to the railings, by a professional defensive driving decision on MY part. Don't expect a wave of thanks either ! You would be probably called a prick and have the finger for having the audacity to put your indicator on or even dreaming to turn left !
A typical and blatant distinct lack of personal preservation on behalf of the cyclist.
Every single taxi driver out there will experience this every single day without a doubt. I have actually thought about the consequences of if I had turned without that very last look in the nearside mirror, and I shudder at the thought.
That 75% of water is no match for a two ton TX4, and yet, it happens every single day.
We may all have noticed how the pendulum is swinging the other way with the attitude of the Police now.  Not so long ago, it was the cabby and motorist who were the targets, but now coppers are hiding in doorways in the city and jumping out to nick these wannabe Evel Knievel's as they fly across the red lights like the Red Arrows.
As I said at the start, I have no grudge against cyclists using our London's roads and streets beside me. But unless cyclists have a real evaluation of their chances in a collision with a motor vehicle, many more will die under the wheels. Don't expect the cabby or motorist to protect you from a life threatening stunt, cos one day, that last second glance in the mirror may be unavailable.
Self Preservation is the key to a longer life in any field, and couldn't be more crucial than whilst cycling in London.
There are many ambitious, high drive, risk taking professionals in our capital, who get their living, their kudos, their respect and their bonuses from taking risks on Forex and the Stockmarket. That is perfectly acceptable and enviable in the traders office working environment.
But leave that confidence in your lockers on the first floor folks, before you put your helmets on, for Christ Sake !
And before you all start saying that there are poor drivers out there also, of course there are, I admit that.
Its just that, surrounded by the metal cage of safety that motorists do their journey in, any collision at 30mph is probably going to be a carbody repair matter.
But for the 75% of intracellular fluid coming up the inside on two rubber tyres, listening to Led Zeppelin on his iphone, it will be a tragic case of another can of white paint, due to a distinct lack of self preservation.
May I wish all cyclists, and all London Taxi Drivers like myself, a safer existence.
Look after yourselves, you only get one chance.
8829 Semtex

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Minicab driver, his uncle and nephew, raped drunk schoolteacher on park bench after abduction.

A minicab driver, his uncle and nephew are accused of raping a drunk schoolteacher on a park bench after abducting and trafficking her from his minicab, a court heard.

The unconscious woman is alleged to have passed out after drinking at a birthday celebration before she came round to find one of her abusers having sex with her.

Private hire driver Tamseel Virk, 42; uncle and nephew, Azad Raja, 38, and Wakar Akhtar, 21, along with Najeem Ul-Saeed, 31, all of Bradford, West Yorks, are standing trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of conspiracy to rape between May 25 and 26 this year.

Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw told the jury that Virk picked up the woman from a street in Leeds, West Yorks., in breach of his licence, shortly before midnight on May 25.

Mr Kershaw suggested the fare was not reported to Virk’s controller because he had identified a vulnerable woman who could be sexually exploited.
The court heard she was ‘noticeably affected’ after drinking lager and whisky in a pub with friends, ‘talking gibberish’ and left her jacket, handbag and phone behind.

Mr Kershaw said Virk ‘delivered’ her to Akhtar and Raja, getting her to commit a sex act on him on the way.

The jury heard she was dropped off near their home and raped in turn on a bench in Great Horton Park, Bradford, while she was unconscious.

Mr Kershaw said: “They manhandled her, causing bruises and minor injuries to both of her knees, as if she were put in a kneeling position on the ground.”
The jury was told the victim woke up while Raja was having sex with her. Akhtar is alleged to have told her he had already had sex with her.

Ul-Saeed, the lawyer added, then turned up ‘too late physically to join in the rape that he had set up.’
Mr Kershaw added: “The prosecution case is that there was a conspiracy to rape (the woman) while she was in no fit state either to consent or resist.
“Akhtar and Raja conspired to rape her because they both agreed to do so; to take delivery of her and rape her together in each other’s presence.
“Virk, the prosecution say, is part of the same agreement because he delivered the girl to Akhtar and Raja for them to rape her.

“Virk knew that she was in no fit state to consent or resist because he had been able to abduct her to Great Horton Park, rather than take her home.
“Ul-Saeed is also part of the same agreement because he trafficked her from Virk to Akhtar and arranged where and to whom she was to be delivered; he tried to organise a hotel room and attended at the park to join in but was too late because she had regained consciousness by then.”

The four men deny the charges and the trial continues.


London's electric car infrastructure is falling into disrepair and ruin

Infighting and neglect are causing London's network of electric car charging points to fall into disrepair. Some areas now offering little to no coverage.

Not a good sign, with 25,000 Taxi drivers told all new Taxis will need to be zero emission by 2018.

London’s network of electric vehicle charging points, is in danger of falling apart, thanks to the manner in which it has been assembled and badly managed.

Many of the 1,415 charging points are currently out of action with little prospect of them being repaired in the near future, despite the network being sold off last month to new owners.

Just south of the River, between Southwark and London Bridge, for example, 10 of 12 chargers are not working. At the Barbican, all eight chargers are out of action. 

