Thursday, November 20, 2014

Uber Drivers Under More Pressure: Catalonia, immobilisation of Uber cars by Decree

All the Catalan parliamentary groups agreed yesterday, to promote a joint resolution to push the Government to approve a decree law, allowing root intrusiveness from Uber to be tackled, in the taxi sector.

The intention is that the Catalan Executive, modify taxi law so that it includes the immobilisation of Uber vehicles operating in Barcelona in unfair competition with taxis. 

It has been confirmed by the taxi drivers Elite Association, that after months of negotiations and protests, they have managed to convince the Catalan parliamentarians to propose an effective tool against this implementation of public transport that has sparked anger in the industry.

If the Decree is approved, the legislation would freeze Uber vehicles and force their drivers to pay, up to 6,000 euros to recover them.

But Taxi drivers are suspicious of the Government

The Government already announced last week its intention to promote these changes through the 2015 budget accompaniment Act. 

But this route does not meet the wishes of taxi drivers, who do not trust that the Catalan political instability which could prevent the accounts being approved and therefore, the legislative measures to stop Uber. 

For that reason, the active Elite Group continues its pressure to achieve the commitment of forces represented in the Parliament. 

Yesterday they received notification that this unanimous agreement exists and there is a string possibility of Government stopping Uber by decree.

It would be the second victory of the Elite drivers, after having pushed to the Barcelona City Council to approve sanctions of up to 5,000 euros on Uber drivers, in July.


Anonymous said...

La ley y la justicia sólo tiene un camino.
Y Uber no lo sigue.

Editorial said...

Translation to above comment 2:51

Law and Justice has only a path.
And über does not follow it.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at TfL ZZZZZzzzzzz