Monday, October 27, 2014

TfL Notice 12/14 Ultra Low Emission Zone Consultation.

Transport for London (TfL) on behalf of the Mayor of London is launching a public consultation on the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London. The ULEZ would improve air quality and public health, reduce CO2 emissions and help stimulate the market for low emission vehicles. The consultation will be open for 10 weeks from 27 October 2014 to 9 January 2015.

Everyone has their part to play in improving London’s air quality and public health. In a survey about air quality in London conducted by TfL earlier this year, respondents indicated that all vehicles types should be included in measures to improve air quality, including taxi and private hire licensees.

If approved by the Mayor, the ULEZ would require all vehicles driving in central London to meet specific exhaust emissions standards (ULEZ standards) in order to drive in the zone without paying a charge. It would operate in the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ) and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

This would be in addition to the Londonwide emissions standard for heavy vehicles which is already in place under the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

The ULEZ charge for non-compliant light vehicles, such as cars and vans, would be £12.50 a day. For heavier vehicles, such as lorries and coaches it would be £100 a day. It is proposed that the ULEZ standards would be enforced using the existing camera network and failure to pay would result in a penalty charge notice. ULEZ charges would be payable in addition to any applicable LEZ or CCZ charges.

The ULEZ proposal would also require changes to the taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) licensing requirements. Together, this will mean:

• All new taxis and PHVs must be zero emission capable from 2018;

• A 10 year maximum age limit for non zero emission capable taxis from 2020 (irrespective of date of licensing). All taxis will be exempt from the ULEZ standards;

• Zero emission capable taxis will have a 15 year maximum age limit;

• All PHVs driving in central London must meet the ULEZ standards from 2020 or pay a daily charge.

In considering the impact of the reduced taxi age limit, the Mayor and TfL are proposing a specific fund to assist taxi drivers to replace their vehicles. We will work with representatives from the taxi and PHV trade in order to shape how this funding will be apportioned. We will share more information on this when it becomes available.

In addition, we have been in regular dialogue with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to ensure their new £500m funding allocation specifically supports taxi and PHV drivers to purchase zero emission capable vehicles. This is in addition to a supporting fund for on-street rapid charging infrastructure.

For further information about the ULEZ and to provide us with your views about the proposal please visit our website at 
or alternatively email

Helen Chapman 
General Manager
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Anonymous said...

Im getting a bit confused with all this bollox. Close the books give us more island ranks and 10 grand towards a new cab, and finally BORIS do one.

Anonymous said...

What does zero emission "Capable" mean?

I'm Spatacus said...

Read carefully folks, your new Euro 6 cab will be allowed into the ULEZ without charge.

They are however not zero emissions capable so only have a 10 year lifespan!

Another lot of costs for a shrinking industry, there are simpler solutions but of course no one is listening.

How can ever more PH vehicles chasing work be good for the environment?

Get involved in the consultation, don't let cab sellers, circuits and the 'usual suspects' have all the say like last time.

Your the working driver and all of them depend on what you take 'through the window', never let them forget it!

Anonymous said...

An age limit is there to reduce emmitions in London....if vehicles are 0 emmitions....why do we have to have an age limit ???? On what basis?

Rev. (Unordained) Vaclav Haldady said...

So they are going to use the existing congestion zone, that means the most polluted road in Europe (Marylebone Road) is outside it, of course the fumes won't drift!

So there it is, another meaningless bullshit gesture from Boris the Ambitious.

Another revenue raiser that's about it folks and as someone else quite rightly pointed out 'why is there an age limit at all for zero emissions vehicles'?

Saif Chy said...

i think someone said before about the age is right zero emissons why should be age limit?and how does the ground work and when will it be done