Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Is The Same Company, Sir Peter Hendy and Leon Daniels Licensed To Operate In London.

Bloomberg, 12, October 2014.

Dutch Police Arrest Drivers Using Uber App in Amsterdam:

Dutch police arrested four drivers in Amsterdam early Sunday after they were found to be improperly using the Uber app for taxi services, posing another challenge to Uber Technologies Inc.’s efforts to expand in Europe. 

The four have been released and may be fined as much as 4,200 euros ($5,300) each, Yeter Atmaca, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Environment & Infrastructure’s inspection department, said by phone today. “They were arrested and fined because it is illegal to offer these services without the right permits,” she said.

Uber, is available in more than 150 cities in 45 countries, raised $1.2 billion in June, valuing the San Francisco-based company at $17 billion. Uber said on Oct. 9th, it expanded its ride-sharing services to all users of the app in Amsterdam after testing through selected amateur drivers in July and August. The Dutch public prosecutor said July 31 it started a probe into Uber. 

The four were arrested after four officials of the ministry’s inspection department posed as passengers, Atmaca said. The fine will be determined by the public prosecutor and may rise to as much as 10,000 euros each if the drivers are found using the Uber app again without the permits, she said.


The Don’t Be an Asshole Rule

Startup 101: Decency

At 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a sudden and massive storm hit Toronto, dumping just over 100 milimeters (4 inches) of rain in a very short time. Power was lost, cars submerged, streets flooded, subways full of water. It was a mess.

Enter Uber.

At the moment we all realized Toronto had a disaster on our hands, Uber instituted surge pricing. This isn’t a new thing for them — late last year Uber charged one New Yorker $219 for a 7-mile ride. This is the same Uber famous for their 6x surge pricing on New Year’s Eve, where a short hop up Broadway can easily run you $180

Editorial Comment

Just two of the stories that break daily about this company. We've seen an increasing number of customer assaults including a horrendous hammers attack, rapes, sexual assault, with drivers arrested all over the world for not having the correct insurance or permits. We've seen drivers arrested for carrying on using the app after it has been banned, with the company saying they will pick up any fines dished out.

Neither the company or drivers have any respect for licensing authority and are happy to carry on operating outside the law. 

Soon there may be a Europe wide ban on the use of this app in its current form. When this happens, we in London will expect the people who have been bending over backwards to help this company avoid revocation of licence at ever turn, to resign from their positions within the licensing authority.

London's licensed Taxi trade, along with many in the Private Hire trade, are disgusted at the way all paths have been smoothed, to allow this company to operate around legislation put in place to protect the public.


Anonymous said...

Remember Mr Ali of Cranbourne Street?

Well compared to these activities, he seemed harmless in comparison.

Anonymous said...

WHY isn't this all over the Daily papers so the general public understand the issues with TFL

Anonymous said...

Why is not the TfL board member from the taxi trade not taking action?

The LTDA and UNITE seem unable to even talk about the above.