Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Taxi Drivers To Be Charged Bigger Licence Fee, For Digital Roof Signs.

London Taxi drivers will soon be permitted to fit new digital advertising screens on top of their cabs – but only in return for paying a higher annual licence fee.

Transport for London is set to approve the installation of the screens, which are capable of displaying video and illuminated adverts, to 1,000 TX4 cabs.

The number of cabs allowed to install the screens is being limited “to ensure the visual impact of the London taxi and the streetscape of London is maintained” but the cap could be lifted depending on feedback.

Drivers wishing to add the screens will need to apply for a new vehicle licence costing £170 – £68 more than the standard fee.

TfL claims the increase is justified because it will face higher costs to licence cabs fitted with the screens and that it “needs to pass that charge on to the vehicle owners whose taxis will carry them, via a higher vehicle licence fee.”

    Source: MayorWatch.

Guest Comment from SuperCabby 

Personally I do not like these roof top digital advertising signs, but I cannot find any justification for TFL to charge higher licensing fees for taxis that carry roof top advertising.

How can TFL incur higher costs to license Taxis that carry this type of advertising? Are they saying that they will have to check the advertising? Or that the need to make sure that the screens on each side of the roof top sign work ok? If this is the case then why have taxis that carry internal digital advertising not charged more for their license fees? In fact why are all taxis that carry some form of advert not charged more.

TFL do not give any valid reasons to back up their so called "justified increase" other than to say that it will cost them more to license these taxis? How?

The current test is only supposed to be a safety inspection, so other than quickly checking the mounting points to ascertain that the unit is secure on the roof I cannot see what else they would need to do, so a quick tug here and a there should be sufficient to test the security of the mounts which would take all of about 30 seconds! Not bad money if you can get, as that works out to £7920 per hour.

Maybe someone from TFL could explain the justification for this extra charge? Or is it just another way of putting pressure on the London Taxi Trade to extract more money from an already suffering part of the transport network?



Anonymous said...

what a load of crap,no doubt they will show adverts just how good tfl are,brainwashing went out with the cold war

Anonymous said...

The 'justification' is a massive hole in the budget following the demise of Barclays bike sponsorship and the money pit of the cable car, and of course hundreds of staff on 100K plus,many on 200k plus.

If you ran your cab like they run TfL, your would end up the bankruptcy court.

Still we have the TfL board to hold them to account!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

money money that's all they want .What will i get for the extra licence fee .