Wednesday, October 08, 2014

LTDA's Barry Hooper, Apologises To The RMT Taxi Branch.

Barry Hooper has had to make a written apology in the latest issue of the LTDA's Taxi paper, after attacking the RMT London Taxi Branch and some of it's members in the 22nd July edition.

In his article Barry Hooper said:
"I see the internet blog trolls are hard at work criticising the LTDA for nicking Uber drivers!"

Mr Hooper gave no reference to any particular article, twitter post or other social media comments, or where they were posted. Also he failed to name the blog he was accusing of being an Internet Troll Blog. 

He went on to say: "The RMT was mentioned in a post that I read." (Giving no reference to any post).

As there has been no articles on Taxi Leaks criticising the LTDA for "Nicking Uber Drivers" just who is Mr Hooper referring to?

He went on to say "Okay, so what’s the RMT’s plan of action? Ah well, those that can, do!"

And that's right, between the month of July (when Barry made this comment) and September, Taxi Leaks, which is a Taxi Trade News Blog (not a subscription based trade org, taking in excess of £180,000 a month from drivers), has successfully stopped TfL from removing laminated IDs en masse from drivers who were not informed that LTPH saw this as a defacement. The Blog was successful because there was no mention of not laminating in the original cover letter. 

More recently the blog that "Can Do" did get TfL to admit that under the transport act drivers can work on expired licenses until renewals arrive. We also informed the LTDA that Uber were operating from unlicensed premises in N1, which it seems they ignored. Perhaps Mr Hooper could explain why?

Mr Hooper than made a backhanded compliment, followed by another attack on the RMT.

"I will say one thing for the RMT, at the recent demo it managed to get it’s entire cab section to turn up and stand with a banner under the King Charles statue. Well done. What’s the union’s next move? I know, wait for someone to do something and then criticise it. That’ll do it. 

Regardless of the court cases, it’s clear that TPH intends to muddy the waters, and buoyed up by criticism from the head trolls, will point the finger at the LTDA. Well it just doesn’t wash. It looks like we are heading for another day of action. Be ready."

"I look forward to seeing the RMT out in force again. Unity, that’s what I like. Slag us off but still show up for the photo call; that about sums them up. 
Sadly, unity seems a long way off with this constant sniping at the LTDA."

Below is his apology, which was tucked away at the end of his column.  

"A couple of issues back I had a dig at the RMT, or to be precise comments made by their members
on some anti LTDA troll blog sites, and one site in particular. 

I spoke to the secretary of the taxi branch of the union, who was at pains to put me straight that anything on those sites even by prominent members of the RMT taxi branch, should not be taken as RMT policy or comment. I should only look at their website and what is printed in Taxi Globe, which apparently is the official publishing outlet for their policy and news statements. I’m sorry I got that wrong.

In future, I will check the “independent voice of the London taxi trade,” now known as RMT news, before commenting on the RMT."

Sandie Goodwin, editor of Taxi Globe tells Taxi Leaks:

"The column is supplied to me by the RMT Taxi Branch each fortnight. As editor I decide which news articles go in Taxi Globe. The paper is independently owned and has no affiliation with the RMT. My policy is to tell the story as it is and let drivers make their own minds up so I am quite happy to put the RMT column in as it is informative."

Another Hooper apology in the offering perhaps!

It seems Mr Hooper has accused anyone who doesn't agree with LTDA policy, or any rank and file driver who leaves comment on a Taxi blog as a Troll.
Yet Mr Hooper has had to apologise for being just that, an anti RMT troll.

         Source: LTDA's Taxi Paper


PB said...

Yes I too read 'apology ' with a wry smile, Barry seems to think that anyone who may or may not be a member of an organisation then that means that somehow what they say, write or print is an official statement.

Next time I see an Orange Diary in a cab I will ask the driver what the LTDA think of this and that and assume its 'official'.

He of course knows that is not true but he is happy to publish that, I understand the RMT have a meeting tonight, perhaps he might wish to pop along and discuss, they don't have as I understand it 'prominent' members rather elected officials.

To slur Sandie Goodwin's paper with regards to 'independence' an article in TAXI takes irony to a whole new level!

I have never seen anything from the RMT being anti LTDA but they do have the absolute right to correct factual inaccuracies, the reverse however is not true.

Surely Barry would not wish to stifle debate and people asking questions about their actions and policies either on here or any other forum?

The LTDA membership deserve better.


an internet troll is someone who tracks an individual on social media to comment on matters concerning their family etc. NOT those who wish to comment (favourably or not) on policies and actions of organisations.

Anonymous said...

Since i had a meeting with Barry Hooper some 15 years ago i have no time for the LTDA.I left them 2 months later and would never join them again.

Anonymous said...

Funny, never seen Hooper in a taxi, driving it that is.
Mind you, never seen John Thomas, Bob Oddy or Steve Mc either.

Songster said...

Sorry seem to be the hardest word,

Anonymous said...

What does Barry Hooper actually do at the Ltda ? He, like the others receive large pay packets each month , we know what their fancy titles are... but exactly what do they do for their remuneration ?

For far too long have the LTDA and UTG got away with propaganda via their trade press publications. Hooper,like Geoffrey Reisel are powerless to respond to the truth and resort to name calling the competition:

Internet trolls, Digital disruptors etc.

The plan is to demonise the competition to hide their own gross incompetence.

The cancellation of today's demonstration without any explanation from the Ltda is an absolute insult to their 10,000 strong membership and the trade at large who have supported their recent demo's.
The Ltda's council of management are a overpaid collection of incompetent misfits!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Barry and the boys might like to explain what the 50 + million the LTDA have taken in subscriptions over the last 30 years has been spent on?
It certainly hasn't been spent looking after their members interests, because over the years olny a modicum has been spent in this area!
Come on Barry lets have a breakdown on where the money has been spent?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2.19

All of what you say is a matter for the membership, they are obviously they are happy wit that, the same people get elected (often unopposed) akin to what now happens at the LCDC

We might think that's unhealthy but there it is.

We are going off topic here unless of course Mr Hooper thinks everything critical comes from the RMT.

I suggest to him to Spend more time and effort holding the chair (Johnson) and the TfL board to account, they are the source of our problems not some self imagined bogeyman!

As ever Apathy rules.

Anonymous said...

Off topic maybe, but well and truly 'in the groove'.

Shushhhh.... don't mention the 50 million in subscriptions.

Shushhhh don't ask questions

Shushhhh don't rock the boat

Is this what your misplaced apathy comment really means?

DON'T ASK QUESTIONS... especially about where the money has gone?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anon. 2.19

All of what you say is a matter for the membership, they are obviously they are happy wit that, the same people get elected (often unopposed) akin to what now happens at the LCDC

So what exactly is the nomination,selection and election process at the LTDA?
As an open and honest trade organisation why dont you publish the full results of the nomination, selection and election process for all to see.
Lets see who was nominated and how the candidates were selected and how many votes each candidate got.
Obviously with current technology you will have a fair and open voting system which allows every single member to cast a vote and this will be available for all to see?

Also as a fair , open and honest trade organisation why dont you fully publish your accounts so that your members can see exactly where their s £180k a month goes?
It must stick in the throats of LTDA members who are struggling to earn a living because the LTDA have not looked after their interests, see LTDA staff swan around in cars paid for by the members and banking excessive salaries?