Thursday, October 23, 2014

Uber hit with French “deceptive practices” fine, UK tax complaint and Uber no longer operating in Tuscaloosa

Uber keeps getting disrupted by European laws. 

On top of those recent >Dutch driver arrests<, the U.S. quasi-taxi outfit has now been >fined €100,000 ($128,000)< in France for falsely marketing its paid-for UberPop (a.k.a. UberX) offering as a carpooling service, and told by the Parisian court to warn its drivers that they face “criminal conviction.”

 Meanwhile, in the U.K. transport authorities have >referred Uber to the tax authorities< for, unlike other taxi firms, not paying any tax in the U.K. (Revenues go to a Dutch subsidiary that’s >owned by a Bermuda subsidiary<.) 

Indian authorities are >also on the firm’s case< over tax, so at least it’s not just Europe.

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    Source: Gigaom

Uber no longer operating in Tuscaloosa

Police Chief Steve Anderson told the City Council on Tuesday that the Uber ride-sharing service is telling its drivers to stay out of Tuscaloosa.

"It appears they have ceased operations in Tuscaloosa for the time being," Anderson said.

The city said earlier this month that Uber drivers would face arrest unless the San Francisco-based company complied with a series of vehicle-for-hire regulations that are enforced on other, more traditional taxi services.

City Attorney Glenda Webb said she had not heard from Uber's legal representatives since Oct. 7.

"Like everything else Chief Anderson and the TPD handles, they did a great job on this," said District 6 Councilman Eddie Pugh. "We appreciate what you did on this, chief."

Uber is a global transportation company that recently expanded into 24 new cities, 22 of them college towns like Tuscaloosa, prior to the start of the 2014 college football season.

Uber officials said the service it offers is not that of a traditional taxi cab business.

Uber doesn't own the vehicles or employ the drivers — each is an independent contractor who uses his or her own vehicle — but the company said drivers must pass records checks going back seven years.

Because of this, Uber officials said the city's "outdated rules" governing traditional taxi and limousine services do not apply to them.

    Source: Tuscaloosa news


Anonymous said...

Indeed they talk about Digital Disruption, really all they are is another Gotla.

A sweatshop where mugs put in a 15 hour shift and suits elsewhere rake in the money.

Seem other authorities defend their cab drivers, TfL just want income.

Anonymous said...

Hang on!

So if I set up a catering company, and my food service is provided by contractors who use their own kitchens (or garages) and produce (fresh from the large bins behind Tesco) does this mean that I am not responsible for any health and safety issues that may occur when hygiene laws are flouted and customers using my service are poisoned or killed......or Arsenic Aldo gets released and rather than reopen his restaurant '33' sets up with my company and gets up to his old tricks.


They used to say 'it could only happen in The States' but it definitly looks like the Buggers are exporting their lunacy to anyone greedy enough to embrace it!!!!