Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's Being Said In The House About Zero Emission Taxis And Buses... By Jim Thomas.

Someone should point out to the under Secretary Of State (DoT) that Nissan have pulled out of the London Taxi market over confusion concerning the ULEZ and the fact their Petrol engine Taxi would be obsolete within 3 years. 

During the Olympic trials, the Hydrogen Taxis were considered to be unsafe in confined spaces. They were banned by the DoT from using tunnels under the Thames and were not allowed on most mainline station ranks. They had to stick to specified routes.  

The retail value of these vehicle potential hydrogen bombs was put somewhere between £75,000 and £85,000 each, although we couldn't get manufactures to give a more accurate estimate on cost. 

Both vehicles used, had to be loaded onto a low-loader and taken to the Midlands to be refuelled, as there were/are no facilities in London.

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Who Flung Dung said...

The only emissions we seem to get from TfL and the mayor are bullshit emissions and plenty of them,