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Courtney calls it right (ish)!... By I'm Spartacus.

Of those of us not busy on Hailo that attended the demo and listened or watched it's extensive press coverage can have failed to miss the quality interviews given to the press.

Amongst them John Kennedy, Paul Bond, Lewis Norton and Steve McNamara gave a good account and spoke well for the trade.

     Photos by Stormcab

Last but by no means least my good friend Courtney Connell who in his own inimitable style roundly and rightly condemned TfL and put forward that we should be be licensed under the auspices of the Metropolitan Police

Well it can't be a bad move but and it's a great big but, is that just like TfL.
The Met is another political captive of whoever runs City Hall as Mayor and what we do know, is both Livingstone and Johnson have done us no favours.

Some might say no chance, TfL call the shots. 
Well when TfL were just London Transport, they didn't run us, did they?

So what's to do? 

Well, there's probably only one feasible option and that is to campaign for us to be run by the British Transport Police.

Out of the reach of the Mayor, TfL, it's ineffective board, biased engagement and the crass incompetence of the day to day management from Palestra.

The BTP enjoys a sound reputation of firmness and fairness and untainted as far as can be seen by corruption etc. 

Will it happen maybe, maybe not but it's worth a shot and certainly a campaign to support.

Let's print off some stickers stating:

BTP is the place for me.

Let's make it the beginning of the end for TfL!

I'm Spartacus

Friday, June 13, 2014

New, Old Street app to challenge Uber and black cabs.

But is this a step too far. 
A new start up app has been released which offers not only a minicab ride, it also offers to "Match" you up with some one with similar interests. 

Drivers will not be licensed by TfL, or have CRB checks. The company says drivers will be covered by ordinary insurance as they are just covering their expenses and not making a profit.

How can this be allowed? This is a recipe for disaster.

The Tech City start-up is advertising fares that are 70 per cent cheaper than black cabs to attract customers.

Funryde is a mobile phone app which matches drivers with those looking for cheap travel in the city. But what is the true price of passenger safety?

The Funryde app, which launched in February, charges an average of less than £1 a mile, but its founders say taking on black cab drivers is simply business.

Wonder what Leon Daniels has to say about unlicensed drivers, uninsured for private hire work, with no police record checks, using a smart phone for electronic hails.

Surely TfL haven't licensed this company?
Leon will probably have to ask some one smarter than himself (seems to be his stock answer).

“Personally I don’t know why the black cab drivers are so angry,” said Bassem Barake, co-founder of Funryde. But then he would say that.

“The people who work for Uber are licensed minicab drivers, you already have a lot of big minicab companies in London, Uber have just taken control.

“I think our app will make taxi drivers angry but it’s a totally different experience. 

“You might be picked up by a doctor or an engineer and you can meet new people and talk about your interests.
You could even be picked up by a serial rapist predator, looking for his next victim.


“We’re even looking at using Facebook to match people with similar interests or mutual friends.”

The app, which is free to download, sees drivers thoroughly vetted (he doesn't say who by) with serious or persistent road offenders unable to act as chauffeurs. So the drivers are not minicab drivers, he calls them Chauffeurs. I believe legitimate Chauffeurs might have something to say about this.

Drivers are still covered by their insurance policy, as they’re are only subsidising the cost of petrol, rather than making profit. 
There is a limit I believe on how much a person can claim on milage and I do believe it's nowhere near £1 a mile.

“At the moment the drivers are not allowed to make any money, which is what makes it so cheap,” said Mr Barake.

“Our end goal is to make a deal with an insurance company so that the drivers are able to make a profit margin, so that we can attract more drivers.

“You can have 100,000 passengers but if you don’t have enough drivers it doesn’t work.”

Funryde only has about 15 drivers so far, despite the app reaching more than 1,000 downloads.

Former Mayor of Islington, Cllr Rupert Perry, has been a black cab driver for nine years. He said apps like Uber and Funryde may be cheaper than black cabs at certain points of the day but could not compete at peak times.


“There will be a market for these sort of companies with people wanting to save a bit of money and founders wanting to become the next 
online billionaire,” he said.

“Good luck to them. But black cabs are still the safest and most trusted option. You have a licensed driver who knows London like the back of their hand.”

    Source: Islington Gazzete 

Fake minicab predator found guilty of serious sexual assault.

In London, official statistics show 11 minicab related serious sexual assaults (including rape) are recorded every month. However, the Met Police have stated that only 10% of attacks are recorded and approximate the actual number of attacks closer to 25 a week.

