Friday, December 12, 2014

Underground Ticket Offices To Become Minicab Satellite offices!

The timetable for London Underground Ticket offices set to close was announced last week. 

Among the earliest of offices due for closure is Embankment  set as early as February next year. The majority of the network is scheduled for ‘transformation’ over the whole of 2015 with works completing by April 2016.

This comes at cost of 750 jobs losses set to the backdrop of national austerity forcing a £45m budget cut to London Underground.

‘Commercial viability’ for disused ticket halls has proposals ranging from retail, coffee outlets and many more satellite offices for PHV’s!

The RMT London Taxi Drivers Branch has learned that members of the GLA have mooted the idea, undoubtedly to suggest plugging the £45m budget black hole. 

Transport for London are denying any such plans exist, but with a number of private hire waiting areas, residing on private land, replacing Licence Taxi ranks and the announcement of the 24hr tube, stations that have been end of  line ‘ghost stops’ could be hubs for commuters travelling late at night.

Fixed point pre-booking machines could well be a feature of the modern underground network. 

If passengers are to be accosted by ‘clipboard Johnny’ before even leaving a station then this will strike yet another blow for the trade.

RMT LTDB along with the union’s  London Regional Council will resist any proposals that seek to undermine the licensed London taxi driver’s right to ply for hire.



Rumped said...

One thing you can be sure of is that they won't be selling the trade out for a portion of steak and chips!

Veritas said...

Something to think about:

I have searched and searched and apart from London there is what is effectively our competitor (TfL and bus mad HENDY) acting as our licensing authority.

That's why the Winter Wonderland Rank is where it is and why we got shafted over the Olympics.

They want the money in the fare box, not in you cab!

Of course the LTDA and the other 'hangers on' that sit on the committees of LCDC and Unite know thiis but for reasons unknown say nowt.

Surely it's not a paltry seat on the TfL board, a dinner with Mason or a bit of marshalling that keeps them Schtum?

Anonymous said...

Go and have a look in any station, most have a mini cab office inside the station somewhere.

Editorial said...

Why do you think we're losing our ranks at LUzl stations.
They are pushing passengers towards these satellite offices to keep the rentable value high.