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Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2014

Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2014
The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are due to start shortly and special arrangements are in place for taxi and private hire vehicles (PHVs) for the duration of the tournament which runs from Monday 23 June to Sunday 6 July 2014.

Taxi and private hire services play an important role in helping spectators get to and from the Championships. It is important that all taxi drivers plus all private hire operators and drivers who are planning to serve the Wimbledon Tennis Championships this year read this notice, are aware of the designated areas where taxis and PHVs may stop to drop-off and pick-up passengers and also do not stop or park in areas where this is not permitted, as there will be local police, borough enforcement officers and Transport for London (TfL) compliance officers working during the Championships.

This notice sets out the arrangements for drop-off and pick-up locations, fixed- fare, shared-taxis and taxi ranks.

Taxi arrangements
Taxi drop-off arrangements
Taxi passengers requesting a drop-off at the Championships should be taken to the taxi rank in Church Road which is outside Gate 4 of the venue. 

This is the only drop-off location for all taxi passengers going to the tennis and stopping elsewhere on Church Road is not permitted.

Taxi rank arrangements

Southfields Station
− A taxi rank in Augustus Road, near Southfields Station, will operate during the championships and fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips to the Championships will operate from this rank
− The taxi rank in Wimbledon Park Road, near Southfields Station (rank no. 5619) will not be operational for the duration of the Championships
Wimbledon Station
− Fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips from Wimbledon Station to the Championships will be operating for the duration of the championships

Church Road, Wimbledon Tennis Club
− For the duration of the Championships, a temporary taxi rank will operate in Church Road (outside Gate 4) where fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips will operate for passengers going to Southfields or Wimbledon stations
− The taxi rank will also operate normally for passengers wishing to travel to central London and other destinations

Somerset Road, Wimbledon Tennis Club
− During the Championships a temporary taxi rank will operate in Somerset Road (outside Gate 13) offering fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips to Wimbledon Station
− The rank will also operate normally for passengers wishing to travel to central London and other destinations

Fixed-fare, shared-taxi fares
The fare for fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips between Wimbledon or Southfields stations and the Championships is:
− £2.50 for adults
− £1.25 for children between 2 and 10 years old
− Children under 2 travel free
It is illegal to charge more than these fares.

Journeys to other locations
− Fixed-fare, shared-taxis are also available from outside Gate 4 to a number of different locations. These fixed-fares have been reviewed and increased this year and were agreed by the TfL Board in February 2014. 

The table in Appendix 1 provides further details of the prescribed fares for each location.
− Any fares negotiated in advance must not be more than the fare shown on the meter at the end of the journey. As is usual, taxi drivers must start their meter at the commencement of the journey and any fare agreed in advance must not exceed the metered fare at the end of the journey.
− If a passenger or a group wants a normal (unshared) taxi service, a marshal must ask drivers in the taxi queue if they are willing to take the passengers
− However, if a driver cannot be found after a reasonable time normal rules on refusals will apply and the first free taxi on the rank should accept the hiring
− Refusing these fares or loitering to wait for a shared hiring is not allowed and the driver could be subject to action by TfL
− All taxis on the rank must be available for hire and no taxi must be left unattended on any taxi rank

All taxi drivers who hold an All London taxi driver’s licence or hold a Merton and Sutton Suburban taxi driver’s licence can use the taxi ranks at Wimbledon Station, Southfields Station, Church Road and Somerset Road.

Pre-booked taxis
− Space for pre-booked radio taxis to wait for their passenger has been allocated in Marryat Road
Private hire arrangements
Space for PHvs to drop-off passengers or pick-up passengers who have pre- booked is at:
− Wimbledon Park Road: on the east side of the road, parking bay 4092 opposite 418 Wimbledon Park Road (just north of the junction with Bathgate Road and Victoria Drive)
− Marryat Road: on the west side of the road from 10 metres north of Burghley Road to a point opposite 66 Marryat Road

However, parking and waiting at these locations is not permitted and PHVs waiting for passengers must use the car parks and make arrangements to be called by the passenger to drive to the pick up location once their passenger is ready for collection.

