Thursday, October 16, 2014

Uber Advertising On TfL WebSite.

An open letter to Sir Peter Hendy: 

Dear Sir Peter,
I would like to bring your attention to the fact that the smart phone app Uber, is currently a major advertiser on LTPH website.

I feel that in the present circumstances concerning this controversial private hire operator, it is in very bad taste and inappropriate for TfL to allow this advert on their web pages. 

Surely a licensing authority would have to be seen as impartial and independent from Taxi and Private Hire Trade due to the fact of them being the regulator.

Many licensed Taxi drivers, myself included have been  surprised at the level of protection TfL have offered to this controversial operator. They were originally licensed in 2012, operating from an office complex in More London. They did for some months operate from a property in N1 for which they did not have a license or variation. According to the TfL staff manual, their operators licence should have been revoked with immediate affect. 

The matter was reported by myself to TfL, but the company was unbelievably given time to apply and receive a license variation before our complaint was answered. 

Now the TfL website is awash with adverts from this company which we as a trade find insulting and inappropriate.

To avoid possible allegations of a "pay off for protection", I  therefore feel the most appropriate action from TfL would be to remove all the offending adverts.

I look forward to your reply. 

Jim Thomas
Editor, Taxi Leaks blog.


Buster said...

Maybe the TfL board need to investigate!
What about the local government standards officer?
Don't hold your breath!

I'm Spartacus said...

I have checked every taxi authority in the world including TLC of New York and every other regulator in the U.K(OfWat, ORR, OfGen etc. Etc.) none of them, repeat none of them carry any advertising.

That would of course create a conflict of interest, why is this not clear to TfL, The TfL Board and the Mayor's office?

Perhaps it is and they don't care?