Thursday, November 20, 2014

US Senator Writes To Uber, Over Threats To Journalists And Fears About Personal Security GPS Data Misuse.

The U.S. Senate has written to Travis Kalanick over grave certain relating to the company's behaviour. Uber have made widespread threats to all journalists who have criticised the App and Uber have said they will be looking into dishing the dirt and exposing the said journalists. 

Senator Al Franken, also brings up the matter of personal security after it has been widely publicised that  In November, Josh Mohrer, the head of the firm’s New York office, had arranged an interview with Johana Bhuiyan, a reporter for BuzzFeed News. Bhuiyan arrived in an Uber car to find Mohrer waiting for her, holding an iPhone. “I was tracking you,” he told her.

Below is the Letter addressed to Travis Kalanick dated the 19th November 2014.


  Images Taken from Twitter. 

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