A man, who pretended to be a minicab driver, seriously sexually assaulted woman in Surrey because she was vulnerable.

The 39 year-old has been found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey.

The victim was trying to get home after a night out in London when she got into Paul Causers unlicensed cab on Sunday 3rd August last year.

The court heard throughout the journey Causer touched her inappropriately, ignoring her pleas to stop. He made several attempts to withdraw up to £600 on her bank card, stopping on the way in a bid to take out money, which he was unsuccessful in doing.

He then drove her to Bone Mill Lane in Godstone, forced himself on her and then dumped her on the side of the road. She was found by a local security guard at 4.30am.

Causer – who is from Barfleur Lane in Deptford – will be sentenced in July.

Causer was apprehended following extensive enquiries, including using the ‘Where’s My Phone’ application on the victim’s iPhone. Through that officers identified it as being at an address in Swanscombe, Kent where he is known to have spent time.

Causer is also known to have connections in Cornwall, Kent and the London area.

Detective Sergeant Adele Robertson of the Sexual Offences Investigation Team said: “Causer is a dangerous man who specifically targeted the victim, in this case preying on her vulnerability in the early hours of the morning after she had left a nightclub. It was a deeply distressing incident for her and I hope today’s verdict will help her move on with her life.

“I would encourage any victim of a sexual offence to come forward to Surrey Police and report any similar incidents.”
Anyone who has any concerns or information relating to similar offences can contact Surrey Police on 101 (999 in an emergency), or use the online reporting system found at
Alternatively the independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555111.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

London Black Taxi Cab Demo 11/06/14 TFL. Videos.

Stormcab's Video Of The Battle Of Trafalgar 2014.

Courtney Connell's Churchill Moment.

The Private Hire Act of 1998: A synopsis, in Leon's Daniels own words. By Jim Thomas.

Private hire vehicles are not allowed to ply for hire
Not allowed to pick up in the street
You have to book it in advance
They're not allowed to have a taximeter

Words straight out of a Leon Daniels mouth, he couldn't make it any clearer. 

Unless of course you are an Uber driver.

Then, you can be electronically hailed.
(An immediate hiring)
You can pick your passenger up in the street.
(no recorded address)
No pre-booking necessary.
And you can meter the fare on your phone. You can even plug it in which makes the phone attached to the vehicle.

Now if a licensed taxi driver is found to be operating outside of the legislation and regulations contained within the Hackney carriage and London cab acts, then his licence would be suspended while being investigated. 

The legislation governing the licensing of taxis in London is stringently administered by TfL. But it seem the goal posts can be easily changed in respect of Private Hire. We have seen this on many occasions.
Window adverts in private hire cars were allowed to be upto two thirds of the windscreen. But when Addison Lee covered virtually the whole rear windscreen and we complained, we were told there were no rules just guidelines. 

When complaints were made about the removal of all rear wiper blades from their fleet, Addison Lee were given a year to sort it out.
Can you imagine turning up at NSL with no rear wiper blade and saying "its okay they've given me a year to get one fitted".

Leon also said:
There's some things in the terms and conditions which the trade has said to us and people have said to us, isn't as clear as we'd like them to be. We agree with that and Uber London agrees with that and we're working together to get that straight. 

Surely all these terms and conditions should have been checked out and rectified back in 2012 when Uber were first licensed. 

TfL are now going to court, but not to get this companies license revoked, they are asking a judge for the definition of the work Taximeter. Now if the judge says that Uber phones are a meter, nothing will happen. The company will just switch to fixed prices and carry on regardless.

Why hasn't Uber's licence to operate been suspended until they do meet with the requirements. At present then, we can take from Leon Daniels statement that Uber are currently operating outside of the requirements needed to obtain an operators licence. And they they are working together to come to an arrangement.

TfL threaten Taxi drivers with revocation of licences, for forming unauthorised ranks at Finsbury Park, Praed Street Paddington, or using the old rank at Terminus Place Victoria. 

Why doesn't Leon want to work together with Licensed Taxi drivers to "GET IT STRAIGHT".


