Friday, December 05, 2014

Oxford Street Dangerous To Health: 500 New Buses Exempt From ULEZ, To Add To Pollution Problems.

Shopping on Oxford Street could damage your health according to new research by the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. Scientists found that healthy people exposed to fumes for just two hours suffered damage to their arteries and yet TfL are about to put another 500 buses on the road.

Researchers found that standing for two hours on Oxford Street in London could damage your health

Much of the damage is caused by nitrogen dioxide pollution which is produced mainly by diesel vehicles such as the many thousands of London buses. Although Boris has bought in measures to reduce emissions from Taxis, he plans to implement a policy that would make his beloved new Boris bus exempt from charges under the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zones.

During the summer, researchers from King's College in London discovered that Oxford Street had the world's highest recorded levels of nitrogen dioxide. 

It is believed that the shape of Oxford Street, with tall buildings either side, traps in the deadly fumes.

Under existing plans, the worst areas - including London, Birmingham and Leeds - would not meet the pollution limits until 2030, campaigners say.

Britain breached EU targets in 2010 for levels of nitrogen dioxide, a gas particle from car engines and factories which causes breathing and heart problems.

It is still nowhere near adequate levels, and has repeatedly asked to be granted extensions to the EU deadline.

The European court, which is based in Luxembourg, ruled that the UK’s Supreme Court now has jurisdiction over the matter and must order the Government to take action to meet the legal limits in a much shorter time frame.

The Government is also facing a separate £300million fine for failing to meet the EU’s air quality directive on pollution. Some 16 areas including Greater London, Greater Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield and the West Midlands are currently in breach of the targets.

Environmental lawyers ClientEarth, who brought the case against Defra, the Government’s environment department, said the ruling is likely to mean rolling out London’s planned ‘ultralow emissions zone’ (ULEZ) to cities across the country.

Extending pavement, narrowing road space and placing traffic islands opposite bus stops have caused massive congestion, yet planners will not admit, they got it wrong.

The ULEZ plan, drawn up by Boris Johnson, will mean charging diesel car owners £10 to enter the city centre and scrapping old taxis. Unfortunately Boris just doesn't get it. Report after report has shown that old Taxis are less polluting than present new vehicles and so his policy, instead of being a solution, is adding to the problem. 


Anonymous said...

Why is there no legal challange against tfl.

I'm Spartacus said...

It's been done, the 'state' closed ranks and it's a tremendous task seeking the decision of a public authority overturned.

We need to build a bigger coalition and get the environmental lobby to actually realise that TfL's strategy is making things worse not better.

We as you know have campaigned long and hard about a public enquiry into TfL and it's unaccountable, high handed way of operating, we are hearing that the net is finally closing.

Moor soon....