Friday, October 31, 2014

Uber, not as cheap as some may think, new survey shows,

London is the fifth most expensive city to travel around, according to research by online transport platform Go Euro.

The company ranked 60 of the world’s major cities based on the cost of their urban transit options including public transport, taxis and peer-to-peer platform Uber.

London’s average cost for a public transport ticket was £4.68 for a single journey while a 10-kilometre taxi ride cost £17.91 and a similar length journey using Uber was £20.78. So, people standing by Taxi ranks and using their phones to call up an Uber car, are paying more in most cases than if they just jumped into the Taxi on point.

Only Stockholm, Zurich, Gothenburg and Rotterdam were more expensive for similar journeys, while Manchester ranked as the 18th most expensive for urban transit. 

Public transport cost £2.58 per ride in Manchester while taxi and Uber journeys were £12.94 and £12.61 respectively. Again not such a great saving while standing about, watching vacant Taxis drive by while waiting for an Uber car to locate you with their sat-nav.

The top 10 cheapest cities were dominated by Asian hubs with New Delhi, Mumbai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City taking the top five spots.


Anonymous said...

Thousands of a Uber riders already know this, after having their credit cards Max out!

Anonymous said...

I, and no doubt many other drivers love the "Need a taxi -just stick your hand out"

Where do we get them from?

"A must have" in our efforts to survive

Editorial said...

Just a bit of photoshopping I'm afraid.