It gave me enormous pride and pleasure to see the old trade of mine do what I didn't think it was capable of today !
United and strong in MASSIVE numbers and paralysing London's infrastructure into taking our professional anxiety seriously.
As you know, I have always opposed trade demos of a few hundred cabs, allowing the police to take total control and embarrass us. 
But today ! Unbelievably successful !
May I wish a massive 'Well Done' to our Trade Organisations and rank and file London Cabbies and Knowledge students in overcoming years of apathy to launch a "proper" demo, that frightened the life out of the very heart of the incompetents who we have to answer to.
I honestly didn't think I would ever see the day, when our trade would be able to pull a massive show of unity off, but you did it today in style !
At 1805 hrs Tuesday night, the Met's Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley issued a Police Form 3176A Public Assembly Conditions Notice to the London Taxi Trade, ticking Box C to advise that he was concerned about disruption to the public.
The day previous, Commander Peter Terry from the Met's Operations Team also issued a letter to the trade,threatening revocation of cab driver licences and criminal convictions.
Also on the same day, and appearing in front of ITV News Team cameras, Chief Superintendent Pippa Mills joined her colleagues and duly flexed her biceps under her lilly white starched shirt, letting both the ITV news team and London Taxi Drivers that the Metropolitan Police have sharp teeth and a steadfast bite !
Indeed, only last week it emerged that a female TFL Compliance Officer almost jumped through the open window of one of our colleagues, presenting her two bob identification card as though it were next Saturday's winning lottery numbers.
But do you recall that our female compliance worker had apparently allowed a tout to get clean away, as she went through her Jack Regan scenario?
However, it doesn't take Jack Regan's detective training or brain power, to realise that effective and no nonsense policing is not only very inconsistent, but aimed at soft targets or worse, non-existent policing and enforcement.
A few years ago, protesters outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square, set light to the American Flag and a posy of Red Poppies. Cleric Anjem Choudary was part of this group, and shouted his abuse through a loud hailer, as relatives of the 67 British victims of the 9/11 attack, were saying their prayers at a special remembrance service.
On Metropolitan Police Form 3176A Public Assembly Conditions, there is a tick Box D which states
"I reasonably believe that the persons organising the assembly is the intimidation of others with a view to compelling them not to do an act they have a right to do or to do an act that they have a right not to do".
For the behaviour outside the Embassy that day, not only was tick Box D NOT ticked, but the Form 3176A was never issued at all, and the protesters were allowed to continue.
Night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year, dangerous illegal mini cab touts operate with impunity and utter contempt on London streets, unchallenged, unopposed and apparently unnoticed.
The facts are of course very different. They are noticed alright, but none of the three senior Scotland Yard Police Officers mentioned, are brave enough to take them on.

When 10,000 Licensed, Professional, Bona Fide, CRB checked, Trained, Accountable and Proper London Taxi Drivers threaten to display their strength of a perfectly justifiable demonstration, the three amigos tool themselves up with enough fire power and Law paperwork to take the Cosa Nostra down !
That's strange, isn't it?
Don't get me wrong. There are some wonderful hard hitting no nonsense coppers in the Met, but you can't help wondering if they have been squirted with one of those smoke machines that beekeepers use to make the bees more docile.....can you?
It was a few years ago when I first predicted on The Anderson Shelter that "Men were coming to kill us!"
You can bet that they are here mob handed now, and just lining us up in the cross hairs.
I listened to Leon Daniels speaking on the radio today about the demo. More than several times, he mentioned that the Uber situation would be sorted out in the courts, but repeatedly referred to our Hackney Carriage Law as "very old laws".
Do you reckon he knows something ? I do
I think he already knows that our ancient Hackney Laws that have served London and Londoners so well for hundreds of years, are going to be shredded. My opinion only of course, and I have no proof or evidence to support this. But one thing is for sure. The murky waters of City Hall are awash with betrayal, perversion, corruption and collusion.
At least three extremely senior officers who have a massively important part to play in our futures and profession have been publicly caught betraying their own wive's and loved ones. Shafting call girls, sexual perversion, lust, greed and BETRAYAL.
And that's just to their families !!!   
Can you imagine whereabouts on their deceitful, disgusting pecking order the London Cab Trade come ? !!!!!
It sounds like a Jackie Collins soft porn novel, doesn't it ?  But no. These are the very people who stand in front of TV Newsteam cameras, and try to convince the world and indeed our trade, that we have nothing to worry about. 

