Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hackney cabs protest brings traffic chaos to Liverpool city centre in Delta Taxis row

Taxi drivers protested by driving past Liverpool's Town Hall beeping their horns

Liverpool’s “taxi war” continued as hackney cab drivers brought traffic to a standstill in the city centre today.

They were protesting about plans to open a branch of Sefton-based Delta taxis in Liverpool city centre.

Black cabs caused roads to be blocked by driving slowly through they city’s streets, honking their horns and using a loudspeaker to shout “Joe must Go” in reference to city mayor Joe Anderson.

The taxis continued to snake through town all afternoon, driving a lorry emblazoned with another message referring to the Mayor.

For years city firms and cabbies have complained that Delta have been undermining their chances of making a living, being licensed in neighbouring Sefton but getting a huge share of the Liverpool trade.

The firm has not directly commented on the recent controversy, but in December last year, when the Liverpool Taxi Alliance took a vote of no confidence in council licensing chiefs over the amount of city work going to Delta cabs, boss Paul McLaughlin said: “As far as we are concerned, the council’s doing a fantastic job, everything the law requires, but it’s the city taxi drivers who want to take the law back 100 years.

“If other firms invested the same in technology and training as we do then they might have the same success.”

Jimmy Bradley, spokesman for the Liverpool Taxi Alliance, said: “By allowing Delta to open this office in the city centre, they’re creating the circumstances for a taxi war in Liverpool.

“We have paid millions of pounds in licensing fees over the last 25 years, and this comes as a total kick in the teeth.”

The city council has said Mayor Anderson was committed to working with all parties to ensure the best outcome.

It has added that the council is under a legal duty to grant private hire operator licences to applicants who meet the criteria, and would be open to legal proceedings if it did not

Warning over fake taxi drivers in Bristol

People using taxis over the festive season are being warned about fake people posing as taxi drivers. Bristol City Council say they see an increase at this time of year of bogus vehicles claiming to be legitimate taxi services.

The council are advising people to look for the official plate, which should be on the front and back of the vehicle, before getting inside a car and to check for an identity badge with their licence number, photograph and logo of the local council on it.

Licensed vehicles are easy to spot, but unfortunately there are rogue drivers who are putting public safety at risk and will try to take advantage of Christmas party goers.

Unlicensed taxi drivers put lives at risk. Please be safe and take a licensed taxi this Christmas.


Bristol City Council have released these safety tips:

  • Make a note of the vehicle licence number and driver’s badge number and text them to a friend/family member

  • Keep your mobile phone at hand

  • When you get to your destination ask the driver to wait until you get inside

  • If you feel unsafe ask to be dropped off in a well-lit area where there are plenty of people.

All licensed drivers and vehicles are required to meet a number of stringent checks prior to being licensed, these include criminal records checks for drivers and vehicle testing for vehicles to safeguard the public.


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Bulls..t... bristol is flooded with out of town taxis. . BCC licensing are full of it. . They haven't got a clue what drivers are working the streets of bristol. ..