Stopping on Church Road and Somerset Road is not permitted for PHVs and stopping and waiting around the ground is also prohibited and we have been advised that these parking controls will be strictly enforced. PHVs must not stop on the designated taxi ranks.

Appendix 1

Fixed fare, Shared Fare:

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Uber, Unlicensed Minicab Firm. How Much More Evidence Do They a Need? By Jim Thomas.

It has come to our attention that on the 22 May 2014, Uber London Ltd moved to a new registered operating centre on the first floor of Focus Point, 21 Caledonian Road Islington, from the former Winchester House Old  Marylebone Road.

It would appear (referring to the TfL private hire checker) that Uber are licensed to operate from registered offices within the City of Westminster. After checking TfLs PH licence checker again, we found that Uber have no such licence to operate from within the London borough of Islington. 

Either TfLs website is incorrect, or Uber hasn't submitted a PHV/106 variation application form.

The private hire act 1998
The legislation contained within the PH Act of 1998 is very clear on this issue. 
If a licensed PH company is operating from unlicensed premises, their licence should be immediately revoked.
(Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998.s.16 and also the TfL staff manual  10.5)

The legislation does not say TfL should give them a period of time to sort the issue out, it clearly states their licence should be immediately revoked. 

We have written to Sir a Peter Hendy outlining this complaint and due to the serious nature of this issue, we expected a swift reply.
As of today, we have received no reply. 


Heathrow transport staff strike again this weekend. RMT Press Statement.

Strike action in a dispute on Heathrow Express over jobs and safety this morning led to the closure of the prestige transport hub at Terminal Five as the company management sank to new lows in their bullying and attacks on individual staff fighting to stop the halving of safety-critical numbers in a £6 million cuts assault.

RMT laid the blame for the action and the associated disruption firmly at the door of Heathrow Express after the company sabotaged ACAS talks and resorted to issuing blanket threats to sack hundreds of staff if they don’t call off their fight over a package of multi-million pound cuts which amount to an all-out assault on pay, jobs and safety.

As well as threatening staff with termination, the company have now resorted to ripping up existing working arrangements, unilaterally banning a well-established shift swapping arrangement, in an attempt to demoralise staff and to try and bully the workforce into a position where work/life balance means nothing. The union is fighting the attack on agreements which is an entirely separate matter from the current dispute but has been thrown in by HEX management purely to intimidate their staff.

Two days of talks at ACAS were effectively wrecked by Heathrow Express who refused to consider any proposals put forward by RMT negotiators, walked away before the talks had concluded and treated the entire negotiating process with nothing but contempt.

The current strike period ends later today but the next wave of action kicks off in the early hours of Sunday morning, with members instructed not to book on for any shifts between;

03:00 hours on Sunday 22nd June 2014 to 02:59 hours on Monday 23rd June 2014.

As well as the shutdown of Terminal Five, and the complete closure of Heathrow Connect, the HEX management are only running around half the skeleton services that they promised the public as the strike remains solidly supported across the company. The closure at Terminal Five has led to a barrage of complaints from passengers.

The resolve of the RMT members has been reinforced by the sordid management tactic of threatening to start sacking workers involved in the action and pumping out fictitious timetables to the public while safety is compromised, and regulations twisted, to fuel publicity stunts which include highly paid managers dressing up as real HEX staff for the benefit of the cameras.

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Heathrow Express sabotaged the ACAS talks aimed at resolving this dispute and have now issued the most outrageous and provocative blanket threat to start sacking staff and rip up agreements if they don’t call off the fight for jobs and safety on this lucrative and prestigious transport link. The atmosphere has been poisoned at Heathrow Express by an aggressive and bullying anti-union management and it is about time that the airport authorities woke up to what’s happening on their turf and the damage that it is doing to Heathrow’s reputation.

“The Heathrow Express staff provide an essential service out to one of the world’s busiest airports and yet the company have resorted to treating them like dirt. It is an outrage that exposes this company for the anti-union, greedy and callous bunch that they are.

