Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Uber reportedly gave a job applicant full access to customer travel records

Companies court potential employees all the time with things like lavish meals, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and much, much more. In the case of Uber, it seems one of those perks was a look behind the curtain of its operations. Citing an anonymous source, The Washington Post reports that an Uber job applicant was given unfettered access to the company's customer ride database after interviewing at its Washington DC offices last year, allowing him to see the travel records of anyone — including family members of politicians. The experience was time-limited, though The Post says that it lasted for "several hours" after the interview concluded.

"Access lasted for several hours after the interview"

In a statement, Uber says its own privacy policies limit data access to "legitimate business purposes," and that its database is monitored and audited by data security specialists. Furthermore, the company says that any violations of that policy "result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination and legal action."

Nonetheless, The Post's report is another black mark against Uber's handling of privacy and user data in recent weeks. The company's recently been under fire for two separate incidents involving its executives making privacy gaffes. One involved comments by Uber executive Emil Michael, who, while at a private dinner in New York, suggested spending $1 million to dig up dirt on journalists using a team of "opposition researchers." The other involved Josh Mohrer, general manager of Uber New York, who last month was accused of improperly using the transportation company's tools to track the travels of a journalist, and has since been "disciplined."

    Source: TheVerge


Anonymous said...

I am effing delighted to read this ! Absolutely delighted !
I wonder whether the wet behind the ears and vastly inexperienced 24 year old Lara Prendergast from The Spectator still agrees with her own short sighted comparison ?
Lara wrote........"The black cab’s plight is self-made. Technology is increasingly being used to offer customers better, more reliable and cheaper options, and any industry ignores this at its peril. In the battle between iconic and innovative, it’s hard to feel too nostalgic when you’re being offered a better deal. Capitalism is alive on the roads of London – and for a 24-year-old girl trying to get round the city, that’s great news."

Here's a lesson for you Lara. "Cheaper Options" as you refer to Uber as, isn't always as cheap as you thought, are they ?
Studying your privacy and data and watching every move you make via your personal details, doesn't sound like "Technology is increasingly being used to offer customers better, more reliable and cheaper " to me love ! I shudder to think what could be done with all that personal and financial data held by a mini cab firm.

And furthermore Lara, any 24 year old trainee journalist " ignores this at their peril...."

You are young, but you will learn !

8829 Semtex

Anonymous said...

Another great piece of research, hat off to you guys at Taxi Leaks Towers