"The London Cab trade are a very important part of London's iconic fabric, and will always be part of our City"
Really Boris ?  I have never believed you. At least Livingstone told us he didn't like us!
I have never really been a conspiracy theorist, but I am absolutely convinced more now than ever before, that the Master Plan from TFL is in full pelt, and flying down the slippery lines swimmingly well.
I know you get some coppers that are useless. But there are some good police officers in the Met and City Forces.
And yet..............nothing. No arrests to make any big difference, no compelling challenge to illegal touts, no crushing of tout's cars, no zero tolerance despite the dangers of both sexual predators and terrorists.......nothing.
Just over zealous muscle display to the "easy nick" professional cab trade, and ludicrous compliance officers chucking themselves in front of taxis like Margot Fonteyne.
All this old tosh about Uber drivers being as respected, clean and licensed as us is just that....tosh !
How many times have I said that the CRB criminal record check is only any use for UK Nationals?. Foreign Nationals cannot be effectively screened. So if a terrorist commits a crime in a foreign country and slips the net, a UK CRB screening simply cannot trace it and thus they have no option other than to return a clean check of "nothing found".
When my own CRB criteria is processed, they can trace every move I have made in my lifetime from the time I sprang from my father' hot testicles. I was born in the UK and have every day of my UK life accounted for.
Maybe I have got it wrong, and Uber only employ UK Nationals of long standing. If so, my apologies for my inaccurate assumption. Again, don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that all foreign nationals are criminals. I'm saying that if they are or were, a UK CRB screening cannot find them. So Uber passengers need to be aware of this.
The interpretation of what is a taxi meter and what isn't will be an interesting one. But don't hold your breath folks. Krug dinner parties, Christmas Crackers with fifty grand inside and lucrative trade contracts for taking part in a three in a bed cuckold night are all part of everyday life for the old school tie mob.
This massive trade demo paralysing the very heart of the bent, corrupt betraying system has been a long time coming.
I would have been proud to have been a part of it, but sadly my front line duties have expired.

Once again, a huge well done from the team and organisations who called it and took part. I watched it on the TV with immense pride and a lump in my throat. This wasn't a half hearted three hundred cab turnout, this was a proper representation of our majestic profession.
Jim, you are and always have been a huge inspiration to me mate, and I'm sure too, to many in our battered old trade.. I don't know where you get the strength.
God willing, you are able to continue fighting the good fight and leading the Great London Taxi Trade into the next century.
I wish you all strength, belief and tenacity.
8829 Semtex

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The battle of Trafalgar.....or Ubergeddon.

In an effort to diffuse a perceived disruption to London's Traffic, the police invoked the public order act last night,  limited the demonstration to one hour and tried to kettle the Taxis in Whitehall.

But soon it became clear that their plans were in the same frame as TfL, not fit for propose.

Over 12,000 Taxis made their way and took part in one of the biggest demonstration ever mounted by London's Taxi Drivers.

All roads leading into the centre started to snarl up and by 2pm there was total gridlocked.

Airport Taxi workers cleared the feeder park at 1:30. Making their own contribution, they traveled in procession, slowly droving around the Hogarth round-about and Hammersmith broadway, bringing the area to a stand still 

Shepherds Bush W12 stated on their news feed:
A large number of police were called to direct traffic at the Hogarth roundabout and Hammersmith Broadway, where the drivers of Black London Taxis demonstrated at around 2.00pm.

There afternoon saw gridlock in central London around Haymarket, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and out along the westbound routes, with congestion reported all the way back to Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Chiswick.

Editorial Comment:
Police were overwhelmed by the number of Taxis that joined the demo. As we've seen in past protests officers went well over the top threatening drivers with arrest, looking for defects in vehicles and numerous badge and bill checkers took place.

Although this demo was well supported many feel that TfL will just try to ride out the storm. It is also widely felt that protests on this scale need to be a regular occurrence, perhaps even weekly until we get action over TfL's incompetence to run as a licensing authority.

It was nice to see that a local business in the West End decided to offer free refressments to Taxi Drivers sitting in the hot sun.
Thanks you City Hawks.

Photo of the day 
This has to go to the French Taxi Driver who came all the way from Paris to support his London brothers and sisters on the Heathrow arm of the demo.

Dream On Travis, Smart Phone App Launches Uber Taxi.

Uber choose Demo day to launch their biggest insult yet to the London Licensed Taxi trade, Uber Taxi.

This from Uber PR department:
Amongst the architecture and art of London, few things are more iconic than the black cab. But just as our city’s physical landscape adapts over time, so too must our means of getting around it.

Today, on top of our existing three options of uberX, EXEC and LUX cars in London, we’re opening up the Uber platform to London’s Black Taxis, bringing one more safe, reliable and seamless option to London riders.

