Tuesday, December 02, 2014

FBU Strike Action Announced

The Fire Brigade Union (FBU) have announced new 24 hr strike action taking place from: 
09:00 on Tuesday 9th December 2014 

After which industrial action short of strike will commence from 09:00 on Wednesday 10th December 2014 until further notice.

As with previous FBU strike action, there will be contingency cover in place across London for these dates.

It is the 48th period of industrial action by members of the Fire Brigades Union since the dispute began in 2013.

The FBU says the walkouts stem from proposals to have firefighters work until they are 60 instead of 55 and fears over lower pensions.

The government has said its contingency plans are "robust".

It has said ministers did make "progress" on issues of concern to firefighters and put forward a revised offer.

The FBU said the proposals will also see firefighters pay more into their pensions and leave them at risk of dismissal as fitness levels decline into their 50s.

The union's general secretary, Matt Wrack, said: "Firefighters in England are reluctantly calling further strike action today as a direct result of the Westminster government's failure to listen and negotiate over pensions.

"Firefighters are asking the Westminster government to immediately open genuine negotiations to resolve this dispute. They should also hold a House of Commons debate to fully scrutinise the legislation and there should be a parliamentary vote on the regulations.

"Firefighters will fight for however long it takes to secure a fair pensions deal - this dispute will not end as long as the regulations remain unchanged."

The last strike action, lasting four-days, took place in November. The walkout on 9 December will begin at 09:00 GMT.

The industrial action has seen fire authorities hire contractors to cover for striking FBU members.
Any updates will be sent out if circumstances change.

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Anonymous said...

I am 100% behind our brave Firefighters, unlike the conniving, untrustworthy gangster Government Ministers.
Once again, the suits of Whitehall attempt to penny pinch and renege on a few quid of pension rights.
If they had their way, Firefighters would be climbing up ladders through burning windows at 65 years old !
My lovely old father in law was a legend in Blue Watch, and risked his life at disasters such as Clapham, Moorgate, Kings Cross and the Deptford Fire. He would turn in his grave to see how these ponces from Westminster have turned on his old profession.
Just as they have betrayed our trade, the perfidious imposters in SW1, turn on another essential service, to finance the scourge of priority foreign demand, in an effort to gain votes.
And they have the gall to say Guy Fawkes was a conspirator !
I will be supporting our Firefighters during this strike. God only knows, we need them !
8829 Semtex