Sunday, November 02, 2014

No Mercedes Vitos, For Sale? As Nissan Offers Test Drives Ahead Of Launch.

Dear Jim 
Just a note to let you know, I recently wrote to Mercedes to find out if they knew anywhere I could purchase a Vito. 

Please see my email. 

Dear Sir 
The London Vito Taxi Club gave me this e-mail address to enquire about buying a new Vito taxi for london. 

This morning Nissan showroom in Canary Wharf called me and offered to test drive their new Taxi that is being launched shortly, obviously with the intention of selling me one. 

I've heard nothing but good stuff about the Vito and would at least want to try it and compare figures etc before I go for the untried and untested Nissan.

 However, KPM has gone bust and no one, nowhere seem to know what is happening with the sales of new Vito Taxis?

 Do you have any idea of who can currently sell me, or at least will be able to sell me a new Vito in the near future? 

Have you got any contact details for someone in the London area that I can enquire frther with in regards to this?

Best Regards Xxxx

And they replied:
 Dear Mr Xxxx

Thank you for your email and your enquiry regarding purchasing a Vito Taxi.

Clearly Vito Taxi has been a great success and offered choice for the London Taxi trade, however there is currently no Mercedes-Benz Dealer franchised to sell the Vito Taxi.

We are working closely with all relevant parties to ensure that Vito Taxi has a route to market as quickly as possible and we will be in contact when we have further information.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Sharp
Technical Resolution Manager 
Mercedes-Benz UK Limited 

Customer Service - Van

MK15 8BA

Breaking news:

Not to be outdone by Nissan, we have now been informed the all new MetroCab, will be available for inspection on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 10am – 3pm at the New Oak Cafe, Hermitage Street, Paddington, London, W2. Take a look and a ride.

I have also been informed by MB Stratfort that Vito Taxis will be available from December/January. Apparently, there is to be an all new model due in March 2015, so it may be worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Seems like the end of the MB then?

Anonymous said...

still waiting on the launch for these poxy cabs, what a joke also nissan first said they would be around 27/28k now there saying 32/33k, another rip off merchant like the other two