The London Borough of Camden admits that it’s struggling to keep more than 70 per cent of its charging points operational at any one time, leaving significant holes in the network.

“We have put pressure on the charging point suppliers to repair them, but the repairs fall to Source London to fix,” said a Camden spokesman.

Source London was an organisation, originally set up by TfL to manage the charging network. But last month it was sold to IER, a French company owned by the industrial concern Bolloré Group.

Source London is experiencing difficulties getting to grips with the network, blaming its complex nature. 

There are currently 66 “scheme partners” and six different charger designs. Just another example of a department within TfL totally incompetent and totally failing London.

Ownership of sites is split between London boroughs, manufacturers of the equipment, private businesses and landlords of commercial property sites. The fundamental stumbling block is defining responsibility and finding funds for maintenance of broken charging points.

Problems with chargers mean electric car owners are finding it hard to get around. Doesn't really fill you with the enthusiasm to lay out nearly fifty grand to invest in an electric Taxi. Although TfL set up and sold off the network, it is unable or unwilling to clear up where exactly the responsibility lies.

Follow the money
Money is thought to be the root of many of these problems. Funds allocated for service contracts haven’t achieved what they were meant to. Electric vehicle owners can charge for free at Source London points, having paid just a £5 annual membership fee, that's assuming they can find a working charging station.

That membership won’t cover the running costs, maintenance and replacement cost of a post, each of which has a service life of five to seven years and costs at least £2,500 to install. In tricky locations that can rise to £10,000 each.

In the short term, there appears to be no sign of the current network running reliably for pioneering electric car drivers, who may wonder why nobody is helping them break the mould and clean up London’s air.

No wonder Boris is against rolling out electric buses for London.

And yet Boris is expecting the Taxi trade to invest £40-50k of our own money in a technology which is not tried and tested, not up and running and in no way guaranteed to be in place by the time the ULEZ goes live.

Feeling thirsty, get your free coffee from the Hipodrome Casino....if you can find some where to park without breaking the law 


If this establishment wants a closer relationship with the Taxi trade, why are they not driving Westminster council mad to extend the rank in Charing Cross Road to take in the loading bays used by minicab to tout their customers leaving the casino?

Would it not be a good idea for them to make sure their customers are taken home safely.

There are many establishments in London that could only benefit by closer links with a safe, professional service.

TfL and Mayor accused of “indefensible” double standards overairqualityby Martin Hoscik

Existing New Routemasters will be allowed to enter the ULEZ despite not meeting new emissions standards. 
Existing New Routemasters will be allowed to enter the ULEZ despite not meeting new emissions standards.

Plans to exempt Mayor Boris Johnson's flagship New Routemaster buses from tough new anti-pollution standards have been branded “indefensible” by Liberal Democrat and Green London Assembly members.

Transport for London is currently consulting on proposals to require vehicles driving in central London to comply with new European emission standards limiting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and CO2 emissions, or face a daily fine.

The planned Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will operate 24/7 and transport bosses hope the threat of fines will encourage the take-up of greener vehicles and help cut the 4,300 premature deaths each year estimated to be caused by poor air quality.

However while private car owners and commercial fleet operators will either have to replace their vehicles or face fines of up to £100 per day, TfL is exempting its flagship New Routemaster from the zone’s cleaner emission standards. 

Existing New Routemaster buses are fitted with Euro V engines but TfL says they'll still be allowed to drive in central London despite mandating Euro VI for all other buses, coaches and HGVs entering the zone.

TfL says new models of the bus won’t be fitted with the cleaner Euro VI engines until next year and has ruled out retrofitting existing vehicles with the cleaner engines.

However it says they'll still be allowed to operate in the ULEZ because they “have NOx emissions much closer to the Euro VI standard (a reduction of 80 per cent on Euro V)”.

Liberal Democrat AM Stephen Knight has criticised that decision, saying: “Allowing TfL vehicles to have lower pollution standards than other private vehicles entering the proposed ULEZ is indefensible when the Mayor has known about these plans for over a year now.

“His attempt to defend this double standard is largely the price of his irrational obsession with the incredibly expensive new routemaster bus, when his first priority should be to protect the health of Londoners.”

The Green Party's Darren Johnson added: “All the new buses going onto London’s roads since the summer are less polluting than the Euro V Boris Buses. 

"Instead of the Mayor investing in the cleanest forms of technology, such as electric buses, Londoners are being landed with a legacy of polluting vehicles which are due to be operating for nearly a decade after the Ultra Low Emission Zone has eliminated many of the worse vehicles from our roads.”


  Martin Hoscik | November 10, 2014 at 11:20 am |Categories: News | URL:

              Two new stickers:

Please Print out, Laminate and display in Cab for punters to see..

Put the first one behind your seat and the narrow one on the other side. 

They look great. 

We need someone to help finance tip up seat posters. 

Let the public know what we are up against, instead of just moaning to ourselves on forums and locked Twitter accounts that no one sees but us.

    With thanks to @hansomLDNcabbie and @phillipegreen