Thursday, December 18, 2014

Garrett Emmerson : The Final Jim Thomas.

Garrett Emmerson's arrogant performance on London Live.

Members from both the licensed Taxi and Private Hire Trades are calling for the resignation or Garrett Emmerson, after his disastrous performance in an interview on London Live. 

After being told by the elected members of Grater London Authority Transport Committee that TfL's performance was woefully inadequate, Emmerson arrogantly refused to  accept anything was/is wrong. He then added insult to injury by exaggerating past performance results and actually lied about manpower resources. 

In the interview, Caroline Pidgeon stated cab enforcement in London is woefully under resourced. Garrett countered that the overhaul status of enforcement should include not only TfL's impotent compliance, who have no authority over licensed or unlicensed touts, but also the whole metropolitan police force. He said the actual footfall of enforcement was more in the region of 400. He would have been more accurate had he said the region of Narnia. 

The proof as they say is in the pudding:
Back in November, the Chair of the LCDC sent a Text to an enforcement officer he had met in a previous meeting. The text appertained to touting being carried out at the Walkabout Pub. The reply shown below shows the true extent of Cab Enforcement in London, on a Saturday night. 

Text published on Twitter 

The text is proof, Garrett Emmerson tried to mislead Caroline Pidgeon, chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, over the issue of enforcement manpower. 

Amazingly he also said he finds it hard to recognise that TfL need to get the basics right. As an instance, he alleged illegal touting had reduced by 37%!!!
This is nonsense, what he should have said is, the number of convictions for illegal touting fell by 37%, a completely different aspect.

He also tried to allude that it's TfL's regulatory service, that is looked upon as the Gold Standard, when in fact it is the London Taxi Trade, which is the Gold Standard, and not because of TfL but despite TfL. 

TfL never made the Taxi Service in London the best Taxi service in the world, they inherited us from the Met.

Editorial Comment:

Emmerson's denial of the problems highlighted by this report, show's his position at TfL is untenable.

Another aspect of TfL's LTPH that needs exploring is the splitting up of Taxis and Private Hire. They are two separate trades and have different operating needs and policies. 

There is no way they should be under one directorate. 

After all, we don't have London Underground and Buses. Both are separate divisions of Transport in London with two separate directorates and Managing Directors. 


TfL HR services. said...

Hope Garret enjoys his last Christmas, with TfL

Anonymous said...

This man is speaking on behalf of the Mayor and is lying through his teeth. There needs to be a Cabbies Against Boris protest in Uxbridge in January. The mayor and his cronies should resign or be sacked

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Jim so hes now saying combined there's 400 enforcement officers so where are they ?????? So it just goes to show even with the so called 400 enforcement officers they still can't enforce PH or even drivers with out identifiers let's hope come the new year We will have someone in TFL that's capabel of running us

Editorial said...

Clear signage to be a letter on the number plate
T for Taxi
P for private hire

We must expanded this to

B for bus
C for coach
F for fire engine

Just so people will know what is what

Amongst other suggestions is TFL's compliance team vehicles
W for, well we can think of an appropriate word!

Anonymous said...

I hear Peter Hendy's rout master starts with the Letter A, how appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Just written to my M.P.
Others I have spoken to last night, have as well
There is a General election next year.
I think he will to do the right thing after reading the report and has seen how the surface transport director has conducted himself

Anonymous said...

it appears that Boris`s staff take after him,LYING

Anonymous said...

The true number of Enforcement Officers is more like 400 ? Is it Garrett ?
Then tell them from me they ain't worth a wank, and neither are you Mister !

Gerald Coba said...

Excellent articles again Jimmy.
Trouble is the ones who need to go, the ones who have been responsible for our demise, will get off as Emmerson is made scapegoat.

Hendy, DANIELS and Everitt are as much to Blame and should also be shown the door.

Merry Christmas to all at Taxi Leaks and Thanks for all your hard work over the past year.

Ex Clubber said...

TfL could not lie in bed straight.

Pity Grant Davis did not support those who have been telling the trade for years about this.
His sudden conversion to cab trade hero is laughable. He sat at those (now discredited by the GLA) meetings that failed to challenge TfL on any of this.

Another stunt.

Anonymous said...

Emmerson will be there long after we are gone, TFL are now untouchable, and thats under a tory administration. Imagine what they will be like with Diane Abbot in charge.

Battersea bob said...

This has been a fourteen year experiment that like mass immigration has not we,the great London cabby have survived against all odds is a testament to our superior knowledge.keep fighting these jobsworths and we will win...up the revolution...

Anonymous said...

with full media briefing, 1,000 TAXIS should turn-up outside Emmerson's house at 3am in the morning - ALL with placards in their windows saying:


Anonymous said...

Top brass at TfL were offered large bonuses if they report came out well for them

The minions at Pallestra were offered peanuts

Oh dear, hope they never ordered big turkeys on the strength of their PRP bonuses

Although Hendy and Daniels will probably still get theirs

Let's not forget Hendy got knighted after admitting to paying a prostitute for sex.

Still we mustn't firget "he's no ones moral compass"

Gerald said...

I see the "it was me that done it all" brigade are at it again.

This project predates the UCG and was instigated by John Kennedy, when he first set up his PR org in 2007.

John had a good relationship with Caroline.
I'm sure john has kept the emails