“Our representatives put forward a viable framework for resolving this dispute and it wasn’t even considered by HEX who treated the entire ACAS process with contempt and that is why we are back out on strike next week. It is entirely down to the company that journeys and services will be disrupted.

“The Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect services are dealing with growing demand as the airport expands and the idea that safety and service is going to be sacrificed at the stroke of an accountant’s pen would shame London and leave these high-profile services extremely vulnerable.  The CAA themselves have warned that the staffing cuts are a false economy which will hit revenues as service quality drops through the floor.

“The removal of on board staff, and the driving forwards of Driver Only Operation, would render services inherently unsafe and make evacuation in the wake of an emergency incident or terrorist alert an absolute nightmare.

“The planned axing of jobs, and the associated freezing and hacking back of pay and working conditions, is a kick in the teeth for the staff who have made Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect the success story that they are today. The staff have stood up and been counted and it is down to company to halt the cuts plans and start talking seriously about a safe and secure future for this vital London transport link.”

Assembly Member Daren Johnson, calls for ‘imaginative’ ways to help Taxi drivers go green

On the 16 January 2014, in a bid to shore up his flagging green credentials, Boris Johnson continued his assault on the Taxi trade by announcing that all new Taxis presented for registration after the 1st January 2018, will have to be zero emission capable and be able to operate in their greener mode while in pollution hotspots.

The policy follows on from:
* The controversial 15year age limit that saw new, more polluting vehicles, replacing older less polluting Taxis.
* The spraying of glue along city streets to stick polluting particles to the road surface.
* The placement of green bollards, tubs of green plants said to soak up emissions. 
* And lets not forget the living wall in Greenwich that no one watered and had to be replaced.

This new requirement is one of a number of initiatives by City Hall to improve the capital’s air quality, though critics claim the Mayor is doing too little to late and accuse him of delaying schemes such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone until he’s left office.

Leader of the Green Party on the London Assembly, Darren Johnson, says he wants the Mayor to ease the perceived financial burden befalling London Taxi owners charged with adopting the new, untried, expensive technology of these new vehicles.

Earlier this week, the Mayor told Assembly Member Johnson that Transport for London are now exploring a number of options to “encourage the introduction of new zero emission capable taxis as quickly as possible.” Although most of the Taxi trade feel TfL would rather just see the back of the "Best Taxi Service In The World".

Darren Johnson said he was “pleased” the Mayor was considering providing help but said he had repeatedly failed to deliver on promises of a £1 million fund to increase the use of low emission vehicles. Let's just look at this proposed fund of £1 million pounds for a moment. That's just £42.62p for every Taxi owner in London. Possibly the price of the tube fare and a cup to tea on the day you sign up to a massive financial investment.
As far as financing a move to green Taxis, it don't come close.

Darren went on to say: “We need action on air pollution sooner rather than later and taxi drivers need to be given assistance to switch to zero emission vehicles as soon as possible.

“TfL need to think imaginatively on this, such as bulk buying electric black cabs and leasing them out to drivers, which could help deliver clean cabs at an affordable price.”

This has already been adopted by the bus industry. Bus companies show no desire to purchase greener buses as they feel the financial  burden is too great. So TfL have had to buy the buses, then lease them out to the bus companies. 

So, what's good enough for the buses, should be good enough for Taxis. 

    Source MayorWatch

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Hail all cabs: Belfast black cabs lose monopoly to pick up customers on street.

Minicabs in Belfast will be allowed to stop on the street and pick up fares

New rules are to be announced that will allow all taxis in Belfast to stop on the street and pick up fares.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan is expected to announce the new measures in the Assembly today, along with details of the timetable for the introduction of changes to the taxi licensing regime.

The changes are due to come into play in January next year.

Belfast’s taxi regime is one of the longest-running sagas to come under the Environment Minister's remit and has prompted heated debates, pitting private hire firms against public hire drivers who are permitted to ply for trade on the street.

