Friday, November 07, 2014

Brian Rice Answers Rumours Re Dial A Cab App Rumour.

Hi Jim 


I hope you are well!


I have seen a few anomalies on Twitter regarding our App and a ‘follow up’ on Taxileaks.


Why drivers can’t ask me what is happening, instead of a Board Member that doesn’t know, or divulges the incorrect information, is beyond me.


Anyway, I would like to put the record straight, Dial-a-Cab do not supply cars to members of the public or indeed our Account clients.


If a Credit Client of Dial-a-Cab orders a car from us, they will not get one via our App, on-line, or off the telephone, we do not supply cars to clients!


However, regarding Account Clients with Concierge, our App mirrors their account and we have six clients that have the Concierge system, consequently, they are in a position to order a car on their account exactly the same as on-line or telephone, Deutsche Bank is one of those clients.


This has now been going on for ten years and I am getting a little weary of explaining the situation, so in a nutshell.  A member of the public or an Account Customer cannot order a car via our App or by any other means, unless they are one of the ‘six’ that use Concierge!


I hope I have clarified the situation.


Kind regards





Brian Rice


Dial-a-Cab (ODRTS Ltd)


James Thomas said...

If Dial a Cab supplies s Car via Concierge are they breaking the law in that the word 'Cab' or 'Taxi' cannot be used by PH?

simco said...

Dial a Cab supplies cars - simples