Friday, November 07, 2014

Letters To Editor: TfL Replace Taxi Licence With Minicab Licence: Dial A Scab App?


Having recently moved house as required, I send back my hackney carriage vehicle licence for reissue to the new address.

Unbelievably this morning, back came a Private Hire vehicle licence with all the details of my old vehicle.

I called and as ever hung on for ages (at my cost) to sort it out, eventually I was told "don't worry we will send out another".

 Of course no apology and of course a prime example of the chaos and lack of security at Totally Failing London.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Name supplied. 

Dear Jim 

I'm very worried about what was posted on Twitter yesterday. Apparently, the poster said a customer had used the DAC  app to book from an account and was sent an Addison Lee car. What makes it worst is a board member for DAC categorically denied this. Even though the driver had been shown the App on the phone of the customer. 

Is Dial A Cab not a "Licensed Taxi" company any more?

Why do they have to go along the same path as the greedy Hailo triumvirate. I suppose they will roll out the same old tired excuse, saying the customer these days demands a one stop transport shop. 

Bullshit, how many PH operators offer Taxis?

No wonder this trade is on its last legs, put a cabby in a suit, and he sells you down the Swanee.

Below is the image showing the Dial A Cab app, posted on Twitter. It clearly shows that potential customers to Dial A Cab are being offered an assortment of deferent minicabs. 

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Keep up the great work your team does Jim.

Gerald Coba.

Editor Answers

Gerald, I did see the posts made on this issue, plus you make a very valid point.

How many complaints do we see from Addison Lee or Brunel Cars customers who have been sent a Taxi instead of a car? 

How come our Taxi apps and radio companies say they have to offer minicabs because this is what the customer demands and the drivers accept this like sheep? 

How does this only work one way round?

First we had Hailo cars embedded into CityMapper Travel app, offering better prices than Taxis, now we have the Uber App embedded into Google maps.

Jim, spotted this yesterday as I was about to upgrade to Google maps iOS 8.

All the best, Colin.

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