Other cities in a Northern Ireland allow both public and private taxi drivers to pick up fares on the street, instead of having to wait for telephone bookings, as private hire drivers in Belfast have to do.

The current regulations, which have been described as “archaic” by the minister, were due to be replaced with new rules introduced as part of the Taxis Act in 2008.

These were promoted as raising standards, improving compliance, promoting road safety, reduce illegality, improving accessibility and allowing fairer competition, but only parts of the act have been implemented in the six years since it was brought in.

The rule changes also include new driver testing and training measures and taxi meters.

The introduction of the single-tier licensing system has undergone a series of delays and is opposed by Belfast public hire drivers who have mounted protests.

They said the one-tier system and deregulation of taxi meters had no benefit to Belfast public hire or the general public, insisting the rule change puts their livelihood at stake.

But supporters of the changes say they will tackle the problem of a shortage of taxis that can pick up fares during peak periods, meeting demand and ensuring public order.

The Department of the Environment has said it will introduce a maximum fare structure for all taxis operating here.

Former Environment Minister Alex Attwood said last year that taxi law and practice needed to be reformed and upgraded to deal with illegal operators, to improve business opportunities for all drivers, and to ensure the best service for customers and increasing number of tourists.

“The Taxi Act is an opportunity for drivers who comply with the law and good standards — it only threatens those who act outside the law and have bad standards,” he said.

The current system of getting a taxi has been branded confusing and restrictive by visitors and residents and proposals to allow all taxis to pick up fares on the street are supported by Disability Action, IMTAC, the Consumer Council, Women’s Aid, Victim Support, Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce, the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation, Pubs of Ulster and Visit Belfast.


After the gathering at Trafalgar Square, the question many cab drivers are asking is: 
Now that all the trade orgs are on the same stage, can they now act together?

Simples, many of us think it's just a case of getting around a table and coming up with an agreed manifesto.

If only!

Some trade 'leaders' are stating I won't meet with X as Y said this etc. etc. , time to move on, it's not a school playground and no one especially the members benefit from this. Grow up please.

No one is proposing marriage here just a coming together to discuss shared concerns and further action.

Is this too much to ask?

The message is clear MAN UP!

I'm Spartacus.


It is now unanimously agreed amongst the trade that:

TfL are a corrupt entity that cannot be worked with.

TPH has become a political body and is unable to function.

There is gross malfeasance and belligerence throughout TfL, and a covert agenda to systematically destroy the London taxi trade.

TfL are accountable to nobody.

The issue of the corrupt and improperly conducted consultations, a prime example is the improperly introduced Taxi Age Limit.

The refusal to issue temporary licences. This is a personal issue that Peter Hendy is at the center of - he is using his office to be as melevolent towards the trade as he possibly can. 

The trade is devoid of any decent leaders; all we have is grown men in short trousers with big ego's that need to be stroked on a daily basis.

When the police go to arrest a criminal at home they take a device called an enforcer. why?
Because criminals lock and bolt doors, just like TfL are doing to the London cab trade.

We are just.

We are proper.

The law of the land is on our side.





Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Press Release: VeriFone's Taxi App Launches In Philadelphia: VeriFone To Expand App Worldwide.

VeriFone's sound-based mobile app for proximity payments, is now available for passenger use in 1,400 of the 1,600 taxis in Philadelphia. Available for iOS and Android, the award winning app makes it easy for riders to tap and pay even before the trip is finished. Digital receipts are immediately emailed to the passenger and stored in the app and online portal for easy access and expensing of business trips.

Way2ride makes the taxi experience faster and easier for passengers in Philadelphia by enabling them to tap and pay for cab fares in 1,400 of the 1,600 taxi cabs currently operating in the city. Passengers can easily download the free Way2ride app to their iOS or Android smartphones online from the App Store, Google Play or during their ride--and pre-load payment information and preferred tip amounts. Digital receipts are immediately emailed to the passenger and stored in the app and online portal for easy access and expensing of business trips.

"The launch of Way2ride in nearly every cab operating in the city of Philadelphia is a result of the considerable success it has experienced following the app's initial launch in New York City," said Amos Tamam, senior vice president of Taxi Systems for VeriFone.

