Monday, December 01, 2014

What Happens In The Back Of A Taxi, Should It Stay In The Back Of TheTaxi?

BBC 5 Live Interview, David Mellor London Black Taxi Cab story

Watch David Mellors Apology On LBC 

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Veritas said...

About time the cab driver showed his face, we have questions for him too?

Difficult one this, one things for sure, if passengers get the impression we are eavesdropping all the time, they will use someone else.

It is in fact illegal and I don't approve, yes he was pissed and lairy, what's new!

Also like Mellor will the cab driver be donating his fee from the Sun to a cab trade charity?

Anonymous said...

TfL would prosecute anyone assaulting their staff and that's a fact!

Taxi drivers are on there own and have to protect themmselves against shanks like Mellor.

Johnny Bigallo said...

We have questions for him too. Oh really. And you are ? The cab trade Gestspo no doubt !

Anonymous said...
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Editorial said...

Comment was removed because Justin puts his name to everything he does and is 100% accountable.

It's not right that you should be able to critise his interview! or make accusations anonymously

Anonymous said...

When I was working the buses a driver was called the p word . By a drunk pass anger , after an argument , the driver was off for 2 years on full pay suffering from. Stress , Some of the things taxi drivers go through are dame right dangerous , and we don't even get help from the old bili. I always have my I phone ready now ,, also After 27 years. Driving a taxi , if a customer has a prefered. Route take it , you can't go wrong only they can ...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this sad turnout.
Without doubt, David Mellor took a liberty with our colleague, and just because he was pissed, decided to give a bullying show of strength and elitism.
We've all had them in the back of the cab, haven't we?

What concerns me slightly though, is that for 350 years or so, one of the things that have set our trade apart from all of the other imposters is......Confidentiality.

Punters know that they can discuss business in our cabs, and what goes on in the cab, stays in the cab. A little bit like a doctor and patient thing.

Frankly, I have always been amazed at the level of some of the discussions that are held in my cab!
As we all can testify, it's never a shock to us London Cabbies what we read in the newspapers about the big nobs in the City and Parliament, as we hear it all first in the cab !

Although I sympathise totally with our colleague, I just don't feel comfortable that the taping part of this evidence is doing our trade any favours, being bandied about as it is.

I have already had tongue in cheek remarks asking if I had the tape on in the cab.

I have picked David Mellor up three or four times over the years, mainly from the Tower Hotel rank. I didn't find him too bad to be honest, and had a laugh with him and a discussion about classical music.
But like all of us, when the old fire water hits the belly, the sense and rationality go out the window.

I don't think Mellor could have done too much more to hold his hands up and apologise. I believe he has even chucked a few quid into our trade charity.
I know he shouldn't have said it, but we have all been pricks with a drop of beer in us, I know I have !

The point is though, in a world where Police Officers, MP's, Priests, and now shockingly, senior consultant surgeons can't be trusted, I fear that getting embroiled by taping high profile punters in our cabs, may be leading our reputation and formidable trust, up the wrong path.

CCTV, enforcement cameras, security cameras and listening devices are of course all part of the modern world we live and work in.
I know it's old fashioned, but unless we are being held up with a knife or a gun in our heads, I honestly think we should deal with our trade issues in private and retain our famous confidentiality status.

I will be glad when this Mellor issue blows over and is forgotten about.

Be Lucky all.

8829 Semtex