Thursday, October 09, 2014

Tube strike suspended after 'substantial progress' in talks

As I'm Spartacus said, we need these people negotiating on behalf of us.

No wonder LTPH will move heaven and earth to exclude them.

The pity is, others in the trade can't see through that.

                  Strike off after substantial progress made by RMT

A planned 48-hour strike by London Underground workers has been suspended following talks.

Tube staff had intended to strike next week, from 21:00 BST on Tuesday until 20:59 on Thursday, as part of a long-running dispute over staff cuts.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) said "significant progress" had been made in three key areas of talks with Transport for London (TfL). 

The dispute is over TfL plans to save £50m a year by closing ticket offices.

It says it needs to save £4.2bn by 2020.

Originally, 953 jobs were to go but that figure has now been reduced to 897 and TfL said it anticipated that the number would fall further as a result of continued discussions

Following a meeting at the conciliation service Acas, the two parties also agreed to continue consultations on the changes. 

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: "The substantial improvements we have agreed allow us to move forwards but the union's core opposition to the austerity-led cuts on London Underground has not shifted an inch and we remain vigilant to further developments and their impact."

Phil Hufton, chief operating officer of London Underground, said: "Nothing positive would be achieved through this strike action and this threat had no logic to it whatsoever apart from attempting to disrupt hard working Londoners and their [RMT] members losing two days pay. 

"By simply continuing to talk without imposing unnecessary threats is obviously the best solution, which is recognised by the other trades unions."

    Source: BBC news.


Anonymous said...

The comment' we need these people negotiating for us' shows a complete lack of understanding for the entire situation. It is an absurd thing to say.
The Transport Unions can negotiate on behalf of their members because those members are employees and have contracts.
They can also do so because there is a structure in place to enable that and because they have something to negotiate with; untied support from their members. They have a clear objective of what they need to achieve and what needs to happen to do that.

Taxi drivers are not employees of TFL and have no contractual rights.
Taxi Drivers do not have anything to negotiate with or an objective to negotiate for.

I am sick and tired of saying the same thing; the ONLY way to hold TFL and the Mayor to account on the improper decisions about taxis is a Public Inquiry into the failed air quality strategies and the taxi age limit.
If people are too stupid to understand the concept of a strategy then all is lost.

Anonymous said...

Sparticus, before you get all gung ho about what great negotiators the Rmt have; you need to understand the concept of leverage. Anyone can make demands if they have a bargaining chip - the London Taxi Trade doesn't possess one, this is the major contributing factor why TfL are doing us from pillar to post!

Anonymous said...

The Unions have leverage because they have clear objectives and united support. Their leverage is that the members have contracts and they have the full support of those members

The Taxi trade on the other hand has no clear objective and no united support; you cant challenge TFL on regulations which are ambiguous because they are answerable to no one. They receive £9.6 billion a year and will say' Take us to court' They will then win in court for obvious reasons.

The Mayors taxi age limit is unlawful and has failed to reduce pollution resulting in thousands of deaths. The case for a Public Inquiry is clear and it is the ONLY mechanism which will hold the Mayor and TFL to account.
The taxi trade has chosen to ignore the only leverage that could be gained by this and instead chooses to fight battles which cant and wont be won.

Anonymous said...

We don't have leverage because we are disunited and at each other's throats, just look at the recent Hooper 'apology' in TAXI.

As for having no power, ring the Mayor of Paris and ask him if taxi drivers there have no power!

They stand together that's why!

Anonymous said...

Do you have his number?

Anonymous said...

London Taxi drivers have plenty of leverage.Just like the underground workers they can bring the City to a halt.Sadly, there are too many with the ostrich mentality.