Since its October 2013 debut, Way2ride is now accepted by more than 11,000 NYC yellow taxis and green "borough taxis," and it has been used to complete more than 500,000 mobile transactions.

"Way2ride makes every taxi ride better," said Tamam. "The convenience it provides, including the ability to retrieve lost property with the tap of a button, will benefit passengers and drivers alike in a city as large as Philadelphia, which thrives on speed."

After the Philadelphia launch, VeriFone will continue expanding Way2ride acceptance throughout its network of more than 70,000 payment-enabled taxis worldwide.

Way2ride is built on VeriFone's open API cloud platform, which allows developers to easily create apps with secure payment, messaging and other value-added services leveraging VeriFone's secure mobile commerce network.

Recently, Way2ride won the 2014 CNP (CardNotPresent) Customer Choice Award in the Best Alternative Payment Solution category as well as the 2014 Appy Award for Best Mobile Payments. The app was also selected by The 2014 American Business Awards (ABA) as a Stevie(R) Award finalist in the New Product or Service of the Year -- Transportation category. Winners in each category will be announced at the ABA awards ceremony in September.

Editorial Comment:

This is basically a payment app which takes out human error and speeds up the transaction. Passenger gets in taps, arrives and exits. No more fumbling key presses, passenger alights in seconds, no more tickets for staying too long on double yellows.

However, we have noticed on the New York model that it can be linked to a Taxi hailing app. 


      Source: Wall Street Journal

Tour de France - Arrangements at London City Airport

On Monday 7 July 2014 the Tour de France comes to London.  Information about the Tour de France’s impact on London’s road network can be found on our website at and further updates will be issued via our Twitter account @TfLTPH.


During the Tour de France, there will be road closures and changes to the road layout to accommodate the event. As part of this, access arrangements for London City Airport for all vehicles, including taxi and private hire vehicles, will be different on Monday 7 July.


Road closures will be implemented from 10:00and different arrangements at the airport will be in place between 10:00 and 15:00 and then from15:00 until it is safe to re-open the roads. Should you wish to access London City Airport during these times then please use the following routes:


From 10:00 to 15:00


·         Driving into the airport


Drive south from the A13 Newham Way along the A1020 Royal Docks Road, turn right onto Albert Way. At the roundabout at the north end of Connaught Bridge, vehicles will be guided through the road closure by marshals onto the race route. Vehicles will continue onto the southbound carriageway of the bridge and then through to the airport – the cyclists will travel the wrong way down the adjacent northbound carriageway later in the day.


·         Leaving the airport


You should turn left as you leave the airport and follow the A112 Connaught Rd/Albert Rd through to Woolwich Manor Way and the Sir Steve Redgrave Bridge. This leads onto the A1020 Royal Docks Rd northbound which will take you to the A13.


From 15:00 until roads re-open


·         Driving to the airport


Drive south from the A13 Newham Way along the A1020 Royal Docks Rd and continue straight on via the Sir Steve Redgrave Bridge onto Woolwich Manor Way. At the traffic lights at the junction with Fishguard Way turn right into the industrial estate. There will be marshals present to direct you onto an airport access road, which leads onto Hartmann Road and then into the airport. Please drive carefully on this access road, which is not usually open to general traffic.


·         Leaving the airport


You should turn left as you leave the airport and follow the A112 Connaught Rd/Albert Rd through to Woolwich Manor Way and the Sir Steve Redgrave Bridge. These leads onto the A1020 Royal Docks Rd northbound which will take you to A13.


Although the event will cause disruption we have tried to minimise this and the arrangements in place should ensure that you can continue to access London City Airport throughout the day.


Further information on the Tour de France


The Tour de France is the world’s largest annual sporting event. The race, which attracts around 12 million spectators along the full length of the route, as well as a huge global TV audience, occasionally visits neighbouring countries and this year’s event will get underway in the UK.