Also today:
As the London demo gets ready to kick off, Taxi drivers in Rio de Janeiro announced they are to support the global protest against Uber. Milan Taxis are on a 24 hr strike and In Barcelona and Paris Taxi drivers will also be joining in todays protests.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Demo 11 June: Dirty Tricks Department Swings Into Action, Conditions Imposed...Jim Thomas.

And so it begins, the dirty tricks departments have gone into full swing. 

Police have just issued this notice, imposing conditions on organisers and participants, taking part in tomorrow's demonstration

Editorial Comment:
So there you are.
The Demo can't not start before 1400hrs and must finish at 1500hrs.
As soon as the area is congested no one else will be allowed to take part.
The tactical commander will decide when the area is "congested".
Anyone failing to comply with these conditions, or who incites other to fail to comply, will be commiting an offence and will be arrested. 

Police will be invoking section 14(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

If they had, most of this issue could have been avoided. 

London Taxi Drivers Intimidated With threats of Arrest, Ahead Of Wednesday's Mass Drive Jim Thomas

Metropolitan police sent taxidrivers a letter via social media yesterday, explaining that they could be arrested, as organisers of Wednesday's United Trade Mass Drive-in, have not given police details of the protest.

Statements from a the RMT London Taxi Branch and the London Taxi Drivers Association today claimed that they had liaised with the police over three weeks ago. All relevant information has already been supplied to the police.

Drivers should not be put off by this letter as it is improper and unnecessary. It is an attempt to intimidate drivers and put them off attendance of Wednesdays demonstration.

After complaints made by demo organisers, a second letter has appeared on the Met Police Events Twitter page this afternoon. In a face saving exercise, Chief Superintendent Pipper Mills explains they just want to discuss the plans of the protest with the organisers. 
They don't have a phone?

Monday, June 09, 2014

Statement From UCG Chairman, Len Martin...Don't go into battle, without bullets.

"So, you don't want competition?" or "Are you afraid of technological change?"

Don't get suckered into these arguments. Make sure your well prepared. 

If you are confronted with this argument...

"So, you don't want competition?"

Answer something like:

We are not afraid of competition, as long as it is fair competition. But perhaps you could help us with this dilema:-
We do not control our costs
We cannot choose our own vehicle
We have no control over our largest single cost, I.E. fuel or any other cost associated with running a taxi. 
We do not control our prices, they are set for us by TfL once a year. 
Could you suggest what competitive strategies we could adopt? 
This is why we are pleading with TfL to protect us from unfair competition.

"So, you are afraid of Technological change?"

Answer something like:

The taxi trade, far from being afraid of change are in fact early adopters of technology. 
In 1952? the first in vehicle taxi booking radio circuit was installed in a licensed London Taxi (Pye radio?).
Minicabs as they were known back then, did not get them before 1961.
In 1986 ComCab fitted the first in cab data booking terminals. These were installed in Licensed London Taxis.
PH did not adopt in car data terminals until smart phones became popular and cheap.
Our Vehicles have more technology fitted to them today than NASA went to the moon with.

Our vehicles are less up to date than they might be, not because the Taxi driver chooses these vehicles, it's because our licensing authority imposed strict conditions of fitness that handed LTI/LTC, a virtual monopoly and this has led to stagnation in vehicle design.

Taxi Drivers are NOT afraid of technological Change. 

We welcome technology. But you must not forget that the real principle of a Taxi or Car service is customer service, NOT technology. It is Hailing, Arrival, passenger safety, efficient transportation, ease of payment. (Most Taxis have some form of accepting credit cards )

I recently gave an interview to a reporter for the Financial Times and the Economist. These arguments interested them.

Len Martin
Chairman UCG

(acknowledgements to White Knight for his historic knowledge input that enabled me to make these statements to The reporters)

ANY trade org wishing to plagiarise or reproduce this in full or in part, knock yourselves out guys.... Lets stop these people killing our 350 year noble decent trade. Work together, share ideas, survive......

Madrid and Barcelona Striking In Support Of London's Battle With TfL and Uber.

Even thought our Demo is about the systematic failure of TfL, it cannot be denied that Uber is the straw that broke the camel's back. The London demonstration will be aimed directly at mayor Boris Johnson's TfL and their complete refusal in enforce the legislation late down by act of parliament. 

In a show of solidarity towards their London brothers and sisters, the taxidrivers of Madrid and Barcelona will also be staging strikes on 11 June. 

Below is a letter received from the vice president of the Federation of professional taxidrivers Madrid. 

