Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday Sat Nav Fails And Taxi Rank Invasion, Licensed By TfL.

Dear Jim

Couldn't believe my eyes on Sunday. I turned left into Seville Street from Knightsbridge and had to sharply break as I was being approached, head on, by a white Prius minicab. As I went past him I asked him what the hell he was doing coming up a one way street in totally the wrong direction. He looked at me and said, it's not my fault, I'm following my Sat Nav! 

Regards Paul.

      photo Paul Harper.

Euston Sunday
Also yesterday, a white Prius minicab drove into the exit from Euston, following his Sat Nav. It's a miracle that a nasty head on collision was averted. Amazingly, the driver expected the Taxis to all move over, so he could continue up the ramp to the drop off point. The White Prius's passenger was not amused.

    Photo Glen Alutto

Last night 23:05, the Royal Albert Hall.
Addison Lee Minicabs blocked the Taxi Rank on Kensington Gore. When asked politely to move, they refused. Taxis wishing to use the rank, had to double park and to pick up passenger leaving the venue. 

    Photo: Jim Thomas

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I'm Spartacus said...

Sorry to say that until there's a death (except a cab driver of course) no one will take any notice.

As Hogan-Howe says 'we are just afraid of competition', if that's the blinkered attitude of Britain's senior policeman! we must despair.