Transport for London – London Taxi and Private Hire  

Email: For enquiries  

Web: For licensing information visit the TfL website or try TfL’s Common Questions Section

Twitter: You can now follow us on Twitter@TfLTPH

Telephone: For driver and operator enquiries call0343 222 4444, for vehicle enquiries call 0343 222 5555 

Deregulation bill becoming serious safety issue.

Yesterday MP for Coventry Jim Cunningham said he would be fighting reforms in the Deregulation bill.

The Government’s proposed reforms to the taxi and minicab trade will enable people without a minicab license to drive one when it is “off duty”, end annual checks on drivers’ licences and allow minicab operators to subcontract bookings to firms in other areas.

Also yesterday the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria Vera Baird said she was joining with the Greater Manchester police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd in raising concerns about proposed legislation which they fear could make it easy for bogus taxidrivers to prey on vulnerable people.

Below in her letter to the Prime Minister, Vera Baird QC calls on the Parkeament to work with the Law Commission on Taxi and Private Hire reforms, rather than rush in the deregulation bill.

Northumbria's police and crime Commissioner is joining forces with Greater Manchester's police and crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd in raising concerns about proposed legislation which they fear could make it easy for bogus taxidrivers to prey on vulnerable people.

The proposed Deregulation Bill aims to free private hire and taxis from red tape. However, the legislation includes several measures on the private hire trade which the Commissioner has described as giving grave cause for concern.

Vera Baird has concerns about the measures which include: allowing people who do not hold a private hire vehicle drivers license to drive a licensed private hire vehicle when it is not being used as such; standardising driver's licenses at three years and five years for operators; and allowing private hire vehicles to subcontract each other across licensing boundaries.

Mrs Baird has raised her concerns with all the MPs in the Northumbria region. In a letter, Vera Baird QC, says clauses in the deregulation bill currently making its way through Parliament will make it easier for bogus drivers to pry on vulnerable people and make it harder for the authorities to ensure vehicles are being operated properly. The letter also mentions the potential impact on community safety and has asked for MPs support to help persuade the government to remove these clauses.

Vera Baird said "the proposed measures could have the unintended consequences of making vehicles less safe and make it harder for the authorities to ensure vehicles are being operated properly.

"The possibility that unlicensed individuals could operate Taxis is a cause for significant concern.

"Effective stewardship will require local authorities and individuals to sign up to the disclosure and barring service update service, which will allow authorities to receive information about convictions during a licence term. The system needs to be robust enough to handle the extra work. We've seen the difficulties that the passport agency is currently having, I fear the government will not have the necessary resources in place to deal with the increased workload. This needs addressing."

The government also needs to address "out of area taxis"coming into an area - it is only right that taxis licensed in an area serve that area.

"The government needs to have an honest and open debate on these matters and proper scrutiny needs to happen. Parliament needs to get this bill right first time.

I call upon David Cameron to work with the law commission who have undertaken a lengthy review of the current legislation and has already drafted a Taxi Bill which would introduce a national system of proper regulation that would begin to address this issue of inconsistency between authorities. The law commissions more comprehensive measures would be subject to significantly more scrutiny and consultation then the rushed measures in the Deregulation Bill.

"The priority has to be to make sure that taxis and private hire vehicles are a safe and secure way of getting home after a night out. Measures in the Deregulation Bill endanger this. Local residents should always be safe in a taxi they book and I know taxidrivers would welcome the additional security that changes to this bill would bring for them".

Suzy Lamplugh Trust Statement:
The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which campaigns for better personal safety, has also raised concerns that enabling anyone to drive a licensed minicab will provide “greater opportunity for those intent on preying on women”, while the Local Government Association has also called for the plans to be scrapped.

"We are very concerned both about the safety implications of some of these clauses and the way they were inserted into the Deregulation Bill so late into its passage through Parliament.

“We know from the number of sexual assaults in London each year that posing as a legitimate minicab driver is the preferred MO of some particularly dangerous sexual predators. We are very concerned that moves to allow any individual to drive a licensed minicab when it is ‘off duty’ will provide greater opportunity for those intent on preying on women in this way.