Good morning:

My name is Jesús Fernandez, vice-president of Federacion Professional del Taxi, in Madrid. We are, one association of taxi driver, in Madrid, we have 5.000 socials. The next day 11 of june 2014, at 11:00 am, we will do one strike, in Madrid, we know that in Barcelona, will do the same. And we are convocated one strike day in Madrid about 24 Hours. Federacion Profesional del Taxi, it´s incluited in the Confederacion del Taxi de España, Spanish National Organization.

We would like, if in London or Uk, you will do strike too, redacted a document, the same in all the cities how have the same problem, Uber.

Cheers from Spain and waiting yours notices.

Jesus Fernandez Matellanes

Vicepresidente de la Federacion Profesional del Taxi de Madrid.

RMT and Unite back London Taxi protest on Wednesday over TfL's all-out assault on the licensed taxi trade

Taxi Leaks Comment: 
A stranger with a car
An unrecorded journey
No pre-booking
Passengers ripped off by surge pricing. 

Wasn't this the reason TfL licensed PH in the first place?

How is this issue dragging the trade into the 21st century?

Surely it's a step back to the 20th.

This from the RMT:
Taxi union RMT will be supporting a massive, joint protest by thousands of London Taxi Drivers which will take place in London on Wednesday 11th June, centred around Trafalgar Square from 2pm onwards and expected to gridlock the capital, as organisations representing the trade unite in defiance of measures being driven through by Mayor Boris Johnson which amount to an all-out assault on the industry.

RMT is backing the protest, under the banner “Cabbies  Against Boris”, which has been mobilised against the many improper and unlawful decisions imposed on the taxi trade by Transport for London and the Mayor. These include the improper London Taxi Age limit and failure to enforce Private  Hire Law (including the recent issues with Uber the mini cab booking app) and a host of other damaging decisions.

The Mayor of London is due to answer questions in the London Assembly at 10am on the same day.
In evidence to the Mayor, taxi organisations have exposed the nonsense of the London Taxi Age Limit and the entirely bogus arguments about the impact that scrapping the older vehicles has on emissions and pollution in London. Cabbies Against Boris has also drawn attention to the vested interests driving the policy and the fact that a similar scheme in South Wales had to be withdrawn as the consultation was found to be loaded.

The latest undermining of the Private Hire Laws by apps such as Uber is just another attempt to casualise and weaken the professional and safe licensed taxi trade and the long-established regulations around the right to ply for hire, coming after the exposure of the illegal ranks around London and the drive to destroy the airport services.

Huge and wealthy multi-national corporations like Google are now trying to use their financial clout to bully their way into areas that have been governed by Private Hire Laws in London for decades and which have delivered safe, reliable and efficient services for Londoners down the years.

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“RMT is fully behind “Cabbies Against Boris” and this Wednesdays protests in central London. The attack on the professional licensed taxi trade by a combination of Boris Johnson and wealthy global corporations seeking to maximise profits is nothing short of a scandal.

“We would urge the people of London to back their cabbies 100%. There will be serious disruption on Wednesday but that will be nothing compared to the disruption and dangers of allowing our licensed taxis to be driven from our streets through a combination of ignorance and greed.”

This From Unite:
The arrival of Uber on London’s streets has exposed Boris Johnson’s natural political instincts to side with wealthy powerful multi-national corporations.

The taxi trade demonstration has been organised to highlight Boris, The Mayor and Chair of TfL Board, capitulation to Uber, a company based in the USA and controlled by Google and Goldman Sachs.

Uber has one aim, to deregulate taxi markets around the globe and now it has London in its crosshairs. It has a reported 1 billion dollar war chest, which can be deployed to undermine existing taxi regulation. The end game of this strategy is Uber’s stated aim, a deregulated Taxi & Private Hire market. This will lead to the loss of all safety gains for the travelling public since the 1998 London Private Act. Uber is the very thin end of a very thick wedge.

Boris needs to stop capitulating to the wealthy and powerful. He needs to find some “Bulldog Spirit”.
Uber must be stopped from leading a race to the bottom which we believe will undermine existing safeguards for the travelling public.

Why is Boris failing to ensure that Uber publically disclose their UK tax liabilities? Are they paying UK Corporation tax? Boris should force Uber to come clean.

Uber cheaper than taxis and Private Hire? Not with rain, snow, disruption or traffic congestion- welcome to Uber Surge Pricing.

If it ain't "Pre Booked", then it's illegal.