Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Things You Should Know About Uber...Who's Driving You?

What is it about Uber, that makes TfL bend over backwards to support them as a fit and proper company to hold a Private Hire Operators Licence in London?

This company has carried on operating in European cities where it has been ban, with no regard for being compliant with the rule of law in that country. 

How can TfL advertise this company on their website without it being a conflict of interest?

TfL say the Uber Advert meets their in-house guidelines!
It may fulfil in house 'guidelines', nonetheless it's completely inappropriate for a public authority that (in the case of Taxi and PH licensing) exercises a quasi judicial function, to carry material from a licensee.

No other UK regulator or licensing authority carries' any such advertising and an internet search has found none anywhere in the world that so do!

TfL not only have to be beyond reproach in these matters, but perhaps just as important, they need to be seen to be so.

Would the Civil Aviation Authority carry a link to Ryanair on their website, or the rail regulator carry one for the Heathrow Express?

Of course not, neither should TfL.

Watch the Video below and find out the truth about 4 Uber Myths.


Anonymous said...

Between Semtex, Sparticus,Jim Thomas and the Twatski Leaks blog... these prolific bloggers of change are devoid of ANY course of meaningful strategy.
What a joke!

Editorial said...

Mark, sorry you find what we do so disappointing .

One hand reaches out, and pulls a lost sole from harm
While a thousand more go unspoken for.
They say what good have you done by saving only one?

It's like whispering a prayer, in the beauty of a storm

I hear you saying
You'll never change things
And no matter what you do
It just the same thing

But it's not the world that I am changing
I do this so
This world will know
That it will not change me.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what this has to do with London we don't have uber cab share or do you think that's next

Pravda said...

This is a news blog, it's up to others who claim to lead to do so, perhaps you Anon. 4.01 are that messiah?

Anyhow this article is about the conflict of interest that arises when TfL start trading with licensees, the trade only has a role report it, it's up to the authorities that rule TfL to act.

Maybe we should all keep quiet and leave it to the Badge and TAXI to tell us what's happening or their version of it?

Anonymous said...

Uber states you can earn £1200 a week ! You would need to work 7 days a week 14 hours a day to come close to £1200 per week. That's 84 hours a week of constant driving in the traffic of london. When is somebody going to stop these people abusing this industry and the public.Do you feel safe in your minicab?

Anonymous said...

There are now many Marks out there Jim, have a look at twitter - surely I cant be them all!
In case you haven't noticed, there's a tidal wave of frustrated cab drivers lashing out - the're fed up with:

Pointless demo's

Inept trade

Inane trade press articles and broken promises of action against TfL...

(But don't mention Boris Johnsons name).... shuush.

The poster of the comment is obviously hacked off that the major flag wavers and your blog is totally devoid of any kind of strategy, and fed up with listening to sermons posted by fictional characters with comic book names.

Much to your disappointment, I can assure you the comment that has rattled your cage so badly wasn't posted by this

Editorial said...

The Mark I refer to in this post comment is not you Mark I know that.

This mark is my personal troll and has been sending me comments ever since I started the blog.

To avoid confusion, if I have to refer to you I will use your twitter name.

By the way, thought you never read Taxi Leaks?


MT said...

Jim, I sent the comment 3.39pm with my initials MT, so why did you cut and paste the text into a new comment and post it anonymous?

Before you start patronising me, just remember who taught you how to run a blog!

Anonymous said...

To The Two Marks 4:01 & 3:39.
Firstly, may I say, I personally feel your pain. I feel your frustration too, but having a pop at any of the team on Taxi Leaks is firing a shot at the wrong target. "Devoid of ANY course of meaningful strategy" is probably an accurate call. I speak for myself, and say that I have absolutely NO strategy to lead our battered trade to comfort.
But I think it's fair to remember something. I have done more than my share of fighting, leading from the front and support for this trade, and Jim Thomas has done much more than me.
I have been on almost every demo or amalgamation way back before the Victoria Coach Station turnout.
I have attempted to highlight the problems the trade face by directly involving the BBC on Operation Nightingale, a project that cost me 3 grand of my own money. Whilst filming, I had a blade pulled on me, was threatened to be shot, had my cab rammed in Regent Street, and followed all the way home. I have stood back to back with leading militant members of our trade, and lost thousands of pounds in lost earnings. Jim Thomas's story is even more dramatic. He has also suffered most of my experiences, including being pushed under a moving bus in the Haymarket.

So to accuse us of "devoid of ANY course of meaningful strategy" when there are so many paid unions and trade organisations out there paid to do just that.......may be perceived as a tad unfair !
As for "sermons posted by fictional characters with comic book names" in my case there is very good reason to use this facility, albeit most of our trade know me by name. Neither am I fictional. I can assure you that I am larger than life, although getting a little old a little tired and a little overweight these days.

All the team on Taxileaks try to do, is report things in our trade as and when they evolve, and maybe make a comment on how we personally see them. Whats wrong with that?

You don't have to read it. There is no subscription requested. It is free for everyone, and no mention of a direct debit required anywhere.

So just to reiterate. The Taxileak Team DO NOT or HAVE NO INTENTION of setting a course of MEANINGFUL STRATEGY.

We merely report on current situations involving Taxi Trade Issues, and sometimes make a personal comment.

We have done our bit, served our time and gave it our best shot. Don't look on this site for a battle plan, cos you wont find one. However, when the troops go in through the windows to save us, you will read the reports first on here !

So despite the lack of meaningful strategy and in my case at least, the sermons posted by fictional characters with comic book names, may I wish you luck, safety and much stamina.

Be Lucky.

8829 Semtex.

Editorial said...

Mark, I've just gone through my emails and have found the one you sent me. It came in marked at 4:01.

I can assure you it came to the blog as anonymous. Send me your email address and I'll forward it to you.

Why would I bother to copy and paste it?

I have in the past moderated very good comments that have been compromised by the use of profanity but always give name posted under.

By the way Mark, the blog was up and running fine before you came to me with a story no one else would touch.

It's just a shame that you can't use your energy to work with me instead of against me.

Not Mark said...

Paranoia rules OK

To all the Marks out there, keep calm and remember that it's here and ONLY here that you find out what's happening.