"We are also concerned about the proposal to require licensing authorities to renew licenses on a three-year basis rather than annually, should they wish to: we think that checks on drivers should be as rigorous and frequent as necessary to ensure that all relevant information is collected before a licence is issued. “

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest News From Taxi Leaks NewsHound.

PH Topographic Test Corruption:

We are are hearing that a topographic test centre in E1 has been selling passes to prospective Private Hire Drivers. The test is already too easy. Time for a change


We just been informed that from July, the cameras attached to the screens on the M25 are to be electronically link. At present speed tickets at only issued to drivers exceeding the full limit. But from July, we are told the cameras will have the power to enforce the advertised speed.

News in that a certain councillor on Wandsworth council has raised an objection to the new rank on Northcote Road. The rank would be part of the Merton extension and open to both all London and Suburban drivers who have completed the Clapham extension. More details as they come in.

Congratulations to the drivers who have been working the night rank on Clapham High Street. We have been informed that so far, this has been a huge success. Best news is it's affecting the Private Hire Operator that used to illegally plying for hire at this again well done. 

TfL have made it clear that they will not be putting Taxi ranks outside the new CrossRail Stations. It seems they want to place bus stops outside of the stations to take  advantage of envisaged mass of new customers pouring into the capital.

West End Project – Tottenham Court Road Proposals:

We can't express just how important this consultation is. Camden Council want to exclude Taxis from Tottenham court road for most of the working day.
Camden, with funding from TfL are proposing to make Tottenham Court Road two-way for buses and cyclists only (from 8am-7pm, Monday to Saturday)

From 8am-7pm, Monday to Saturday local access for taxis, loading and setting down would only be allowed on short sections of Tottenham Court Road via side roads. This will mean that disabled passengers would need to find alternative ways of accessing the grater part of the road. This surely is unacceptable and we would hope disabled representative groups will support us on this issue.

The consultation is available to read >Click here< and responses to the consultation must be submitted by Friday 18 July 2014.

Consultation survey

Please read all sections of this website for information on the proposals, before you complete the >consultation survey<

Editorial Comment:
In the last two sections of this post, we see again TfL's refusal to accept that we are an important part of London's transport and are continuing their agenda devised at our demise.

Therefore it is imperative that you reply and have your say in Camden's West End Project consultation.

Nottingham's Taxi Strike During Rush Hour, Over Councils Failure TO Enforce Against Illegally Plying For Hire Minicabs.

A strike by Nottingham’s Hackney carriages has left the city centre in chaos during this morning's rush hour.

Drivers reportedly blockaded Old Market Square and the road outside John Lewis between 8am and 10am.
Maid Marian Way was also completely blocked.
More than 400 drivers went out on strike.

Driver Javid Ali, 58, from Sherwood, said: “We are not taking fares between 8am and 10am.
“This is not what we want to be doing because after all it is our livelihood and not getting fares means we cannot pay the bills.

“It is all about passenger safety.
“We are sorry for the disruption to people but we have got to make the council listen.”
Nottingham Licensed Taxi Owners and Driver’s Association Chair, Jamil Ahmed said in a statement:
“Nottingham City Council as a taxi licensing authority is not meeting its obligation to keep taxi law and order during the night time economy in the city centre.

This puts thousands of people in danger when they return from the city over the weekend in un-booked private hire and outer borough taxis. These journeys are not covered by insurance. 
Only the Hackney taxis can be legally hailed in the city.

Many parents like me, will rightly be deeply concerned that their children might be driven around unprotected and uninsured and that the City Council seems completely uninterested in acting on their responsibility to keep taxis well licensed and safe.

Many of the tourists attracted to the city for its great attractions and choice of night clubs, bars & restaurants are unknowingly stepping into un-booked vehicles of disreputable drivers that litter the city streets and pedestrian walk ways.

I hope that the City Council listens to our concerns and implements new taxi strategy so that taxi law and order can prevail thus ensuring the public receive a safe and dependable taxi service they deserve.”

     Source: Nottingham Post