Thursday, November 27, 2014

Disabled victimised at Winter Wonderland by Westminster City Council.... By Jim Thomas

So, finally we find out who is behind the exclusion of the Taxi trade from the old rank in South Carriage Drive.

At a site meeting, which took place yesterday, the trade found that the major objector to drivers using the rank, usually implemented outside the main exit to Winter Wonderland on South Carriage Drive (SCD), is in fact "Westminster City Council".

Westminster officials are adamant that the trade should be banned from SCD and be made to use the new, badly situated rank, in a deserted part of North Carriage Drive

Something is not right here and only time will tell why we have been excluded from SCD, as no rational explanation has been laid on the table.

When asked about disabled access to transport from the event, Westminster City Council unbelievably suggested that people with disabilities such as wheelchair users, should make their way across a major six lane 40mph carriageway (Park Lane), to the Intercontinental rank in Hamilton Place, on the off chance there may be a taxi waiting there.

Surely under the Equality Act this can't be ethical. 

The London Taci trade have also been informed that as far as Westminster are concerned, the book is now closed on this issue and there will be no further meetings or discussions.

But last night, defiant Taxi Drivers were still ranking outside the main exit on South Carriage Drive. Police were occasionally moving on Cabs, but speaking to individual officers, it appears, most actually support the call for a reinstatement of the old rank on safety issues.

To say members of certain orgs within the United Trade Group are disappointed with their reps handling of this issue, would be a massive understatement. Many feel the situation should never have got this far out of hand and a suitable rank should have been sorted  months ago.

Perhaps these people who take our hard earned money, just are not up to the job! 

As of this morning, no official statement has been made on behalf of the United Trade Group to their members.
Not one word from the biggest representative group, the LTDA who are alleged to have over 10,000 member.

Anyone wishing to personally complain about this

situation should email Westminster City Councils Transport Commisioner Martin Low :

             We Shall not, we shall not be moved 

Drivers still ranking outside the main exit of WinterWonderlad last night.

For regular updates on the situation on SCD please follow
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Anonymous said...

The Lcdc committee payed themselves a whopping £38,000 in stand down pay in the last year, which aquates to approx 1,900 hours of service representing their members... And what have the members received in return, F.A. Drivers really need to think twice before giving over any more of their hard earned money to these incompetent, sponging shysters!!!

alfie cane said...

Email sent to Westminster , this is a disgrace .

Anonymous said...

What is the point of having a wheelchair accessable vehicle, if wheelchair users can't get to us.

This is a disgrace

Ex LTDA'er said...

Not happy with the LTDA over this, so just cancelled my membership
Why don't you join me
Eventually they will take notice, if anyone is still alive down there in w9

Do you really want to be represented by some one who's catch phrase is " No one tells me anything"

Anonymous said...

The Ltda have taken in £45 million in driver subscriptions over the last 30 years!

That's an awful lot of money been paid to keep the chosen few in the lap of luxury while the London taxi trade gets dismantled brick by brick, year after year.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well this is simple let's join a union that looks after out interested RMT GD / SMAC jog on we need a union that represents us not shits on us I bet there will not be so many LTDA dairies on order this year

Anonymous said...

I'm sick banging my head against a brick wall in saying the following


Westminster City Council have absolutely NO AUTHORITY on such matters

Dickie MASSETT LTDA Chairman take note

Anonymous said...

Re my posting at 8.56p.m

Last line after Chairman please insert !Ranks Committee"

Gerald Coba said...

Jimmy, I see the Met have taken notice of the tweets you sent out suggesting that as they have the power to implement a temporary rank anywhere they feel necessary. Last evening the police organised a rank in SCD and using the HiVi WW staff to marshal said rank.

Well done jimmy on this. You managed to do what the UTG failed to do and let's hope that this temporary rank continues and common sense prevails.